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  1. Hi there, Plain and simply, I can't join anybody's games or have anybody join mine. When I attempt to join a friend's game, the connection "times out" after about ten seconds. I've tried disabling my Firewall and I restarted my computer and router, but everything else is running normally. I'm not sure what could be causing this problem. And it's quite depressing. -Anthony
  2. The Summoner's MINION stats slow down at 500? Seriously? How do you build a Summoner then?
  3. All right. Sometimes I see people referencing stats that don't seem to matter after a certain number. Apprentice Guardians, for example, apparently don't do anything extra after a certain boost number. Hero Speed does nothing past 100. I read somebody say that Monk auras don't increase in size after 500, which I hope isn't true. I've also read that the Hero Attack on a Summoner doesn't matter after 500, which I also hope isn't true. I know there are a lot of people who know these numbers because they're familiar with the game's code, but normal people have no way of knowing this. I consider myself a semi-normal person, but I'd love a consolidated list of this kind of information.
  4. Fun fact: Clearing City in the Cliffs on Hard gives you four mythical items while clearing it on Insane gives you Godly. So yeah, it's BS. I stopped FINDING armor once I graduated from Godly. What I find is terrible. Really, truly terrible. It's basically impossible to find armor that gives you 2k stats. If you didn't get it before the RNG broke, you don't get it at all. It blew my mind when I saw veteran players with defensive stats on all their armor pieces at 23%. I thought "that's like 45 upgrades per defensive stat per armor!" Then I realized Blessed and Lucky armor isn't supposed to have -15 in all the damage stats.
  5. I appreciate the replies. I'm actually somewhat surprised to see people use both simultaneously. I consider myself a successful player, clearing mostly every Nightmare campaign with no heroes that have stats over 1.5 and most barely over 1000. All of my builds took a lot of practice and everything is meticulously placed. But the one character I don't have is a Huntress, who sits unleveled and unused in my forge. I didn't expect to see Sharkens brought up so many times. I never have problems with Sharkens. So rarely does a Sharken affect my defenses that I haven't even had to use my Jester yet. The Sharkens are always brought to a crawl in my Ensnare Auras and don't get anywhere near my defenses... So, now I'm curious, what do Gas Traps do to Sharkens that Ensares don't? Do they stop them dead?
  6. I would be somewhat hesitant with that assessment in terms of the difference between the genders. Trendy officially says the only trade off is HP to Speed. I apologize for not having a source, but it is something I see often. But, with identical stats, my Countess did more DPS than my Squire did. I literally swapped the gear from one character to the other and respec'd them identically. But, from my other experience, girls don't have better casting time or lower attack. But I rarely have identically statted genders.
  7. Very simple thread that I won't burden with my backstory. Gas Traps or Ensnare Auras? What are the benefits and draw backs of each and what do you personally prefer? I've only ever used Ensnare Auras and preferred them because they affect more enemy types and are constant AoE. Second question: If DU is of concern and you could only afford one, would you consider a Strength Drain or an Ensare Aura more effective?
  8. Just watch the last jester livestream and you know whats up. http://de.twitch.tv/trendyent/b/327802571 A guy named dani played with following gear: Thats over 20.000 points combined with just three myth armor pieces. They probably test with gear like that and assume everyone can get that kind of armor =D Also, yeah, that's a friggin joke. Maybe if our armor wasn't dropping with ridiculous negative resistances and it was actually possible to acquire armor like that through natural gameplay it would be valid to test that way. Testing anything in more than 2k armor is like they're using hammers and we're using feathers.
  9. This is simply incorrect. I say that from experience. Magus Quarters NM can be done in Godly armor, and you can break into NM using Magus Quarters Survival. Oh and this was done after Goblin Copters were added. Is it the best way? No. Is progression still broken? Yes. Is buying armor or King's Game the only ways to break into NM. Nope. There are other ways. In general (and not everyone), but most people, just want the easiest way. Now that King's Game is out, people seem to be under the impression that it is the only way to break into NM now. It's just not true. It's the easiest, yes. The only? Nope. I beat Deeper Well through Magus Quarters in Godly as well, pre-copters. Then I stopped. I couldn't beat the Demon Lord no matter how hard I tried or how clever I played. Even with low-grade mythical I needed another person's help. And beating the first three maps in Godly didn't yield a single piece of Mythical armor. Beating three maps under very difficult condition with no reward and no means to progress, to me, is very clear indication that you NEED to buy armor from other players. How can you hero a Nightmare Demon Lord with a Godly weapon? Hero Damage is already decreased in Nightmare. You chip away like a harsh wind on a marble block. It just can't be done. I'm not saying you can't beat ANY MAPS without buying armor, but you can't beat many. Especially past the first tier of maps.
