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  1. Elder Scrolls The Witcher Series Borderlands Halo Battlefield Fallout My favorite game of all time: Zelda: OoT Editing this. Elder scrolls is still one of my favs along with fallout. For multiplayer halo and battlefield have always been my favorites, stopped playing COD a while ago... its to unskillful? Zelda is my favorite of all time, but i found my n64 and smash bros yesterday and omg is it great.
  2. When you get a spot i would like to join. (steam id in sig)
  3. Top 5 in order 1. The Departed 2. Inception 3. Fight Club 4. The Usual Suspects 5. The Thing -Giraffe
  4. 1. Weapon or Pet Type: Hawk 2. Weapon or Pet Name: Zapdos 3. Weapon or Pet Color: Main Color and Secondary Color. (black) 4. Weapon or Pet Description: It appears to live in thunderclouds 5. Weapon or Pet Forge Name: Arceus 6. Weapon or Pet Size: As big as possible. P.S. Zapdos is way better than Articuno No generic dmg just electric :) Here is a picture for the colors.
  5. Squire - Leeroy Jenkins (Legendary Skin) Countess - Ariel (Mermaid Skin)
  6. I would like to join. (Finished MRTS) P.S. All i need to do is beat CD on nightmare to get Ultimate Defender (doing this now)
  7. I'll probably stop selling the 200 up myths that drop from NMHC lab assault and just donate them then.
  8. I can attack all of the crystals without taking damage except for the west crystal. South - On the south i place my cursor against the wall and just jump while i shoot. West - Weest you can stand on the lift after running past the ogre, and stand on the edge so it doesn't go up. North - North you can hit from right underneath. East - East, I just walk along the railing and jump past everything (this is partly why hp and resists are necessary). The EV's can be killed just by attacking them near the edge on the North East side, since they jump when hit they tend to just hop off. Oh and my crystal tracker i got after one try on warping core, and it sucks. I should probably go get a BF drill lol.
  9. I just did this run so i could post a time. Only used that crappy crystal tracker, i really think almost anyone can do NMHC on this map as long as they have decent resists and health, dmg is not needed IMO. P.S. i was doing 4 person split screen (3 afks), but took the other windows out of the picture.
  10. SID: L1T_You_Up http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013874352/
  11. In the past Month or so i have watched a ton of movies (a lot i have watched before). The Departed, The Thing (1982), In Bruges (great movie), Donnie Darko, City of God, Fight Club, Monsters University, This is the End, The internship, The Usual Suspects, The Number 23, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Slap Shot, World War Z, Blood Diamond, The Matrix, OldBoy, Moon, L.A. Confidential, Lord of War, The Man from Earth, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Star Trek Into Darkness, Inglorious *******s, and Green Street Hooligans. Four of those movies are in my top 5 (had to rewatch them) and a couple others i would throw into my top 10, for example Donnie Darko. At the moment im really only looking forward to the new wolverine movie that is coming out soon, and i still need to watch The Godfather, it bothers me that i have not seen them yet.
  12. I just finished with a couple lab assault runs, and went back into my tavern to sell some items when i encountered a problem. I have about 1.1B mana on me so i went to make a token, but the button is blacked out. I have tried to make a token in a friends tavern, to no avail. Also i have restarted the game and verified the game cache, neither helped.
  13. Elder Scrolls The Witcher Series Borderlands Halo Battlefield Fallout My favorite game of all time: Zelda: OoT
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