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  1. I think app's primary focus should be tower. My attempts at Survival runs, I use strength drain & slow auras, archer and mage minions, and app towers. I think magic missle towers are great no.1 bc its physical damage. Fire towers are great for the spread damage. Lightning towers are good but personally I'd rather use a lightning aura since it affects every enemy in the aura instead of relying on chains from the lightning tower. Deadly Strike Tower is good in my opinion, its VERY strong when maxed but the cooldown is so slow. I feel safer if I have a few magic missle and fire towers in the
  2. DunDef Karma def. is indeed a b*tch. I have to agree that some of these morons who choose to be jerks for the simple fact that they have been playing the game longer need a bit of a reality check and a refresher course on what it was like back when they had scrub heroes. I will indeed enforce internet karma the next time some person chooses to abuse their power...Wave 25 with 10 mobs to go...only thing left is 15.5m ogres..you've been a d*ck all game...I sell all towers, procede to tell the host to "explitive himself" and leave...REVENGE!!!
  3. Ok i've seen a recent rise in a growing problem. The hosts of the NMHC Mana Runs are pretty decent people, however a few bad apples are spoiling the whole bunch. Normally there is a spoken rule of upgrade/repair only, and thats fine and understandable. But what I honestly don't like to see is verbally abusive conduct from the host just because they can. I know what some of you trolls will say, Its the host, its their server, deal with it or host your own. I get that. What I'm saying is what is the need for purposedly being a douchebag? In the end this game is an online based game and the game
  4. if your referring to Wow pre WotLK, grinding for pvp gear was 10,000 times more difficult to acquire gear as the emblems and money was so tough to get. If your not into grinding then RPG's arent for you. Any game that involves leveling with upgradable gear requires grinding, no matter how you want to deny it. If you look at grinding as boring then I don't think this type of game is for you. If you are too lazy to get past the casual play of the game, then you will never see the true potential. I think the best advice for those who are struggling to get started into mythics and acquiring
  5. I am one of those "New" players who bought the game during the summer sale. Why do the old players frown upon new faces? Yes I've met some of the trolls and they are quite annoying but all you have to honestly do is just stand back and let them embarass themselves in combat. I think everyone including myself starting out, is in this gigantic race to get to 70 and once you get there your like, now what do I do? In the end it all goes down to basic RPG fundamentals. And this very basic and archaic rule in RPG's will seperate the fair weather players and the dedicated players who get it. The basi
  6. I've actually been troll kicked on a few occassions. The most obsene was boss wave on Aquanos (hard) as the countdown to the Kraken's arrival. Survival wave 14 to name another. The point is, it pisses me off, t'm not going to attempt to say it doesn't. If your going to kick, at least give me a reason...and ffs if I join in tavern, of course i'm not going to enter your game and expect to play an eternia shards level with a level 20..give me time to at least swap heroes....
  7. I really wish Trendy would at least change the wording when you get kicked. "You have been forcibly removed from the game." Now everytime I see this I have the habit of saying, "You have been forcibly removed deez nuts from yo mouf." heh
  8. I agree to what you have to say but honestly an ogre with a combo of mage minions is pretty tough to beat, and flash heal alone is fantastic in survival. I think its one of if not the best class when there are no other summoners in the group. With this being said, I think there should no more than one summoner in a group at any time, if I am playing mine and I join I most likely swap heroes, unless the other summoner is extremely lower level or there is an agreement of who is to build.
  9. Just a suggestion for Trendy I think that servers should be divided into sections according to the global postition of the host. Say for instance, Billy Bob in Tennessee wants to play a game, joins a server, come to find out its hosted by someone from Germany. This equals extremely frustrating lag, so bad that it almost makes it impossible to play. By dividing the server into sections in the custom server screen even if its just two or three letters abreviated. Maybe something like this.. name open slots BillyBob's Game (USA) 1 Fredrick's Game (UK)
  10. I searched the forum and couldn't find a thread to answer a few questions so i'll ask them myself. Everytime I go to activate the portal to the Crystalline Dimension the group I have in tavern get booted and are not in when I load the game, and when I go the setup hud I don't see it to select to start it what am I doing wrong? Also, I've tried a few times to see how myself and a PUG will do and we never make it past the first level. Currently the character I'm trying with is a 76 tower build apprentice 400 700 500 400. Is this too low? I assume it is since I last only through the 2nd wave,
  11. 1. Your real name? - Randy 2. Your age? 30 3. Birthday! March 19 4. You live? Alabama 5. Current job? WWTP Grade 4 Op 6. Dream job -Not having to work and still get paid 7. Hobbies interests? Family, friends, live music and of course video games 9. How do you feel right now? Anxious-stuck at work, ready to go home and play some DunDef before bedtime
  12. In other news, a homeless man discovers that his farts smell exactly like bacon. Today, across the country far and wide people line up to smell this now world famous man's crack..
  13. I have some lag issues when I play on Nightmare, there is so much going on that I basically just stand there good thing I'm a tower build app which is really the main reason why I went that path, I have to adapt to what I have I guess. Its not just your video card that affects performance. Currently I'm running 4g ram, 2gvram-4.0shaders, and 2.5g dual core processor. Which in my case is my processor and probably my hard disk space is pretty full which also affects performance. So I'm stuck trying to figure out whether or not I should just get a new pc since its going on 8 years old or a new pr
  14. From what I gather she is a decent class, with the ability to use a staff for ranged, and when in close switching to monk based weapon. I agree presents aren't really worth the DU to invest in. I seriously don't see them being used in end game situations. The question is for the more experienced Jesters...as I have seen jesters alerady in the 70s today..seriously...Is it worth it to upgrade presents to increase the rate for an useful item intead of a bothersome ogre?
  15. To the thread author. All of this talk about being "older" and "mature" your attitude resembles more towards a 12 year old rage quitter who rants about nothing and basically answer's his own questions. First off, why would you ever think you could solo nightmare? Seems to me your more trying to brag about being able to solo insane hardcore. You forget that the game is no.1 a multiplayer game, and most important...."THINK"...A RPG. Let me define what a role playing game is. The more time you put into a RPG the more pay off you get. Thus the appeal to persons like myself. If your really struggli
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