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  1. Nice of you to join the forums ghost8686. Been playing long? New account? I have been playing since day one. Over 900 hours in fact. I'm a 3k player but I don't buy gear nor sell it. So I'm one of 'those' who have farmed everything myself or with friends (both lower stats than me and one or two higher than me - but mostly alone). Here is a fact to ponder; I can easily start any of the shards maps above wave 20 and do very well. But I can't on the buffed king's map. Can't even start 13 (which I could do on any of the shards maps with lower stats than what I have now.) I'm sorry you don't like it. Can't please everyone. And I can see hackers not liking the new map - probably cuts their paypal sells quite a bit. Not a bad thing in that - don't you agree? Must not be a very skilled player if you can't even beat the new map on survival. And I don't even think the game requires much skill. I had NMHCMM on easy mode farm status both before and after the changes. I've been playing 3 weeks by the way. Guess you might want to re consider what game you should be playing if you put that many hours in and still can't even master the basics.
  2. It is majorly obvious that the original king's map and the nerfed king's map has polarized the community. Some think the original was too easy. Some think the nerfed is too hard. My idea is simple; keep the nerfed version as nightmare. Make the original nightmare (mob count/strength/rewards/etc.) as the new insane version. Push the original insane (mob count/etc.) down to hard, and so on. This kills off the original easy since it replaced by the original medium. Now buff the drops on nightmare - so that end game players get something of value there. I think this would solve the issue to most player's satisfaction. Though some will still complain. The real problem is how good the rewards are on the map, and this doesn't solve that problem since the buffed version of the map is still easier then most of the shard maps on nightmare.
  3. [QUOTE]Also getting some serious flashbacks from early Dundef when we had like 5-6 patches a week rubberbanding the game between playable and broken. Sorry if I sound a bit irritated, its because I am. I guess I'll just check back sometime next week to see how the game has settled out by revision G[/QUOTE] Same, hopefully they fix his broken map and buff the difficulty substantially. That or significantly nerf the drops. It is way out of hand.
  4. No one seems to have noticed this, so I have to say it: you know what King's 7.40 reminded me of? Levels 0-70, that's what. Remember when you used to find upgrades every couple of runs of a difficult-but-manageable campaign map? That's what we had here. Shards broke that pretty badly, making upgrades absurdly rare even on Survival, but we got to glimpse it again for a day. Someone in 1k gear could run King's Insane HC and end up with 1.1k gear! If you had 1.5k, you could beat Insane Survival and bootstrap yourself to perhaps 1.65k or 1.7k! For 2k and up, there was NMHCMM so you could hit 2.25k! It was almost like you didn't have to rely on the few people who were able to farm NM Mistymire back when it only had spiders. The temporarily-free DLC also reminded me of those glorious times. But now a bunch of butthurt people who got their gear when it was reasonably difficult have ruined it again. My suggestion for fixing it? Take The King's Game back to where it was pre-patch, knock off the random crappy Ultimate drops (I saw one Ultimate Sicarius with multiple -300 stats) and buff the loot quality on the tougher maps like Karathiki, Moraggo, Sky City, and Palantir. If you need +400 to all relevant stats per piece of armor to beat the map, it should drop at least a few pieces per late wave that have +410. Take it from an early adopter with a bunch of early-adopter friends (I believe I know one of the first people to beat the Ancient Dragon on Insane back when everyone wanted Godly Enchanted Pristine armor)--harder is not necessarily better. Mhm if they buffed the loot quality on the harder maps to be better then The King's Game it wouldn't be as much of an issue. But don't make random assumptions like the people who are complaining got their gear at a specific time, it retracts from your point.
  5. People would just as well play longer if content wouldn't be strictly limited by it. If you are the type of person who likes to get every single advantage that he/she can get, then you will get it even if the advantage is not needed for the extra content. The way I suggested you still get your "fix", but in the grand scheme of things and for completing the content it isn't needed. But naturally if you do have it, you can faceroll this content. If you feel bad about that, just take off a couple pieces of the gear and you are handicapping yourself. Exactly the same way how people in real life keep stuff interesting. They don't need some dude artificially increasing the difficulty while you can do that just as well by yourself. However, the way it has been setup now... it will not let the majority of the people keep on playing. If they hadn't buffed the difficulty of this map, you would have seen more people who would have been playing then how they have done it now. In the end the casuals make up the brunt of any game. So if your only intention is to focus on having the most people enjoying the game they should have never done 7.40b. I disagree with how you think progression should work and believe data clearly shows you are wrong. You might think more people would keep playing but it isn't true.
