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  1. Just sent a friend request to Rand0m, but otherwise my list is now empty. Most people got the achievement, but a couple of you rejected my friend request. I assume that means you're no longer interested, so if you rejected my friend request and still want the achievement, just send me a friend request. http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/dziggy
  2. ...I have a layout for the top floor that will make sense and even serve a practical purpose and will fill in the space (even the empty ceiling space on the third floor.) Well, if you have plans that will make good use of the space other than just the secret room up there, I'll wait to see that before I give my final opinions about it. My next suggestion was going to be to put a flat ceiling over the third floor, but if you have something else in mind to fill that space up, that might do the trick as well. I don't know what you're other plans for the map include, but I'd like to see some more lights outside. It's very dark and hard to see in most areas. In particular, along the dirt paths on either side of the tavern and near the DPS dummies. I already took out a few windows to keep it from looking too repetitious. You could maybe take another look around the stairs on the ground floor. Four windows right next to each other looks a bit odd, especially from the outside.
  3. It's trolling because with a tavern selector, there would be no problem. Except the problem that Nexus pointed out... As far as switching taverns goes, why bother switching whole taverns when the static mesh decorations are the only special things about them? Secondly they aren't special events (looks/aesthetics) if you can see them at any time you want. Hence the reason the Dev's have avoided the complaints coming up from the tavern loading up slow because everyone has their own unique tavern setup. Technically a dynamic themed tavern could be done with some scripting, but in the end could cause memory and performance problems for people who aren't on gaming rigs. My GF can barely run this on her laptop as it is, and I know buying performance grade PC's isn't everyone's top financial priority. This has to be kept in mind. In addition to that, it means several different taverns that all need to be updated if Trendy adds anything in the future, or decides to do any events involving the tavern. It really limits what they could possibly do with the tavern, and, as Nexus said, one of the goals for this new tavern is to increase the number of things they could do with it, if they decided to use it. It is no constructive critics, nobody could take advantage of this, so it's trolling, so your opinion is worth nothing. Right now i couldn't read most of your post. Your ego was in the way. I recommend you look up the definition of trolling because, again, disagreeing with someone about something is not trolling. If you read the end of my last post (the part directed at you), you will find the correct definition there. Not sure what my ego has to do with anything in my previous post. Almost all of it was about the mod, and very little related to me. If you're going to insult someone for no real reason, you should at least take the time to read what they have posted to make sure your insults are accurate. ;)
  4. Before I start, I wanna say that you shouldn't get so upset about negative feedback. I have made many mods for other games in the past, and I have learned to appreciate negative feedback because it's honest and it let's me know things that I might want to consider in future projects (or the current project, if still possible). Even if I strongly disagree with what is being said or how, I appreciate the alternate perspective of it. No matter how good you might be at making mods, you aren't perfect. Unprofessional is still insulting. Unprofessional was an overly-harsh word to use, and I knew that at the time of writing it. I will apologize for that. Dead serious, go download the DDDK and do a better one with your own custom meshes and textures. Make it look just like the tavern like I did. Not sure what you're trying to prove here... That you're a better modder than I am? Yeah, for the time being, you are because I haven't gotten into modding for this game yet. That doesn't really prove anything, though. I might beat you at a game of basketball, but that doesn't mean I'm a good basketball player. ;) The whole point of me even bothering to make a new tavern is to expand on the idea. Not copy-n-paste. People have wanted a new tavern since the game came out. Just go look in the archives. I'd say I'm not getting a little defensive but I am honestly. From a design perspective what really is the next step from the tiny current tavern? Think about it. Is it a bigger slightly more organized tavern that looks exactly the same but scaled up, with one