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  1. Maybe it has to do with the quality of your line or routes then? Mine, to Steam, is pretty bad. I'm in Brazil using Steam's Brazilian server but that is actually on the USA (-_-). Both my bandwidth and my latency are pretty bad as a consequence. Maybe if I close the game too quickly or it crashes, it has no time to sync? What I can't understand is, this is the first game I've ever seen this happening in my life. Have being playing online games such as MMOs for almost 10 years now. I'm on ADSL2 16/1mbit.
  2. One of my worst was when I finally beat Magus Survival on Nightmare, logged off and turned my computer off for class. Class was cancelled, so I got back on, BAM! last three days rolled back. I was gone for 15 minutes, tops. Then there was the time I completed a survival, maxing out my Mana after staring at roughly 30 mil, immediately went to a shop after getting everything in order in my Tavern, and was back down to 30 mil again. I got rolled back during a flipping LOADING SCREEN. I've gotten rolled back so many times and gotten no help beyond "We have no record of you achieving [blank], but we could give you some Mana instead" that I back up everything to Open after every session. Never lost connection, so from what I can see, it's totally flipping random. You have never set it on offline while inside the game?
  3. I just know it happens when you loose connection to trendynet (aka steam). Happened to me once, got rolled back 2 days and lost alot of stuff but i kept on going... Lost connection other times but didn't get rolledback (phew). First time it crashed here and apparently it lost all the progress since the game was originally launched several hours before. This time it was similar but nothing bad happened to the game. I just normally closed it by pressing the exit button on the main screen and when I came back, some minutes after that, it had rolled back to when I had launched it before. Again, hours of progress lost. What am I supposed to do? Close the game after 5 minutes all the time and check if I lost something? Crazy... :/ But I'm pretty sure I was on that offline mode I mentioned and I had done that last weak when it first happened. So I thought it could be related since I've heard other people talking about it. Nothing official, I suppose? I ask them and they don't reply. :/
  4. Is there some key factors for losing progress on this game? It happened here for the second time in a few days and I lost several hours of grinding again. When I contacted them the first time, they never even tried to explain to me why this happens or how to prevent this from happening. I have heard it has to do with the "offline" feature of Steam. The one that lets you not be visible for anyone for a while to not be bothered. I do make use of this once in a while. Maybe I'm soloing or maybe tired, I don't know. Can anyone else confirm being affected by this?
  5. On August 2 I had just stopped my usual grinding and was browsing the AFK Shops when suddenly my game crashes (for the first time since I bought it). When I log back, my new character is gone and my main character lost all it's progression from several hours of constant effort. I contacted Trendy and tonight I had an answer. "I'm sorry, but unfortunately we can't assist in restoring these lost items. We're truly sorry for what happened and we're continuously creating fixes to prevent such losses from happening." It got to me. I keep thinking, was it all because of a local crash? Hadn't I stopped fighting a long time ago already? It would be kinda of understandable if I had lost a couple minutes of progression because it crashed in the middle of an ongoing battle phase. Or maybe even the entire phase, that's not even the issue here. The issue is, several hours? And it seems a perfect roll back including all my mana and farmed/traded equipments. The item I miss the most is a Mythical sword I had bought for 75m-100m with +400 T. Health status. It was my first acquisition of such "magnitude". My character was finally starting to have nice status and I was putting down serious effort for hours and hours of gameplay for this to happen. I Don't have any friends playing it so for me it's extra difficult. Having to do everything "alone". Or maybe I'm a bad player? It sure might be the case. Call me crazy, but I felt I had accomplished something, you know? If one spends so many hours of dedication to any kind of activity, including a computer game, it's inevitable to get emotionally attached to it. When you realise that was taken away from you in a blink of an eye, your reaction towards it will probably be far from pleasant. Needless to say, I'm pretty addicted to this game. Now that I got my answer I sit here looking at it and trying to decide if I should continue playing it. After all, it was wonderful while it was working properly, right? But what if it happens again? What if this time I lose several days of progression? A week? Should I then just shake it off once more? I have to say, I truly believe Trendy should be trying to fix this issues with a much higher priority than creating new content. Because if I lose that content, what is the point of having it? Maybe I'm just way too dramatic? Could be. I wonder, how many people have had this issue already? Have you? Was it in the same date as mine? Have they solved your problem? Did you just continue playing as if nothing had happened? If so, did it happen again? What are your thoughts about this whole thing? Thanks for everyone who cared to read it all. If I wrote something strange, me apologies. English is not my mother tongue.
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