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  1. I've played quite a bit of PoE in the last two years (Steam says 1861 hours), and... ... PoE's trading system is awful. Keep it away from DD2. The currency is entirely gamble based (online gambling is a crime in many countries, plus it adds so much RNG that everything becomes worthless); Everything can be traded by players, except for cosmetics (DD2 is, AFAIK, going for tradeable cosmetics / cloth chests / chest keys... and keeping gear out of it, cos' RMT); The economy isn't a mess because the game runs on 3-monthly based seasons (the seasons end before the economy goes kaboom; the permanent leagues are pure chaos); RMT. RMT. Did I say RMT already? DD2's team is adamant against RMT and doesn't want to implement anti-cheat measures beyond the ones they've already implemented (as in, server-sided actions for everything including private tavern), as RMT for items in DD1 made it attractive for CheatEngine abusers to try and generate items, somewhat breaking certain aspects of their game. I could go more into depth, but am in a hurry right now. tl;dr: PoE's system depends on everything (except for cosmetics) being tradeable: gear, currency... and this kind of trade gave headaches to Trendy in DD1, so don't expect it to come back in DD2. Go back to their devstreams, they were adamant about that at least twice.
  2. ¹ I main a huntress. Combat feels... slow. Like you've put it, leveling up makes the hero feel weaker thanks to the "harder, healthier, faster, stronger" approach to monster difficulty^. Attacks are lackluster. The "heal" ability is quite useless - it's better to simply die & respawn or rely on a serenity instead. Picking les threats up is quite messy (punching or shooting those whiterbeasts is sometimes impossibru, as other ranged mobs like to hang around on the exact same distance / overall spot at the same time). I personally dislike combat being obligatory on all the modes (really miss that "strategist" feeling that survival had on DD1, as a "build and forget" mode with optional interaction). ² Nope. ³ By the point when all enemies are already introduced, you can count on pretty much every wave being a mess and having at least some of everything all over the place (read "floaty healers everywhere"). It becomes "same old, same old" way too soon. This could potentially be fixed with the introduction of new enemy types, addition of enemies specific to certain maps and overall removal of this "everything will end up appearing at least once on every game" thing that we have going on currently... as I wouldn't mind something like a "Gates of Dragonfall" NM3 map with just small critters, but in really really high quantities... instead of 10+ drakins.
  3. ¹ Spheres and Passives are a mess. Sometimes they overlap, others they conflict. Both systems are heavily gated - one by Gold, the other by RNGee. Both are heavily tipped towards "endgame". Both add barriers (be it for the player or the designers) instead of "freedom of choice". ² I would rather have new towers or tower versions - similarly to how Ubers currently "add an extra tower option". The perfect course of action would be to, in my opinion, give us the means to pick, use and tweak one additional version for each (or at least more than the current one, so 2+) tower on each hero, effectively doubling the number of defenses per hero; Customization would come from choosing between these sidegrade choices for each tower, then playing specific maps to drop loot (passive stuff, gear, weapons) targeted towards enhancing said sidegrades, then putting the tower mix to good use in endgame challenges and difficult team content. together with that, fixing passives: they shouldn't be the "go to" system to change tower functionality anymore, instead being a not-so-rng-reliant way to tweak tower effectiveness (be it power, HP, speed, lesser extra effects, yadda). It really shouldn't come glued to the equipment system - it should be more maleable than that. Paying gold to reroll (more RNG) is an idea that I personally dislike. Enchants or socketables come as the first viable solution in my head. ³ The stuff I wrote on point 2 would move passives from "mechanics" to "trait" territory, while not weighting too much on the deck system - as the deck is what messes with adding new heroes; moving new mechanics and functionalities to new heroes would make it almost impossible to keep the current deck model, and discarding the deck while at the same time introducing new tower mechanics from new heroes would make multiplayer chaotic (as in "who has got what" on a random match; it would be messy even with group picking). Maybe the introduction of a "role" system on the decks? One slot for DPS, another for waller, 3 slots for whatever... but then we get again stuck on the "one tower per hero" design. What a mess. ... resuming: balance the game around the 4 heroes for now, move new/altering mechanics from passives to the sphere system, move performance/trait stuff from spheres to passives, remove passives from gear RNG (new system or item type; expansion of the sphere system), balance the hero deck around the current 4 heroes... leave new heroes and their respective new towers / mechanics to the far future.