or two more places to expand on it? No not really. Dev's would have to go and do what I did in the end anyway and redesign the whole tavern. A lot of your post wasn't addressed to me, so I'm not going to respond to the rest... 5:AM, when I can barely keep my eyes open, isn't the best time for me to review a mod. After taking a second look at it, it isn't as terrible as I described it. I'm still not going to say I'd like to see it replace the current tavern, but I will re-review it for you. The thing I dislike the most about this new tavern is the top floor (yes, I know it's not yet finished). It's what gave me the perception that the tavern was too big, from both the inside and the outside, and is also the main reason for the "empty" feeling that the tavern has. The top floor doesn't serve any real purpose, and the map is plenty big enough without it. If you moved the secret room to the room across from the trophy room, I believe it would significantly improve the feel of the tavern in many ways: * It would remove A LOT of the empty space. * It would reduce the size of the building a lot, while still leaving plenty of room for large parties or events. * The secret room could be made to look like it actually belongs in the new spot. * Things would feel a lot less scattered apart and tedious to get to. However, I can see that the top floor is clearly far from finished, so maybe you already have plans that address these problems. If all you plan to do is put a few lights and decorations up there, I don't think it would be enough because it's still going to be a completely useless and unnecessary floor, making the building so much bigger than it needs to be. Ignoring the top floor completely allowed me to appreciate the rest of the map a lot more. I will say that, although there are some other things I could nitpick about, I would see this as a definite upgrade to the current tavern without that top floor (even in it's finished state, I presume). Maybe you missed the part of the forums section this is in? WIP = Work in Progress. I have not posted ANYWHERE saying this was 100% completed. Oh, sorry, are we not allowed to post feedback on projects until they are fully completed? :( Nexus, it's ok. Dziggy is just trolling. Opinions like these are just worth nothing. Reacting on this is just a waste of time. You are doing a great job and you know that ;) Negative feedback is not trolling, and just because we disagree doesn't mean he should completely ignore me. Like I said, negative feedback is a good thing because it is honest. Not responding to negative feedback just because it's something you don't want to hear is not a good idea. He did the right thing by trying to discuss it with me (his approach to it could've been better, but then we're both guilty of that). Technically, you're the one who is trolling me because you wrote that comment expecting me to fire back with an insulting comment towards you. You're trying to get a rise out of me, which is the very definition of trolling. ;) I have a very calm personality, so it doesn't work on me. But, yeah, he is doing a good job, and I've been trying to let him know that while also expressing my honest opinions. (Did I do better this time? :D)
  5. I couldn't have said it better myself Dziggy. The current tavern is really nice with the exception that it's pretty much cluttered with thropies. A simple solution for Trendy would be to remove some achievement tables that block the doors and open them up with a new room behind it. The other four doors on the second floor that are blocked by the trophy tables can't be opened up because the secret room up there takes up pretty much all of the room for the second floor (and, now that I think about it, most of the ground floor as well). If they were opened up, they would just be additional doors to the secret room. The only one that could be opened up is the one to the right if the secret room door (if you're standing outside it, facing it). Although, they only have a very small space to work with... Again. Solution for Dziggy -> Tavern Selector Many people want the new tavern, some don't. But there is a solution that will make anybody happy. That really isn't a great solution, in my opinion. I'm sorry, but the nicest way I can describe the new tavern is unprofessional. It wouldn't be a good addition to this game, even if it was optional. The scale of the building is way too big, and it doesn't look good. Secret Room: Accessible to Host, Accessible to all Players Super Secret Room: Accessible to Host, Accessible to all Players Not a good idea. There is a reason they are only accessible by the host. Trendy doesn't want people who haven't yet earned access to those rooms to be able to access them from someone else's tavern. They don't really need access to those rooms in someone else's tavern because there's nothing in them except a forge and a radio.
