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  1. Moba...... *shivers* RNG....i'm watching you!!!!
  2. All you guys did was spam the shout box, kinda pointless. All it was was a bunch of little kids trying to get the most shouts. I miss the original shout box. kinda like you do on threads? we have conversations on there, you are just rude. and please if anyone is child-like here it is you.
  3. What's to discuss? almost everyone wants a darker color scheme... also the loading for private messaging is EXTREMELY slow
  4. Steam --> not even trying Trendy --> Lots o' tries
  5. yeah like Mrmoreno, his was INCREDIBLY annoying, had to scroll for a minute to get past his sig >_>
  6. Happy 'bout the new game *fingers crossed for good RNG* but most people were used to the old forums and i personally would have preferred to stay with the old one.
  7. There is NO shoutbox :( WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :dragon:
  8. well maybe you should "shave" off the off-topic comments DEH DUM TSSSSSSSS
  9. i have to shave every week :( i hate facial hair :(
  10. Hello to one of the only Christians who doesn't try to shove his beliefs down your throat :3
  11. as ice always says VERIFY GAME CACHE
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