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  1. awww sad :( whats been going on any new fun stuff?
  2. how's DD going i haven't been on since the last event anything new being going on :) and hello all my old buddies and lovers :P
  3. nothing just kairis don't know about sky city
  4. Browsing PS store. Downloaded demo and I just couldn't get enough of it. oh yea i played the demo for like a month stuck at level 10 before finally buying the full game :D
  5. It has been over a year that this game has been out and I see people here who joined the game over the summer or a bit before that. Some the almost a year but not much. So i just wanted to know how did you guys find out about this game? Friends, Just browsing the PS store, Youtube, google, reddit...etc? Also how did you learn how to play like a "pro?" I found out this game on youtube i saw UberHaxorNova and Kootra play it and it seemed fun. :D and i learned by joining this guys tavern and he leveled me up to 70 :O then he gave me a 30^ oculus :P I always used to use a Hybrid Squire befo
  6. Event Weapons are banned just to inform those who do not know and also Event items are not suppose to be OP over the item they are created from. Why?..
  7. Hey do you need help? i'll help you level up your squire and monk tp 74 cause they're the most important builders and 70 for your apprentice
  8. i can help with morraggo don't have aquanos sadly PM me later
  9. well i've seen 180 weapons for 78 and 220+ weapons for 83 so i think maybe the highest will be like 280 and armor maybe at 150 because i seen alot of 100+ for 83 armor
  10. insane+ first round endless spires or ramparts or Insane+ glitterhelm
  11. I got this one guys! I'll get 4 toons to 70 and i might have some decent items for a 74. Hit me up with friend request letting me know who u are. I be on most of the day after 12 pm. My PSN is "beastly101". i'll help you get them to 74
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