  6. Why is that good design? It is nothing else but getting an excel sheet and every time you prune the lawn i'll add +1 in it. Once you got a 10 in it, i'll let you prune my bushes. When you got +50, i'll let you prune my trees, when you got + 150 i'll let you prune my garden and when you got + 1000000000 you are the pruning master. Since that is exactly what this game actually does. It just increases some numbers in a database. Nothing else. But like I said, I don't mind for it being present, but then don't limit content (difficult or easy) based on these arbitrary numbers. Nor will I get it for free, I'll be spending time just as well as you within the game, you're just getting more because your spending more time that is all. but i'm not prohibited from playing, and if I want to and if I put in the time i'll be able to get to those numbers as well. but i'm not goaded into it, i'll do it only when I find that to be rewarding and fun. And is that not what a game is supposed to be? Grinding without feeling like you have to. And unfortunately that is not what Trendy has implimented. I know it isn't easy to impliment this, but hell they haven't even been close ever since their introduction of NM. It is good game design because it makes people play the game longer. Obviously the content also has to be fun and feel rewarding, otherwise no one will play it. There has to be balance that allows the game to be both fun and rewarding while at the same time being challenging enough that most players will find it very difficult to actually beat the hardest content possible and get the best rewards possible. That is how online games work and keep people playing them. You sound like you want this to be more like a console game where you can beat it easily in 5-30 hours if you want to and then move on.
  7. See thats the problem with this game, to beat act 1 you need gear from act 2 ever since nightmare was introduced. The original campaign was good progression, you could skip easy and go straight for medium or hard if you had a decent team. Now, that aside, you've got certain individuals who have completed content at time of unlock and got good loot, now, said good loot is still there, but new players have to work 4x as hard to unlock it due to new monsters, the gear progression is broken, the new map is NOT A NEW EXCEPTION, those who have good gear will says its easy due to it is easy, TO THEM. I dont know for sure if good loot was dropping far to easy in early waves of NMHC on kings game, i only got to play 1 game of insane HC campaign and nothing good dropped even the rewards were utter junk, i tried to step up today and play nightmare and i got curb stomped. This map was made for progression, ok it was a little broken pre-patch but it let everyone play it fairly, you didnt need 2k+ stats to play NM HC, but you sure as hell do now. And just to clarify, this map has its own niche, like jungle and cliffs, there bonus fun maps that have their own niche difficulty. what happened hear was just plain stupid. I agree that progression in this game is broken, I just think this map was a poorly designed fix that did not solve the actual problems.
  8. Please point me where I stated that ? Nor is anything given to me for free, I still payed for the game just as you, as did I play the game just as you. You just think because you spend more time you are entitled to better rewards? Isn't the case, your reward for spending more time is having had more fun then me. If that isn't enough, maybe replace this with something where you can gain money. It'll be better in the long run. It isn't that I think I "deserve" better rewards because I spent more time, its just that that is what good game design does. If you can get the best rewards easily without much time invested, then the people who DO invest a lot of time into the game will quickly run out of things to do and quit.
  9. Progression for me with 50 maps would be this : For ease of use and division 5 tiers (0 - 500, 500 - 1500, 1500 - 2500, 2500 - 3500, 3500 - 5000) This would mean 10 maps on each division. With some harder maps and some easier ones. They would still drop basicly the same gear with a difference of a 10% higher reward on the harder maps. Meaning for those harder maps you would actually get 550 - 1650. But all the maps are BALANCED for that specific tiering. Meaning that at the low -end it would be doable but you'll be doing a lot of the work yourself, while at the highend your afk-ing. This type of gameplay would make sure people can pick a map they like and that works for them without being goaded into a specific map. Maybe some maps won't be used as much ,but so be it then. You still got some mapspecific items, just like we got now, that could make some of these harder maps interesting but not necessarily needed. And the people that care about showing off will still be able to do so. If you had made sure that the progression would be that the entire 10 maps of eternia shards would be beatable within that bracket of 500 - 1500. And kept the small chance that uberloot dropped. Loot that isn't actually needed to do content, but that makes those hardcore elite dudes able to show their e-peen. Then I wouldn't care one iota. Maybe I'dd try to get one, but I wouldn't care if I wouldn't be able to get one. Unfortunately though the devs have chosen, under pression of the more elitists under us to constantly inflate the stats. They made the error with the supergear, and with that cat out of the bag they where unable to just put it back... In the end I play this game to finish the content. And if a map requires me to have x stats, then yes I would like to be able to reach x stats without having to give up my real life job for it... That ain't to much to ask now is it? Soma : 1) I finished the campaign before the copters 2) the copters aren't that big of a deal over there since their paths already intertwine completely with my anti air defense and my monk with a trans copterbasher (gotten before the copters were introduced). 3) if you asked me to do the campaign I would fail miserably again, since Iagain i'm a slow builder, and overcompensate on the non central defenses, so I can leave those alone and just focus my defense on the central spot. 4) I can't carry other people 5) I'm reliant on a monk and luck of not doing something stupid (like clearing clogs outside of strength drain radius) and dieing at about 22 - 30. A map that requires tier 1 gear to beat shouldn't drop tier 5 gear just as or more often then a map that requires tier 4 gear to beat. That just doesn't make sense. And if you just don't have the time to invest into an activity, well that sucks for you. Doesn't mean you deserve to have everything given to you for free.