  4. Ugh, the deck. It really needs a dedicated button (for it's menu or to rotate through the heroes like Dynasty Warriors)... Keep in mind that the complaints about the deck are being made for solo play (4 heroes), not for team play (16). Caught me on that one; I don't switch spheres around thaaaat much. Mostly the Uber on my app and the medium spheres on the huntress (the 20% ranged DPS and stun ones, or one mana regen + oil duration... stuff like that). Switching between Flamethrower and Flame-the_other_thing was the only way that I found to actually make proper use of the Flamethrower with very weak oily harpoons - such a hipster-yet-effective setup. Agreed, it would be totally boring. On the current game. Wouldn't be so boring if you had to unlock everything beforehand (grinding monnies and tokens for the spheres) - it would feel like all the RPGs where you unlock more options and it feels good to know that it was through tears and blood that you gained those options; plus it definitely wouldn't feel boring if the devs actually built the future endgame maps and modes (catch the flag, defend the troll, yadda) around such a huge poll of options, as having access to a ton of stuffs makes it harder to discover what the optimal setup for a given situation and DU limit is. Unless we are talking current standards, where harder just means more HP and damage for monsters. Imagine for example a mode where you need to survive 1000 wyverns in 3 minutes: would you go full frozen, try to put slow auras on top of light posts, try a bazillion harpoons (if they ever start targetting fast enough), go for cannons, put some barrier on their way and build a ton of defenses around it...? ofc the devs may actually want to make the game around 4 towers per hero and a ton of different heroes (... the hero deck really needs a rework then), thus both of our approaches get a no-go. :(
  5. Dunno. Some online review, while comparing it to DD1, defined DD2's maps as "claustrophobic", and I think that it defines the comparison for now: in every way, DD2 feels smaller and more... suffocating when compared to DD1 - but then again, DD2 is still incomplete, plus the monetization model completely changed from it's predecessor - the experience went from a "do your thing", fast paced funfest to a F2P "Skinner box" grind. ...But so far we've only seen the first set of maps, so the ones leading to the next boss may turn out way bigger? I can't wait to see something like that Santa themed map from DD1 on the new engine and get the chance to climb some rooftops. I've got high hopes for the game, but really don't know at this point.
  6. 'Ey! Imma casual but I want to contribute too~. [[6428,hashtags]] (also, at least for now, hardcore vs. casual isn't about proficiency, but about free time and exploits. I don't see how making the game less grindy would make for a bad design choice; the "endgame" is gated enough already.) I agree with your opinion on hero damage, but your suggested roles don't... quite match the game's predecessor (DD1 had quite well defined roles for each hero and DD2 follows on it's footsteps... most of the nuances between heroes won't be felt until multiple projectiles and different attack mechanics are introduced, tho.) The Hero Deck is interesting but a mess, we all agree on that. The "Meta changes" came from the introduction of new tolls, just that. Totally volatile. Once upon a time it was the nonstop geiser + lightning trap combo, the last crazy one was the bugged "Freeze Frame!" Serenity... kinda hard to not complain but let's wait and see indeed. The game right now is a torture device for masochist souls that want to pay for their suffering... ...But we love it all the same. <3 Maybe it's the round pets. ... nah. Let's wait and see ™. Walls of text are the best. Keep 'em coming~
  7. Do you guys have plans for food drops (instant health recovery) from monsters? lightning: Yakissoba?
  8. ¹ We need official word on that, indeed. For abilities it is broken, for towers it isn't really that bad as it is better than your suggestion - only clumsy implemented (swapping spheres all the time is quite time consuming). ² Agreed on the crazy advantage, as it makes the Huntress the only builder capable of taking both mag res and phys res lanes. ³ I hope so! Still, see next point; * Leaving the FOTM bashing aside (even if I agree with it), "giving choices" isn't an option on the game currently, as the game is somewhat randomly generated - you can't choose the best defenses for a situation beforehand when you don't know what the lanes will look like - If troll blood will roll, if the heavy lanes will have mag res on that wave, etecetera etecetera. Giving the player the choice between the towers on each build phase - the only solution that I can see - would be the same as keeping the ubers and enabling the player to switch between tower versions, as I pointed on my edited post. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It would work on DD1's system, tho (we kinda always knew what would come out on each map and wave, as it was static for the most part).
