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  1. might want to go get some light sometime
  2. lol anyone who asks for a title should get the title "beggar"
  3. okay guys unuff ban talk cause you guys could be banned for talking about it no, you'd get a warning or infraction not a ban
  4. now to get peanut butter, that'll have to wait, there is a blizzard
  5. If this were true, I would have been dead a long time ago. now i HAVE to send a jar to trendy
  6. ***** please iv'e been with people------------nvm
  7. I used to have diamonds on my summoner.. then accidentaly launched my summoner off the kings game map, moving so fast, that I ripped the space-time fabric, creating a wormhole which opened up behind me, so I saw myself falling off the map over and over again. then i farted and it stopped
  8. write AW HELL NAW on google and look for a lady looking out of a window saying "what's going on in this thr-" "oh lawd"
  9. copy image url, paste in new window
  10. legit my face right now O.o king!!
  11. It was a joke, hence the smiley, get over yourself. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  12. Only reason I play Mass Effect as FemShep everytime is because she looks damn sexy.. [[3870,hashtags]]
  13. i thought you were older than me boss O.o guess not, i'm 16
  14. I appreciate the help for newer users and your eagerness for them to see this, but please do not bump older threads as this is against forum rules. then sticky it :p
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