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  1. Moba...... *shivers* RNG....i'm watching you!!!!
  2. All you guys did was spam the shout box, kinda pointless. All it was was a bunch of little kids trying to get the most shouts. I miss the original shout box. kinda like you do on threads? we have conversations on there, you are just rude. and please if anyone is child-like here it is you.
  3. What's to discuss? almost everyone wants a darker color scheme... also the loading for private messaging is EXTREMELY slow
  4. Steam --> not even trying Trendy --> Lots o' tries
  5. yeah like Mrmoreno, his was INCREDIBLY annoying, had to scroll for a minute to get past his sig >_>
  6. Happy 'bout the new game *fingers crossed for good RNG* but most people were used to the old forums and i personally would have preferred to stay with the old one.
  7. There is NO shoutbox :( WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :dragon:
  8. well maybe you should "shave" off the off-topic comments DEH DUM TSSSSSSSS
  9. i have to shave every week :( i hate facial hair :(
  10. Hello to one of the only Christians who doesn't try to shove his beliefs down your throat :3
  11. as ice always says VERIFY GAME CACHE
  12. Oh, I saw this in health. I found it interesting... he goes on a bit of a rant hmmmmmm
  13. ok, haven't played console much but this is my opinion on not puting more event items out there because of duping. Honestly, just the fact that they duplicate an item should be an indication that even if event items are not introduced they can just keep doubling the ones they have over and over, what would some new legit event items every week do? Also why not just modify the reward for the map so that it awards the event item and locks it in your item box like the chicken? just my two cents...
  14. SID: Interesting... Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/No_Me_Gusta/ Saturday B
  15. i can't be put under because of hyperthermia so they only numbed I KEEP SPITTING BLOOD
  16. i judt got the wisdom teeth pulled, im dripping bloody saliva everywhere
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