  9. Quite the well written wall of text, beautiful formating! edit: Had the time to read all the things. Now to some feedback: 1. Making heal somewhat automatic on standby, then adding a new skill to the 4th slot... Sounds awesome. Really nice idea. 2. removing Ubers, giving players the choice between tower versions on the tavern... I disagree. Ubers and similar mechanics are there to "back end" content (push tower versions, crazy strategies and the such into endgame - Nightmare and above); it's beyond me to say if it's the best course of action, but it's how the devs seem to wish to handle things for now. The access method to said mechanics varies (Gold, Wyvern tokens, drops... they decided against sheer "leveling up" and point attribution for now). Giving the versions for free would go against that. Also, the lanes' mods (resistances, traits, sub bosses) are rolled randomly on map creation, so there's no way to know beforehand which tower would be better before entering the map. It could work if the system didn't lock the different tower versions on the map, I guess. 3. Choosing defences from a list... In a sense, it already works like that (with Ubers, you can de-equip the sphere and build the normal tower version); dunno if it is currently working as intended (if Ubers are supposed to replace the tower for good or if we are indeed supposed to be able to mix versions of the same defenses), but the heroes won't really need a ton of towers from the start if the devs introduce alternative versions and an easier way to select between said versions on placement, so points 2 and 3 of your suggestions could be adapted to work with the current system while keeping their vision of gated (endgame) content. 4. New defense ideas... Awesome. The App's Lightning Pole would clash with the Monk's Lightning Strike Aura, and the Mana Aura would clash with a certain Pet Ability, but even those are excellent ideas; Oil Bucket currently exists as the Oily Harpoon but your version is quite better, and the Bee hive is the best of all of 'em. 5. Color customization... As long as not every apprentice becomes a Golden Saint (Saint Seiya), then quite the cool idea. 10/10, would read your wall of text again.
  10. Ah, I see - so the values for the columns would be the number of play sessions from a given sample, with "participation" being boolean data for the presence of each tower... It makes way more sense now. It really would be useful knowing what type of data their devs and analysts get access to, and how they are presenting their data pooling to the rest of the team. My feelings exactly. I think it safe to assume that they know, be it from data mining or gut feeling, that towers like the Poison Dart pretty much don't see the light of day... and that in later game towers in general are being ditched in favor of traps and auras - thanks to their immateriality (almost no repairs needed)... but getting the devs to actually talk and ask us about this kind of stuff... would take us places. ...Unless they don't want "too many cooks in the kitchen", that is. Or the back and forth would slow down development almost to a standstill, as too many different ideas and too many visions clashing are harder to roadmap into actual work than the vision of just a few lead desig-... ... ugh One interesting version of Continuous Balancing is the "Seasonal Nerf Hammer ™", where the devs for a game throw new toys into their sandbox to latter play whack a mole with their playerbase's meta, nerfing the flavor of the month to the ground and buffing the underdog to god status until next patch. This is the "proven working" (*not really but let's pretend) way to go with MOBAs and, if this aspect of their original vision of DD2 as a MOBA was kept, then what you call "balancing hell" is actually what they are striving for: creating new crazy stuff from time to time, messing around with the old stuff, making the player base have fun with it (even if flaming happens), then selling cash clothes. Maybe not, we can only conjecture when the team isn't that open with everything. (but then again, who is?) I am giving 'em the benefit of doubt for now, as I really want to see (or at least hear about) where they want to get with the passives system... but I see your point. Also it's nice to know that Smash Bros. went down the balance way - Meta Knight was too Meta. :P (awful joke) EDIT: This Extra Credits' YouTube video on Perfect Imbalance may come in handy, so I'm adding it here. (link)
