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  1. I have a question.... If two employees where to... let's say... dye their hair purple... What are the chances that one of them would rip down the partition for the urinal in the men's restroom? Follow up questions... How much does the staff actually play their own game, outside of QA that is? Kind of like how many actors don't watch their own movies? 3rd question... what are your feelings on the most recent episode of GoT? Do you think they should have done the royal wedding so early in the season? Second of all... will DunDef 2 have kewl easter eggs and unlockable non-game stuff, lik
  2. I wish I could meet the Trendy Team :D Cow-munity Manager, lol. Me too man, me too :P Great Post btw!
  3. The nights when there's no food at home and you have to grab fast food or starve. Brosuph... I eat soooo much healthier now. Trendy was: Coke, Redbull, Cheesepuffs, Taco Bell, and a LOT of 5-Star pizza (I actually miss 5-Star). On that note!!!!! So if you move up north you don't get: Zaxby's Sonny's BBQ Publix Good Sweet Tea Great Mexican (you get average mexican up here) ALSO, they put chocolate and cinnamon in their chilli..... I basically don't eat chilli round deez parts. AND THERE ISN'T A BEACH FOR 12 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh my God! Welcome back! I was just about to post something, recently, involving some reference to summoning back JDanford. Now I'm wishing I had actually made the joke, as it'd be so much more-fitting. Great to see you here, and it's also great to hear things are going well. I say this as someone who basically just lurked the forums, back when you were still on duty. I didn't finally join them (and actually start posting readily) until after the fact, but I always deeply appreciated the foundation you helped lay out for this game's community support. It shines on today. Thanks a lot! I hon
  5. More questions! JD: What is the story behind your creations of the Soda's Addiction and T-26? T-26: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-26 If I remember correctly, I just wanted a name that fit a 'Tankier' monk item (that was a monk weapon right :P). Also, T-anything makes me think of the Terminator.. if I remember correctly, Arnold was a T-800. I love T-2 (James Cameron [proceed with JC southpark jokes] w00t) Soda's Addiction: Well that's two things. 1) I'm TeamSODA, a founding member of TeamSODA :D I took on the name TeamSODA when I made my first XBL account back in the day, just cuz
  6. Maybe this time you'll be able to scale the wall. I believe in you. Miss ya, man. HAHAHAHAHAH, touche sir! Honestly, It wasn't until these past couple months that I've been able to do anything strenuous on my right leg (running, or sports, etc). I'll also say that I haven't tried to 'climb' anything since, and probably will refrain from doing so moving forward. That was likely the worst injury I've ever had... how sad.
  7. JD...you sissy-la-la! You should have told me to vault those vids before they closed the account. Question for JD: Who the hell is this Legendary Guru "Quang Sa" hahahaha? LMAO!!!!!!!! So here's the deal: Me and Flex worked till like 6am the night before Sony was supposed to be showing up. Of course the whole office needed to be nice and presentable for when Sony was there doing some interviews and filming, so Me and Flex ("Flex and I" for all those grazi's out there) showed back up after a couple hours of sleep. We cleaned up the tester room and got back to work. The camera's eventual
  8. Links to those vids don't work mate :( I know, thats what I meant with repost :( Was hoping someone could 'reactivate' em... Though I doubt it. I think they are a fun part of Trendy's early history >=] Oh...oh my. JDanford. Hiiiiii! hello ;) Got bored at work today. And I'm so far behind on the game that I have no idea what most folks are talking about with actual game discussion... so straight to off-topic! haha keep posting, this will get those posting in the competition thread guessing on the post count lol :-) Wha?
