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  1. I paid so many cubes out for so many chickens back in the day. :-(
  2. Why is that more surprising? I totally come off as a red-meat-eating, rodeo-romping cowboy with an affinity for video games -- a James Dean meets Nintendo Power type. >.> I also watch all the Bravo TV shows (like Real Housewives of NJ - to the point where my husband knew all the characters but shh, don't tell him I told you that).
  3. You do realize that trading for stuff outside of DD is against trendy rules? I am sure you don't care about playing DD anymore but they may ban from forums as well. Sad to see so many people decide to quit and give their stuff away to the highest bidder outside the game. However I do think they should be your items to do with what you decide. Still, mentioning it here is not helpful probably. I don't think mods even come over here anymore. DD1 forums have become the wrong side of the tracks. :D
  4. The turn out of this thread is the least surprising thing I've ever read on the DD forums.
  5. Thinking about doing some IRL. I disowned the outside world once DDE came out but I'm starting to remember that summer is nearly over, my bathing suits are collecting dust and that pool water won't be warm for much longer. Also Sky Rim. I always meant to get into it but other games kept coming to the forefront. Gonna give it a play-through when I'm not working on my tan. I totally bought Dragon Age a few months ago but have yet to even download it. Might have to change that.
  6. I found out last week by accident that the Domino's four blocks from my house delivers for free. ^_^
  7. I haven't heard of it. What games would you compare it to?
  8. I'm in Detroit so we pretty much are honorary Canadians. You guys never commit homicide, hate handguns and paying retail taxes, love Tim Hortons and hockey and the monarchy and drink milk out of plastic bags.
  9. New job, D? My BFF works in the loop; he just got a sweet little apartment a few blocks from the water. I've been meaning to come and visit him for ages so I will seriously have to hit you up if I ever do. Had planned on taking the megabus from Detroit to Chicago because MEGABUS HECK YEAH!
  10. Glad to hear you are wedded and back into action! Congrats again and really hoping to improve the sense of discourse between us (the players) and you guys (Trendy) as things have been pretty rage-a-riffic lately. I have full confidence in your ability to quell the incoming mobs, Isom, hahahah. wife doesnt that much so be prepared to handle that situation whenever it arises My husband is still jealous of my ult sets in DD1; some women quilt to relieve stress, some of us blast orcs.
  11. [LIST=1] Dungeon Defenders 2845 hours The Sims 3 768 hours Team Fortress 2 577 hours Tropico 4 97 hours Faerie Solitaire 59 hours Torchlight II 38 hours Dungeon Defenders Eternity 27 hours Bioshock Infinite 20 hours Prison Architect 18 hours Banished 16 hours Wow, that's kind of depressing.
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