  11. The thing is, the graphs would never look like your ultimate goal. The reasons for that are many: DU costs (5*20DU trap = 2*50DU Earthshatter), area covered (2~3 blockades to close a lane; a ton of the same trap / 1 of multiple towers to defend it)... We can't really consider just quantity as "participation", and considering DPS is out of the question, too - as some defenses don't even deal damage / are useful in other ways (apply slow, apply oil, freeze, yadda yadda). IMHO You are putting way too much weight into your area of expertise (data analysis) when non-quantitative, fully qualitative aspects of the game (i feel it is "too slow"; "too time consuming"; "non-rewarding"; "no sense of progression"; "where is the fun?"; "I want to customize"; yadda) don't exactly depend on any kind of "balance" - be it perceived or "perfectly" engineered - and could potentially affect it's success way more than any effort put into balance. Then, again, we can't really discuss "balance" right now, when their test-run vision (passives / builds) is still far, far away from realized (only ~1 build per hero; not even 1 build per tower; still no multiple possibilities for the same hero; still messy on the access methods, yadda). Builds Passives can make or break this game, but trying to use "defense participation" to point a possible fault on the passive system (as in "it makes data analysis harder"), in my humble opinion, holds no water. There are other weak points if you want to somewhat confront their vision, but this one doesn't seem like one of 'em. "Continuous balance" (or whatever peeps call it these days) is quite fun too, and is the approach on pretty much every big name on the industry: LoL nerfs or bumps the heroes depending on favoritism and player feedback all the time; pretty much every MMO rebalances player skills and classes on a seasonal basis; Smash Bros gets no balancing (so godly tier is a thing), but that is Nintendo so I shouldn't even cite it; Street Fighter tries to rebalance stuffs on each resell of the same game version - ultra, ex plus extra super... Now Street Fighter V wants to adjust character power seasonally based on championship player feedback. ...My point being: let the company try it's hand with the passives, juggle it around with "balance"... but please don't bash on it prematurely. "Passives chosen" could be compared like you are suggesting, but we don't have enough for that.
  12. I don't remember who or on which topic exactly, but someone commented on the possibility of removing passives (or at least some of them) from equipment rolls and moving 'em to a separate item, socketable into armor for example. They could be a new type of drop, stay nightmare-only, still roll values and be a "apply once per item (like "enchants" in other games) or be permanent / movable (like FFVII "Materia", for example). The point is, and you guys already noticed: if you get 10% chance for a good drop, then 5% chance to roll the wanted stats, then 5% chance to roll the passives that you want, all this on the same item, then you end up with 0.025% (!!!) chance of getting the "perfect" item... for that map and that slot. Now try doing that for all slots, with maps that take 1h+ to finish, and with waves that don't give much when you fail... and you get a taste of what you've put us through. If you add passives and new stats, the result is watering that chance down even more. (then repeat the process for the next upgrade in iPwr... for at least 4 characters... Suuuper fun!) ... to try and stay positive: there are many, many ways to split that one random roll into other systems. Dunno, take a look at Dragon Nest, maybe.
  13. Defense Power + Defense Health isn't the "meta": it is the only way to properly increase your item power, at least currently. Same goes for "boost" if it refers to the Frosty Power - you can't call it "meta" if it is the only viable way to gear yourself. Right after Loot and Survive came I gave my opinion that the "Crit" stats (for Hero and Tower) were useless and inviable, and it still stands as such even after the Phoenix Call introduction (supposedly a defense crit build); the only "builds" that aren't optimally Defense Power + Defense Health on as much slots as possible are the Hero DPS / tanker builds and the Squire Blockade (Hero Health + Defense Health) ones. Explanation: To have a "meta" you need your players making choices between different options. Without defense range and speed as stats (as they are to be reintroduced on items, if ever, on a somewhat distant future), the only VIABLE option is going Defense Power + Defense Health on ALL the toons (other than the blockade / DPS ones); EACH AND EVERY PIECE that rolls something else (be it resistances, critical chance, critical damage...) is instantly garbage or subpar even if it rolls awesome passive numbers (unless legacy Frosty). Without Skill Trees and allocable Stat Points the only "choices" are: 1. Picking your toon (this one goes outta the window when you need one of each builder in your deck); 2. "choosing" your... builds. ... "Choosing" a build isn't a choice when the proper/best/only stat combination is just one (as I explained above), each toon has only one passive set implemented, and just one deck combination is powerful enough (frosty + barriers + traps) to get past endgame content without getting into backhanded shenanigans. ... When we get any choice at all, then we may discuss forced meta vs. emergent meta gameplay. Only then. (but the company seems to be headed towards forced meta, yes. If they want the game to have any longevity, then they really need to create enough options and combinations to allow emergent, non-intended gameplay to come by - and that's impossible when you have all your game design ideas tied to itemization, like they currently have. But I'll shaddup for now.)
