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  1. Im gonna wait for the pc version.. or if they happen to port it to Wii U... Im not going to buy a Playstation or a Xbox just for one game.
  2. I forgot to say.... My Body is Ready....
  3. I ride my Polar Bear to school and I have a pet Moose. (P.S. Yes I live in an Igloo)
  4. Welcome back and Congrats on the wedding :) . Hope to see you in Etheria soon(When I am not working my new job :D )
  5. You must go north about an hour from seattle.. Must come to the Canada land :D :P
  6. They have to be Meburs... Sorry, but they just have too(something has too :demon:)
  7. Hey all, Just wondering if there are any Star Citizens here. Arena Commander is finally out and is currently downloading (Is it done yet? )[SPOILER][/SPOILER] If so we should totally make a org or you could join my current one( The UOLTT) Hope to see you in the verse :)
  8. Dark chocolate is better [[4472,hashtags]] Damn.. No half thumb option :P... You are right about dark chocolate being better(its actually the only real chocolate), but you should have said [[4579,hashtags]]
  9. I am well aware what type of game this is, You do know playing with a controller on a pc does not change the nature to a console game. DD initially started off console first( designed for the use of a controller), they have a huge community of controllers users, furthermore trendy have hinted out this game will release on 'CONSOLE' in the near future... So technically DD2 is currently a pc game. If you have not read-up then you would know that trendy are working on making this game controller compatible to cater for both keyboard and controllers users. Having the game be on consoles doesn't
  10. This is a PC game not some console game. Auto aim should be off by default and left off unless the game detects the inferior input method call a controller.
  11. Nope... Has to be Skype. Skype is totally the best... Right guys... Am I right?... K.. I'll just show myself out the door... :p Sent from my Nexus 4
  12. While I do have backups in case of emergencies I am Trendy's entire IT department in a sense. But I do more than that! Lets give a quick overview of everything. Need another backup? ;)
  13. Also... Has anyone ever submitted something like this before? http://i.imgur.com/XUuTSxh.png Sent from my Nexus 7 2013
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