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  1. I live in Israel and I found it pretty hard to find someone to play with and the game is obviously not soloable, so I thought that the best person to play DD2 with and experience everything is one of my friends! I think it would be pretty awesome if we can give a key to one of our friends although I know it might be problematic, so I'll just let you know that I would love see it coming if possible. :)
  2. Can anyone give me his pets for the achievement and then I'll bring them back to him? I may pay some mana if needed. Thanks :)
  3. Like a small X that would fade after a time? Yes, something like that.
  4. As the title says, I think that a mark on the map when a tower is destroyed (as i suggested to pmasher during a match) would help us to understand what's happening much better. Currently, when a tower is destroyed you just get a message and it's really hard to understand what where the problem is. A mark on the map or maybe even a sign (like when the objectives are damaged) can solve this problem.
  5. Edit: Moved to the defense council section.
  6. You totally can: https://twitter.com/trendyent/status/402580560175853569 Here is the video that the person in the tweet uploaded btw: https://www.youtube.com/embed/vfnXkMT3qLQ
  7. 1. What were the biggest strengths of Dungeon Defenders' Ranged Combat system? Actually, what I love the most in DD's ranged combat are the very cool looking arrows and the smoothness. I love how the enemies get hit by the projectile, the sound and the knockback. I also like the not to fast speed of them, and lastly I looove area of effect attacks (mana bomb, grenade launcher, etc). 2. What were the biggest weaknesses? In lower levels the ranged classes are pretty much underpowered. Squire has much higher damage and it's easier with him. Although at higher levels it's balanced. I also thi
  8. Why would you assume it's self farmed? If he's played a while he could very well have bought them with cubes he got from trades. It's very possible to have all your characters full ult, however more likely from trading than farming. Most of the traded ultimate sets are hacked, so meh.
  9. Where the hell do you farm this armor? :O
  10. Although you can make your own build in time, I highly suggest you just get a person to build with you. Usually the easiest way is to have them summon minions and you do the rest. First wave just make auras and traps and then you should have enough time to swap out to EV to make beams before the second build phase. you will also need players in your game to gather the mana for you. If you have a building partner, they could build any remaining DU towers (harpoons, fireball towers, etc) if they know where they're going, but since minions go on EV beams, you can just tell them to build on
  11. I've been looking for a build for Karathiki Jungle, but I can't find a good one. Most of them are outdated, and I can't make my own build because I never have enough time to build and I die fast. My stats are: Initiate - 1752/3343/2335/1858 Huntress - 1602/2827/1527/1307 Summoner - 2749/4000/892/1354 Ev: 3125/1527/129/928 Countess - 523/3194/983/2676 or Adept - 241/3121/883/2442 (They use the same set) Thanks :)
  12. nonono, pne of those guys I played with told me he got it from our match and dropped it in my tavern... And you guys are telling me that's hacked? Am I screwed over again??!! STOP LYING! That's a lame try to get yourself innocent.
  13. I need kind person who can start (with me) all campaign survival from wave 25 and then die (Wiki: Players can join another player's hosted match and have them skip to wave 25, lose that wave, and still get the acheivement.) Add me on steam: ZivKaDs
  14. You may want to run a memtest. This game is very unforgiving when it comes to memory errors and crashed continuously for me when I had a stick of ram go bad. Since I replaced it the game hasn't crashed once. What is memtest? And I have 8GB ram...
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