  10. So you're either failing to see the point of the map, or you just don't like it. That is a random and baseless claim that you are trying to pass off as an actual counter argument.
  11. No open is for the people that cheat... Besides if I want to get the achievements I need to do it in ranked anyway. And I have earned every single piece of my gear... but there is a difference between it being a game and a chore... I solo survival aquanos NM HC. I don't get past wave 1 in here. So again : bollocks. Read their statements properly... this is supposed to be a STEPPING STONE and NOT AS HARD AS ANY OF THE PREVIOUS MAPS. THIS MEANS THAT WHERE IT WAS IT WAS WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WITH MAYBE A TEENSY TINY BIT OF AN ADJUSTMENT IN DIFFICULTY. caps for emphasis only... A teensy tiny bit harder does not equal the increase we have had. And even a reduction in 15% is going to be peanuts. Logical progression means that you get in wave x drops for use in wave x+5. Not get drops in wave x+5 so you can beat wave x. As nearly the entire progression within this game has ended up... Funny how you talk about progression. Say there are 50 maps in the game. Lets call the new map map 1, and all the other 49 maps are more difficult nightmare maps. If this map was working the way it was intended, it would drop gear that could be used to beat map 2, which would drop gear that can be used to beat map 3, and so on. Right now, map 1 drops gear that is better then map 50 and you basically can win the game with just the gear from map 1. That is broken. That is not a stepping stone, its a free elevator ride to the top floor. That is why it needed an increase in difficulty, or a nerf in drops, or something.
  12. See : Yes, and even though that buff occurred, I still think it should be even more difficult then it already has been made. That or the loot should be nerfed, but clearly they do not favor that option.
  13. So yeah, I've seen people with 500 stats seem to be having issues with HARD let alone insane. People with over 1k stats are having issues with Insane. I wouldn't be surprised if people with 2k stats couldn't even handle Nightmare. This buff is ridiculous, you just created once again another wall for people to climb over. It was fine the way it was before, but no that wasn't good enough because people enjoying their time in the game would be awful for the high end players who've spent hundreds (or thousands) of hours grinding for gear. Personally this doesn't effect me as I can still do NMHCMM with ease but that's because I have the stats for it. Also items will still fall off of the level when dropped from the Forge. Does difficulty change what the tile effects will be? I.E. Lack of extra DU on lower difficulties? I didn't seem to get it at all after stepping on the tiles tons of times in an Insane and Hard game while seeing people who could do it before strugle. People who could easily do Insane before now struggle just doing Hard. Same applies to people doing Nightmare now have trouble doing it on Insane. The gap between how they can barely even manage to do it on a lower difficulty is just awful. Honestly they might of even failed. Granted some of the builds I have seen aren't exactly the best, they should be able to manage. Yes maybe there needed to be a slight buff, though I think it was honestly fine for some reasons I've already mentioned but this is just ridiculous. I know it's going to get nerfed slightly (I already mentioned this would happen, big surprise) but I still doubt it'll be enough. I can see it getting nerfed again, if not for a third time depending on how things go. Whatever, I guess I'll go AFK farm NMHCMM. I think it still needs some buffs to difficulty. But whatever, you are entitled to your opinion, even though it is based on faulty assumptions and illogical reasoning.
  14. [QUOTE]Not to much to ask now is it? I don't mind that this would have been brought back into the fold if the progression had been fixed propperly beforehand. Now it is again the same bloody wall, the same wall that WAS NOT THERE PRECOPTERS. I know because I was working my way up in the game and I saw and it was fun. The only wall that there was however was the one between insane and start nightmare and that still required a tiny bit of rebalancing and I wouldn't have minded at all[/QUOTE] If your problem is copters, there is really an easy counter. Just use ensnare auras. Never had problems with copters while playing this game.
  15. So increase the drop chances on the most difficult maps in the game. Yeah. But they have not done that. So as it is at this moment, the map is broken. [QUOTE]Buddy when you can't stand the sight others having good fun, you can be sure have serious issues, really, seek help.[/QUOTE] Calling people names is not an argument. Unless you actually have something constructive to say, please leave the thread. Otherwise you just make yourself seem silly and small minded.
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