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  1. It honestly seems like a 50/50 shot as to whether the item I want, that shows up in the online shop search, is still there when I get into that players shop and check. Case in point. I saw a decent trans chestpiece I wanted to buy, so I friended the dude through steam, he accepted almost instantly. I go there, I check every folder in his shop, and the chestpiece isn't there, nothing even remotely close to it. It had a price on the search so it should be in his shop right? I figured I must have missed it and someone grabbed the thing before I got there. But 8 hours later, the same chestpiece
  2. Is it just me or does anyone else feel sorry for the apprentices they see around, if any. I hear of people doing DPS apprentices, but TBH an EV does a much better job with a staff in hand. Unless I am mistaken there really is nothing that they do any better than a different class. I really do feel sory for anyone using an apprentice. From a pure DPS or Tower build standpoint and not encluding any sort of loyalty to the class or anything. I can't see a reason to ever make one. Not in their current standing anyway. Thoughts?
  3. Take note I said "REWARD" not loot. So like a pawn shot. I know that setting difficulty and hc or non-hc WILL affect the rewards but does anything else? Such as: Number of players? Death count? Time? If none of those count, wouldn't it be more beneficial to farm rewards alone so the mob HP is lower? I mean as long as you have all the builder classes you need on 1 account.
  4. Who is the friggin genius that decides to bring down a multi-level gaming platform IN THE MIDDLE OF PRIME TIME? Seriously updates should happen at NIGHT....morons
  5. yes but is 1600 tower stats for the squire beefy enough to survive nightmare HC mixed mode?
  6. So a day ago I was on my EV and I joined a magus quarter NM HC MM game. I was gaining upwards of 30 mill mana a round past wave 15. My apprentice had a fair tower set with around 1k in all tower stats and I got.....demolished for a lack of a better word. I built up a countes quickly to 74 and handed all my tower gear to that character and I have done nothing but destroy everything I try (kinda makes me sad because now the apprentice is pretty useless, countess just owns that much more). I have yet to attempt NM HC MM anything yet. My Countes now has about 1600 in all tower stats and I am
  7. So is a NM DPS EV out of the question? I have ripped NM ogers in half with the energy laser. Building mass mana with a really good genie and then dumping it all right as I hit 3 gives me 3/4 oof a charge, which lasts about 15 seconds. I can solve a lot of problems in that amount of time. And 10 seconds later I can do it again. The main problem I have on my EV atm is HP, I see barbs with 100K+ and I am sitting at 50ish on NM.
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