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  1. What are all the ranks, and how are they incorporated on here?
  2. Lets play who can stare at the main menu the longest without blinking!
  3. "In the future, you will receive your Hall of Triumphs rewards for owning Dungeon Defenders Eternity automatically in Dungeon Defenders II." --Posted by Iamisom 2 months ago in the 2nd most recent DDE update. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/eternity/blog/119522/an-update-on-dde If nothing else, the community won't forget because now it's an official post. :P
  4. So I'm finally confident enough that I can sink at least another 400 hours into a new dungeon defenders game. I played the crap out of the first one, and I'm looking to add people on steam so I can begin my next gaming journey into this new version. I have been following it for some time after e3 casually, waiting for it to be further updated with content, and I feel now is the time to start diving into it.
  5. Yay woot! One point now, and one point once I get off work, and dl the game. Now here is a very important question. Do you continue to gain points automatically for staying logged into the game, and forum for weeks at a time?
  6. Perhaps we can have the unique pets from dd1, with the special abilities, and stats, and have pets from other games included in this game!
  7. I have a burning hatred for goblins stealing shoes.
  8. It's the Early Access not Early Release :P it's not exactly the same I never said "early release" I said the game was being released, you're nit picking words that don't exist. The alpha level development of the game more specifcally, is being released turkey butt :)
  9. yes this please! Specially the music streaming part.
  10. I actually loved the grind, and dd1 to me, felt like a great hardcore players game.
  11. I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving too! Also, i'm coming back to this game now, it's been awhile since I have played DD, and with the release of dd2 coming up, it's time to get back in the action with all it's loot glory.
  12. Was I the only person looking forward to that? Like really.... I wanted that extra game mode. What made you change your mind..... I demand a reasonable, and logical explaination that doesn't involve the people who complained about the moba thinking it was THE SEQUEL to the game.
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