  10. Those are the rumors, but there is no evidence to support that. But honestly, at this point, the game is so screwed up that starting fresh with maybe a character carry-over might be the best thing to do. This game is put together with so little regard to balance and consistency that it's not really easy or pleasant to play past certain NM maps.
  11. I don't understand, doesn't Trendy playtest their own game? Even a little bit? I only started in June, but have clocked 250 hours, and my first real taste of how terrible this game's development was came of course with Goblin Copters. What did you do? Test with Level 90s in Ultimate armor and say it was good? Even with the subsequent nerfs it took four updates for Goblin Copters to not completely break Nightmare mode beyond unplayability. My armor, which I bought from other players and poured millions of mana into upgrades, gives me the important stats at 1.5k. I've beaten all but Ramparts and Summit on Nightmare as far as the main campaign goes, and I frequently grind survival on Alchemical Lab and Armory for mana. Never once have I seen a piece of Mythical armor that wasn't trash. So if you DON'T buy 1.5k armor from other players, you can't even beat these levels. Then even when you can beat these levels, you have zero chance of finding something to help you progress further than that. I haven't found a green piece of armor since I graduated from Godly. Seriously? I didn't get to play the new map before the alterations, so I can't say how hard or easy it was. But to see Trendy go from "this is a little too easy" to "This is another unplayable map for anybody who hasn't been playing since 2011" is nauseating. Did nobody at Trendy play the map in Mythical? In 500 stat armor? Or 1000 stat armor? Did nobody TRY the level and say "Wow, I can't beat this, and I MADE it. Maybe I should make some alterations"? I hate how this game goes from being the most fun you've ever had to the most frustrating thing on Steam once you hit level 74.
  12. Although to some people its obvious, the line between Open and Ranked is never distinguished. This happens a lot. I'm sorry to hear about all your wasted time. It would be nice if Trendy made the tiniest of effort to communicate to their players how their game works.
  13. I have to get that far first (which shouldn't be too hard), but once I hit 20 what wave should I start on? I ALWAYS start on Wave 1 for my Survival maps because I'm under the impression the lighter waves are essential for completing a sturdy build. The couple of times I started on a higher wave, which was on Insane when I was still Godly, I got crushed. But that might have just been inexperience.
  14. I hit 78 on my Apprentice a while ago - now level 80 without ever explicitly grinding for xp - and am still using Mythical armor. Since I hit 74 buying armor from player shops has been absolutely necessary, because in order to GET Mythical you NEED Mythical. Although it takes some time, it's not hard to find somebody selling Mythical with 150+ stats and 100+ upgrades. This is certainly enough to be effective in Nightmare and beyond. But getting Transcendent is a whole different story. When I hit 78 I thought I was ready to really start taking on the heavy stuff (Namely Survival Shards Maps). That armor was supposed to make all the difference. But there is NO Transcendent armor to be bought. When there is, its bought out in a matter of minutes or is terrible. So where do you get it? How did YOU get it? How does somebody get their first set of Transcendent? And not just "meh" Transcendent. Most of my Mythical is equal or better to a lot of the Transcendent I do see kicking around. I don't want to spend 600m on a piece of armor that's barely better than what I have. Is there a map you can farm for it? I frequently grind Armory with a friend to get mana on NMHCMM and very rarely is the Mythical we drop worth picking up. I know it's a mid-campaign map, but if it's that hard to get good Mythical I can't imagine how hard it can be to get Transcendent! Edit: Somewhat related question. Why is it better to put your points into Tower Health instead of Attack Rate? I would think hitting hard and fast with medium health would be more effective than hard and slow with high health. I've always had power and rate be my priority for my tower characters, but everybody else on the planet seems to do Health and Power. I must be doing something wrong.
  15. I apologize for the very direct and specific thread, but I can't find an answer anywhere else. I keep seeing pictures of people on maps with different skies. City in the Cliffs at night, Sky City at Dusk, etc. I don't know if this is people modding maps in Open or if there is a secret way to change the time of day you play on your maps. The only time I've seen people talking about this are somebody mentioning in passing that they changed the time of day on the map and then fifty people all asking how its done. But nobody answers or explains. So what's the story here?
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