  14. I stopped for the time being; grabbed my popcorn to lurk around the forums. Pretty sure that tuesday's hotfix won't be enough to make the game playable beyond Insane, and then there's the Gold issue, the TIB / Scavenger, plus older problems... Gonna sit around and wait, the month is long enough to grab that dangling carrot sword if nostalgia makes me feel like it.
  15. Reduce the quantity or at least the HP (by a ton) of the following enemies: Javelin Throwers ('ve seem 20+ on a wave, destroying entire lanes) Dark Mages (6+ on a wave, then summoning skels behind walls everywhere?) Witherbeasts (just one on a wave is hard enough to get rid of... 've seem 5+) Drakins (10+ per wave? they have crazy HP and spit from the mid of a lane to the crystal!) Warboars (15+ on a wave?? They push each other over walls, have crazy HP...)Currently, comparing with the original Dungeon Defenders, it is like each and every wave (including Wave 1) is spawning 30+ Dark Elf Warriors, 30+ Dark Elf Archers, 20+ Dark Elf Mages and 15+ Djinns, all of 'em on steroids. ... and the Kobold damage. PLEASE nerf it. They 1Hit-K.O. heroes with 7K HP that aren't even hit directly by the explosion - just caught in the blast radius. You can throw 200+ goblins and bomb goblins on us per wave, okay, but throwing pretty much ALL of the above on us, each wave, on crazy quantities, with x10 HP and crazy damage when our defenses got nerfed to the ground (walls with 100K+ HP now have what, 30K?) is... unbalanced, to put it politely.
  16. GameCube™ Game ... Cube. ™
  17. Remove decks for solo play (or crazily expand 'em to the point where solo !< multiplayer); "Keep" decks for multiplayer: team based / comprised of the heroes that actually built something, up to a max # of builders (currently it is between 12~16). ... something like that?
  18. Happy Feet™ ... ugh, I didn't refresh before posting, it seems. Ballet Beautiful™
  19. My only gripe with the Spheres system... is the current number of available slots. For Medium slots, "Defense Range II" (10% x2) is a "must have", while competing for room with some amazing utility and QoL Spheres (Anti-Air, Stun, Gold Bonus... even enhancements for Oil Flask and Arcane Volley...) For Large slots there aren't enough choices yet, but some of them are already mutually exclusive, even if they are for different abilities: "Freeze Sphere I", "Earthy Knockup Sphere I" and "Extra Flame Damage" are all for the Apprentice, each for a different tower, but you have to choose only one. Uber Spheres are the same as Large Spheres currently: Choose one tower to enhance/change, forget the other towers. ... My point is: Tower and Ability spheres already compete between each other for room; you really shouldn't introduce Tower Speed as yet another category of spheres to take away from those slots. As said about the Medium Slots, having to choose between more Range (builder stat) and Hero utility (enhanced abilities) is already limiting enough on the role of the character. Having Tower Speed on, say, the Uber slot - even if more Uber Slots get added in the future - would work as a build limiter, not an enabler. My suggestion is giving us the "Specs Tree" back in some way or form. Some peeps have already suggested giving us stat points for distribution on level up... that could replace the "Tower Range / Tower Speed / Tower Crit" Spheres, while still being gated by Gold if so you desire. It doesn't have to be like the old DD1 system, but say: we reach level 20 and get the choice between 20% more Range, 20% more Ability Power, or 10% Range + 10% Speed, as a permanent perk; it could even be yes, spheres... if said spheres didn't compete with other categories of enhancements. Also, if you wish to give us multiple game-changing and build-defining slots, try to make it so that we can equip at least one of each tier of Sphere for each Tower or Ability - say, 4 Uber slots, one for each Hero Tower, with spheres for the same tower being mutually-exclusive and each tower having at least four versions... The "Uber Sphere" suggestion thread will get to that point someday (at least 4 good versions of each tower / ability). tl;dr: mixing "Stats" (t. range, t. speed) and "Build Choices" (freeze or cold, fireball or flamethrower) on just one, single system (Spheres) is a no-no. Really don't do it. Complexity is good, don't be afraid of implementing stats + spheres + skill tree + itemization, trying to make the game "casual" and "for everyone" on simplicity alone; Path of Exile is absurdly complex but still strives.