  6. It looks nice, but, honestly, I would hate to see this replace the current tavern. While you have addressed the primary problems with the current tavern, I don't like the way you attempted to solve them. The biggest problem with this new tavern is that it's WAAAY too big. Even as one of the adult heroes, I feel like an ant in this place. It seems like it was made for giants with the ridiculously high ceilings and steps that are about ten-times the size of any of the heroes. From the outside the building looks unnecessarily huge, and I feel like even more of an ant due to the incredibly large scale of the building and the sidewalk around it (especially when compared to the normal-sized objects around the building, such as trees or DPS dummies). My other big complaint about the map is the empty space. The current tavern does suffer from trying to cram too many things into too small of a space, but this new tavern suffers from the exact opposite problem; you're trying to stretch too few things across way too big of a space. You have three HUGE floors, which each have several rooms, yet only a couple of them actually serve a purpose. It makes it a pretty tedious task to run to one of the useful rooms since they're all so far apart from each other. The other rooms are just unnecessary filler, and have nothing in them except a few small decorations, if even that. Heck, the entire top floor has nothing more than a few bare beds and the secret room (which, honestly, looks like it was an afterthought). I also have to point out my dislike for the location of the trophy room. While it is nice that they are all organized and have their own section, I really hate the fact that people have to go searching for it. With the current tavern, all of my achievements are displayed right there, so people get a glance of them while we're waiting that few seconds to start a map, or while someone is using the shop. The trophies were intended to be one of the main decorations for the current tavern, but in your new tavern they're kind of hidden away in the back corner of the second floor. Overall, I feel this new tavern is a very complicated solution to some very simple problems. In my opinion, the current tavern is pretty nice. It's small, compact, everything is easy to get to. I can go there, do what I need to do and get on to the next map. The tavern isn't supposed to be a huge map to explore and spend large amounts of time in. The current tavern serves the purpose it's supposed to in a very efficient way. My only real gripe with it is that some of the trophies make it kind of difficult to walk around and make the tavern look very cluttered. This could all be solved by simply adding a new room right below the first secret room, with tables around the outside for trophies and possibly move the crystalline portal in there as well. Then they could move the crystal back towards where the crystalline portal currently is to really give us some breathing room. If someone could also remove those four doors that obviously lead to nowhere, and are blocked by the trophy tables anyways, that would be great too. Again, I really appreciate the hard work you've put into this, and it does look really nice, but I highly doubt Trendy would want to replace the current tavern with this since it's so much less efficient.
  7. takZa, Circio and Marzuco crossed off the list. :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044811880 (Rand0m1zat10n) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002217542 (nsih197) http://steamcommunity.com/id/OneShotForAll You three aren't accepting my friend invites when you're online. If you still need the achievement, send me a friend invite on Steam or a PM on the forums and we'll figure out a time we can meet up in-game. http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/dziggy
  8. Awesome work, thanks for helping with this :) Also, http://steamcommunity.com/id/takza Replied on the last post on page 6 Steam says that account hasn't been used for over 1400 days, and also says he doesn't even own Dungeon Defenders.
  9. Gave them to Simbula and a_nub. I offered to pass them on again if they didn't want to, so they gave them back. The others on the list weren't online tonight, so I'll try again tomorrow. The list I have is: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044811880 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052641427 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002217542 http://steamcommunity.com/id/OneShotForAll
  10. Yeah, I made the same mistake when I started playing. Your options are to play online or play local, so, naturally, you think the only difference is that one is multiplayer and the other is single player. If you select the option to play online, there is a short message saying that achievements can only be earned on ranked, but nowhere does it tell you that your progress will not be transferred to that mode should you want to play it in the future. Lucky for me, my friend wanted to play a game with me not too long after I got the game, so I caught the mistake early. But I've seen people complain because they didn't learn the difference until they had several characters level 70+, which is terrible. Trendy really should explain the difference. Flash a warning message the first time someone tries to join open/local. BTW if anyone is looking for a solid, respectable player to join their team for some multiplayer, let me know. Hey, if you just started a new character on ranked, add me. I'll start a new one with you. http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/dziggy
  11. [LIST=1] http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008994345 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066346183 COMPLETED http://steamcommunity.com/id/a_nub http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044811880 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052641427 http://steamcommunity.com/id/dziggy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002217542 http://steamcommunity.com/id/OneShotForAll Gave the pets to Stoopefy, but received them back because he was going away for 2 weeks. Looking for someone else to pass the pets off to now. I'm online right now. Add me. http://steamcommunity.com/id/dziggy
  12. Yeah, controller works. That's how I got it.
  13. Increasing the Move Tower ability increases the distance you can move a tower. I'm not sure what points in the other ability do yet.
  14. I sent nuno_P a PM asking for him to pass them along so we can start this again. Ok, thanks.
  15. Those maps aren't their homes, they're just part of the realm/dimension that the Jester and Summoner live in.
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