  9. Mega gratz on the DunDef B-Day!!!!!!!!!! I'm incredibly proud of what the Trendy team has done :D Maybe next time I'm in Florida I'll swing by Gville for a visit :)
  10. O-A!!! http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?4228-Trendy-Testers&highlight=trendy+testers I was looking all over for this... found it dead in the graveyard :( Those vids are so classy, I think someone should repost em :D
  11. Aww shucks :D though it's all true How much WORK can you possibly be doing at your job when you are logging in and out of different accounts to make these ridiculous posts? Keep it up and I will strike swift with the Hammer of Bans. BTW, next shards is pretty much AWESOME :) one of my favorites :D
  12. Thanks Mates! Don't worry though, I'll still show my face now and then :)
  13. Did you get promoted to admin in the past hour? How dare you notice things I do! thank you Hitmonchan, Are J. Danford and Trendy takin care of you cause if not they should be! High Fives, lots and lots of High Fives ::) Overtime for haxx0ring and running scrubs through hair-brained challenges? Win. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but is signing up ahead of time frowned upon or would it be acceptable to message you Trendyfolk at 8am PST? (I'm EST and will be awake before then) Or would you prefer I wait until exactly the 9am PST starting time? We are EST too :D Will be
  14. We are plowing through guys! Hitmonchan has already taken care of quite a few players. Good to see so much activity! We are gonna try and get everyone in today!
  15. 0-A Dungeon Lovers! 1/3/2012 Welcome to the year 2012! We hope everyone had a spectacular holiday and a stellar New Years! We hope you spent all that time playing DunDef and anticipating future DLC. I mean, thats exactly what we did... ish We spent a portion of our holiday moving into a NEW OFFICE! That means no more elbow to elbow and shoulder to shoulder high impact coding/programming/testing/PRing/etc-ing for us! We now live the sweet sweet life of individual chairs, desks, and PC's (I guess a few folks use Mac but they basically aren't real people). So we put a little bit of blood a
  16. If you ever have concerns about another player please let us know in the Report a Player section posted above. Thanks for the info though!
  17. If you have e-mailed Lost Heroes then we will take care of your issue. We are going through e-mails and issues as fast as we can. Please try to be patient, though I completely understand your frustration and have no doubt I would be incredibly rage-worthy if I were in your shoes. If you wish to continue playing and are not concerned about the items then please feel free to do so. If you do want the items back, then our rollback will overwrite any progress since the wipe.
  18. Thanks for the info guys, we will take a look at this immediately and get back to you. UPDATE: We see what the issue is and this will be fixed in the upcoming patch!
  19. Merry Christmas, and thank you for being so involved and all of the hard work. Thanks a lot! and big props to Hitmonchan! He has put in a lot of extra work just to try and show that console love! I'll be loving x-mas this year just as I do every year, but don't forget the Happy Hanukkahs too!
  20. Wish Granted :D I wish for more cookies Granted, but instead of Cookies I've actually granted Jasong2004's wish from before yours. I wish more forum users would talk about greatest team in all of sports the Green Bay ******s :D
  21. Ok, so I know this is off-topic. But its still breaking rules. Thread is Closed. No more bumps.
  22. We do plan to continue to balance and improve things in our game. Including Spiders. However... this is Nightmare mode. I don't make the decisions but in my humble opinion... I don't think the average, or even 10%-15% of people ever will, or should, beat Nightmare mode. As we continue forward, better strats will be created. Better gear will be found. The kicker is that more mobs will be added to the mode >=] We are always open to suggestions and truly appreciate them!
  23. Outside of the absolutely horrid BLUE words... You have a valid point about the button. Though I assure you it's not as simple as being lazy. I'll see if we can do something about it because I do agree with you. Sometimes I want out. Sometimes I wanna hop servers. Much like MMO's... I like a 'Disconnect' button and an 'Exit Game' button.
  24. Just wait till you guys get to deal with future Creeps... If you think spiders are bad >=]
  25. Just as a tip, there are two spots that are perfect for Slice n' Dice, Bouncers to not only pull agro but rid yourself of spideys. Well it's part of my tactics. I used to put up Lightning Towers and Prox to take care of them but App towers just got romped too fast and took too much maintenance. But a bouncer/slice can keep the spiders off, yet still retain agro. Add in their high health and you don't need to do near as much! And just to clarify, I'm referring to Spiders in Forrest, not Nightmare mode.
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