  20. From the original list, I would vote for: Minigames (they could be another gold sink, even); Sponsored Skins (monnies for the team and new stuffs for us); Steam Workshop Cosmetics (be it the trade of existing ones or exclusives); Enhanced User Profiles (could have unlockable personalizations and whatnot); Show Online Users / Search for Other Users (this, for forming parties and guilds). My suggestion would be weekly surveys on favorite stuffs (a hero, pet design, etc), most wanted feature from a list... stuff like that, separated from the influence-powered votings.
  21. I understand the NM "triple monster density" / "Insane HP" (not anymore) changes as artificial barriers to keep players from actually playing it, yes? If so, then the problem is miscommunication, as it would've been better to just tell that it isn't balanced enough to be tested and then, disable it for the time being; If not, then you guys 'done goofed up' on the difficulty board big time. Bumping the difficulty up across the board to then use player death data to ramp it down later... is okay, if that's what you've been doing... but maybe telling us beforehand would make it more enjoyable for everyone involved? You remember, right: This alpha is supposed to be for people that don't have problems with funny crazy bugs and messed up test ideas, but we are supposed to be informed of what you are targeting at each step in order to provide useful feedback other than the numbers you already get from the servers. From the comments, too many peeps are treating the game as a finished product... Well, for as much as I hate to play the "entitlement" card, all that I can say is that purchasing our way into the experience doesn't make the game any more final; it is still in the making, and we are all a part of it... so let's try to have fun shaping the game up? Count me in as a satisfied test subject of your facility, GLaDOS-chan ~~
  22. The EXP curve feels right up until level 20 (end of campaign mode)... then the problems become obvious enough to make it unbearable: IPWR makes no sense (crappy green armor gives more IPWR than a Legendary? mmmkey...);Gear progression hits a brick wall, as the "only" four useful stats (Hero or Tower HP/ATK) come mixed up with other four "useless" stats (Hero/Tower Crit; Hero DEF/MDEF), thus rendering 90% of the Blue and Purple drops useless... at a point where they are both scarce and essential - unless you equip yourself entirely with high IPWR greens and then expects the random builder from your queued game to carry you while you play beat-em-up with your hero... but no one would do that. Amirite? EXP gain is mostly tied to the end of waves and end of maps, so failed and test attempts (and bugged-out runs) become mostly wasted time.Disruptive fullscreen prompts become more of an annoyance (the map ending boxes animation, the daily quest prompts...)thanks to the grindfest needed to level up / search for better loot.The level cap makes no sense, so we need to grinding easier maps in order to reach level 40 in order to equip a Large Sphere Orb (say, Freeze for the mage) in order to enable strategies (say, Freeze + Shatter) that sorta make you able to progress past the IPWR 23~24 maps (say, Betsy Normal).... You guys did an excellent job on the Campaign mode tho, and that shows. Shows that we don't need the current itemization in order to finish the campaign, but that said itemization is currently utterly broken outside of said campaign
  23. Well, actually I just registered into the forum to say that I agree with the original poster. I have 500h+ played on Dungeon Defenders, and most of it (more than 90%) was before Eternia Shards and the ridiculous (not so anymore) new loot. Negative stats (for equipment and ARGH, even pets) make Survival and Pure Strategy modes not worth (even if the "best" possible equipment come from there), and the inclusion of the new monsters (goddamned sharks) to EVERY NM Survival makes the game unsoloable - putting an abyss between newcomers and "pros", as the ones that stablished themselves with good equipment BEFORE the new monsters and etcetera don't even want to play with undergeared players. ... Those things made me actually stop playing / caring about the game, even if it's still the best Tower Defense I've ever seen. There's no reason at all for me to keep on playing, as I'll probably spend 4h+ on a Survival solo (as noone will want to help me) run to not get ANY upgrade to my pets or damage, AND I'll probably fail miserably even before wave 15 as the new monsters make things almost unsoloable (pushing barricades around? pff- way to go.) Well, the game is dead to me, and as Trendy thinks that Nightmare Mode and all it's features are for niche players, I pretty much played all the game content then. Bye.
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