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  1. ding dong done ^.^ and WHEN CAN I BUY ONE???
  2. mine always involve playing with my name ^.^
  3. The later missions on harder difficulties will provide more mana. Keep playing, and sooner or later, you'll be raking in the mana! not really...most maps reward less than 1 mil per wave, what you do is upgrade a weapon then do the mana *crackle*
  4. mine is usually called "not so interesting now"
  5. lol, the name is a reference to my dad's cycling team called just "Cranky old men"
  6. you can get them as random rewards from maps like city in the cliffs or tavern defence. also, what part of ontario are you in?
  7. *delete all chars* and start again
  8. oooooo i really want to see the jester ^.^
  9. Cranky Old Men Bowling.....I see a subtle reference to COMB OVER KINGPINS..... wut??
  10. *that awkward moment when your post is on the other page....*
  11. yeah i looked at the zombie one i was like oh alright dead stuff on her shoulder, then i looked at the normal on and saw it was still there o.o
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