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    doesn't matter the lore. lots of games iex: destiny 2 we re guardians that fight for peace but they have a mode where guardians beat the living shit of each other. they can fit lore friendly excuse like a training or something like that. yes... that is the only issue the pvp will have they can "balance" it so their effects doesn't become a frustrating mess. they showed a PVP concept in one of their devstreams. i think "tower wars" the mode that was made on DD1 fits well for a PVP mode. u know where you test your opponents ability to defend.
  2.  oooh boy dani got u :B well about the release. i think "TE" want to take risk and learn from them... looks a bit they don't want to be in the same train as other games who keeps their ticket "early access" to mess everything up. i was playing this since pre-alpha or like others Pre-wipeaggedon they learned from few mistakes and do some goods like every dev. cycle if they don't do mistakes how they will know and isn't easy to give everyone what they want one don't like new stuff or something others like it. the point i want to get is... when the game released F2P his numbers got around
  3. in a devstream someone asked for a dragon Themed hero Blacksmith just said it will be awesome or maybe i dont remember also they just spoke about one but being a concept when tinkering heros spoiler it was ugly
  4. i don't mind if they get few things extra but... PS4 players bought the game at first then became free it didnt came with stuff ? same on pc we did buy the game then got stuff i think they will sell that new shiny stuff for Xbox... well even if its free or not i think its nice but they will workaround to give stuff to the other 2 platforms
  5. loot cave event 2.0??? we can have that again some time ?
  6. yes few peps just say trading will ruin the game seeing DD1 Haxor team best item seller i wont scam u etc... but nobody said Hey the game is ruined now. a lot of things TE can do to Prevent Selling High stuff by doing a Trade Currency (only u can get it playing the actual game) and a limit of trading per week or day and pre setting the cost of the items with that said currency. that fix a few things
  7. it happens to me too idk if more guys suffer from it...
  8. sorry but i had to say this everytime i read the name of the post it made me remember of the vid 3 guys 1 hammer :|
  9. this i liked a lot atleast can give options to deal with than just spam what wasn't negated for being useless against X enemy. i remember the Siege roller was meant to release in the day when lane Res. were a thing to negate traps etc... but when they released him was a bit off and late. now with more enemies that null Traps/beams make them more useless and a waste of DU if he comes earlier if we didnt stop him to squash traps. even some hero's got negated by some enemies too or they re weak to stay with the meta... i can add the 4 principal (i didn't tested them in dps mean)
  10. the problem u got OP u got used to see always golden chest, leg everywhere and Cheese breeze everything. 1- i see ur point about newer players but... think about a game u can just Cakewalk everything it will became boring same as before this update. even on DD1 u had to do mindless Grind to beat the Hardest map. 2- i cant throw anything they got back into the almost same system as DD1. just do the math on how much points u get per upgrade and apply to the item to see if it is a upgrade or not. 3- i would like to think Hard Siege on Throne room still gives a lot of XP. also harb carl harb yes.
  11. This.... THIS!! i wanted to edit this vid but im lazy
  12. yeah the update did what was meant to be make an end game Hard and challenging just wait a few weeks everything will settle down like the Ye old NM split and Ultra Hero Nerf. if u cut Their Easy pici lemon squeeze they will cry until they undestand the new mechanics
  13. OP. Just Wait 1 week or 2 this will settle then everyone will calm down then they will learn What TE want to do with the game
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