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  1. Bump Still need some mana and coal, anyone?;;
  2. Sorry, lol. I was attempting to be clever. I'll back out, I just got a pair of gloves from Lab, happy awking!
  3. Bid acknowledged. 2 cubes by MrMacGoo
  4. I apologize, I forgot about this auction. Bump, Will finish this tonight at 10 PM, lol. Again, I'm sorry, this totally slipped my mind.
  5. Bump for interest. I want to bid but I'd get BTFO.
  6. Thanks PB, paid in full. Good trade.
  7. I messed up and D/C'd while I was running Lab For PB3379, Still owe him 8 more Lab runs. Agh, this is frustrating.
  8. Filling an order for PB3379, after this I won't need any more p kobolds.
  9. Thanks :> Edited the OP. Need coal again. Mana still needed as well.
  10. Looks good, I have a similar glad, not as good though. Happy Awking.
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