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  1. Dog Loyal,loving everything that's good *cough* opposite of a cat *cough*
  2. (there is a dungeon defenders group called USD shops >_> ) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/usdshop#
  3. once this girl from my school but in a higher grade left a mac book on the bus, then the next day i left it at the office for her. I then later got called to the office, was thanked by her and her dad and given 50$ (side-note, all her exam notes were on the computer)
  4. ugh i don't mean just giveaways, that was an example, this has NOTHING to do with dungeon defenders, it's a thread completely based on the poster, so it belongs in the off-topic
  5. all the quitting threads WITHOUT a give-away or event related to dungeon defenders should get this treatment
  6. omg look at what is bigger and underlined
  7. No Double Posting or Spamming: Even the most valiant Defender is guilty of the occasional double post, but doing it in excess is not allowed. Spam is defined as a post that has no relevance to Dungeon Defenders. This goes for I quit or other poster-focused threads (I hate Squires, I hate cotton candy) in which the poster does not explain his/her position. Constructive criticism is always accepted and encouraged as long as it is done appropriately and in the correct section of these forums. Spamming the Report Post function is also against forum rules. Reporting posts that are more than two wee
  8. i said it twice cause it got canceled once >_>
  9. What? O.o i ain't got no math tests i'm playing dance dance revolution
  10. How about "Hitmon-San" or "Hitmon-Sama"? there's already siimon_sama BE ORIGINAL and san -.- how overused is THAT
  11. Interestingly apropos. *sips tea and raises eyebrow* Delectable brew, good sir. And glad to see you here. After all I know you have a schedule to meet. why yes quite delightful indeed, but i must bid you farewell, a challenge of dancing has been proposed to me and i must not dilly daddle
  12. Indeed. quite *sips tea*
  13. SID: Interesting... Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/No_Me_Gusta/ Saturday B
  14. step 1. Get gym membership step 2. Work out step 3. Break computer with your new muscles step 4. No more computer distraction step 5. Keep going to the gym until it becomes an obsession step 6. Take steroids step 7. Feel great for ~10 years step 8. Grow old and watch your muscles become sag
  15. do you remember what sunlight looks like?
  16. GO MISCHIEF GO MISCHIEF GO lol I think Mischief is the only player in the game to legitimately solo Greater Turkey Hunt without barb towers...and even if not the only, I know very few would have that level of dedication. Even in a group, TH2 needs rebalancing (aka extra time per wave and increased Turkey Spawn rate, which I'm pretty sure involves a variable that is ignored in the code at the moment...). I also have videos of some our playthroughs of his more ridiculous maps. The event maps are pretty tame compared to those ones, lol. I'll post some embedded videos later of those, l
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