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  1. I never understood that weird skill tree system either. It's still forces me to use one hero for each defense (unless it's a blockade), because it's the most efficient way (due to the second tree design). And i was okay with that. However, with new crit system, to maximize one defense, you only need 90 points in third skill tree, but still need 1019 (or 2018 if you use vampiric shard) in second skill tree. It feels very inconsistent. I think they should remake a skill tree system, so each skill tree will contain both hero and defense bonuses, while also having similar amount of possible point
  2. enigma007


    This piece of equipment comes with unique passive (and uniquie weapon model) that is only acquirable through numerous ancient power resets. Slay your enemies with style. Prestigious Power Stuff will mark enemies hit by Tornado for the whole duration of that skill. Insanely powerful thing. Not to mention the looks. Comes with one of the best shot patterns Available only at campaign level, but have the highest possible rolls on stats by default. For better or worse, once you upgrade it, you will never find a better legendary weapon. A great addition to your collection nonetheless. Price
  3. There's no need for that, but it's not a bad idea. Devs can do something similar to Steam Translation Server to see which languages are in demand and let users do most of the work.
  4. This glide system is the weirdest part of the whole update. It's supposed to benefits AP farmers, but it doesn't. You always get enough gold per run to upgrade everything you need. Why would you want to slow down and farm enormous amount of maps to negate that cost? It's supposed to help you progress further in onslaught and yet it forces you to not play onslaught for an extensive period of time. It's obviously going to help you in a long run, but i'm not sure that this run is going to be longer than the shard farming itself. In the devstream we saw that gliding Fortification shard results in
  5. Can someone explain to me how arc of leap is calculated? Occasionally barb decides to do mega leap across the whole map, if something (or someone) is supposed to block his way mid-air. But when i try to leap near any tower (even with a fully charged one), he struggles to do anything at all.
  6. that would just take like 6 matches, 1 match per chaos tier if you're sitting on C1-7 gear lol That's still better than instant unlock. Well for the end game acsention we could make the lowest acsention 290 and the highest requiring 500? Raising ascension requirements makes this feature less accessible for most players. P.S. I have no idea how to make this system fair to everyone or even work. Just making suggestions.
  7. Some people have 300+ starting ascension, which means instant access to C7, unless you raise ascension requirements or get rid of gearscore lock. Wouldn't it be easier to just lock gear based on gearscore in relation to unlocked chaos tiers? So, you can use your C7 items again, when you unlock C7 itself.
  8. Jaws_420 I totally get that. I was really pissed off the first time i heard how reset system works. Losing countless amounts of fully upgraded items, shards and pets just for a mere 1% bonus? That's insane! The thing is, nobody is forcing you to do it. You can ignore it, keep all of your stuff, and still enjoy every piece of content available in the game. Even highest onslaught floors. As for the uniqueness of the gear and stuff to collect, diversity in loot is never a bad thing. I kinda liked previous item system with random class specific passives more than a current one. But since it's gon
  9. Off course. I understand the difference between constantly getting random loot and being attached to a specific piece of loot. However People who do resets are experienced enough to nullify the actual need for this system and min-maxing in general. And they tend to spend as little gold/dm on each reset as possible. On the other hand, people who occasionally plays this game just for fun won't do resets anyway. There's 0 benefits for them, since it requires enormous amount of time to actually get something out of it. Well, even if they do, they less likely to spend their gold/dm on this system
  10. That's an interesting idea, but barb update fixed most problems related to gear farming. For better or worse, there's no need for such system anymore.
  11. Not exactly for shoes, just some general semi op shard ideas. Last Stand: When you receive a fatal blow, your death is delayed by X seconds, granting you invincibility and reduced ability cost for that period. Increase respawn time by X seconds. Forbidden Knowledge: Consume X% of your health when using an ability that requires more resources than you currently have. Abilities cast this way have a chance to stun enemies. Primal Rage: Each enemy killed by your primary attacks grant you a Primal stack, increasing all dealt and received damage by 0.X%. After gaining X amount of Primal stacks you
  12. A temporary solution for this problem :D
  13. That's exactly what "tweaking underperforming defenses" means. If you actually interested in making it happen, you can propose your ideas on the forums. People interested in dryad nerfs already proposed theirs.
  14. Because they think the game will be more balanced.
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