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  1. One thing that always warmed my heart, with regards to the events, was how much we all truly enjoyed being part of them. No matter how often or infrequently they occurred. Whether we were hosts, content makers, or entrants. On one side, it was our map maker spending every waking minute of their week to get a map up in time. Refusing to simply "phone one in," because they took pride in what they were making. It was gonna bring joy to them and to the community; it had to be the best it could be. Then it was our Trendy Community Team taking time out of an already-hectic schedule to make special
  2. My most memorable event moment was the creation and execution of the Princess Quest. To create a story/mini-rpg within the game, something that hadn't been done before, with Unique characters, dialogues, puzzles and a "Quest" to save a beautiful princess... It was a pretty awesome Event ^^ and creating it was very satisfying.
  3. I know AeroZ already posted the pic, and mkjo referenced the map, but I just had to file my report. It was the first time I have run this mission. In my quest to find the great white tree I have circled far and wide. My most recent adventure has been to help the baby ice dragon get to the top of the mountain. I must have passed 3 zillion snow covered trees along the way, none of which I recognized as the mystery tree. I did, however, stumble upon some very curious things. After the battle of the plains, the battle of the lake, and the battle of the passageways; after the battle of th
  4. You guys' should "hire/recruit" some dedicated map makers....since they are only map makers you could probably take any age to boot....would probably help the PC section out for you guys'.....I dont care about it but....some people still agree with that community.... We tried, kept the "recruitment" topic/form open for a while, no map-makers really appeared :( [quote]The problem is, like Dan said above; they had to spend every waking moment of their days working on those maps to have new ones be playable on a weekly basis. This isn't running through already-existing stages like on the new
  5. We need Dredd back on PC, everything Event related seems so dead without him; heh. I agree 100% seems like he gets stuff done remember when we used to get like an event every week! :3 Dredd has been away far longer than the time that the Events been "dead", and he doesn't really do maps. I believe the time you're mentioning that you guys used to get an event every week was the time I was pumping out a map a week, working on maps basically 24/7 for like 5~6 weeks straight. I know we all love the events, but it's not easy to keep those up. Specially in the map-making front... Maybe you guys
  6. That it the main problem.. people dont read, so they cant understand how does it work. If you will read it, you will realize that: 1. date and time is set 2. we dont draw numbers 3. we dont draw numbers 4. we dont draw numbers 5. all our winners are public known I would think the main problem is your "2. 3. and 4"... People are asking for transparency, my suggestion is a way to get transparency. Let people know how you pick the winners and pick your winners right in front of them, live. It doesn't get more transparent than that.
  7. I didn't read all of it, I don't honestly care, but here's a suggestion for extra transparency: 1. Set a date and time where the number would be picked. 2. Go live on a Twitch stream 3. Go to http://www.random.org/ or http://www.random.org/quick-pick/ 4. Generate the numbers live, on stream. 5. Declare the winner(s) live on stream. Doesn't get more transparent and fair than that.
  8. DanielSound's animation skills are indeed awesome :) For future reference please do not bump old threads/posts. I'm moving this to off-topic section for users who would like to discuss this further. You're mean ;[ this is Dungeon Defender's related, and is awsum! \o should totally stay on general
  9. There was a thread over at General, but worth it to see this nice comments ^^ http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?99373-Lord-Vile-s-Arena-Discussion-Thread Glad that you guys enjoyed :D Was hoping to see some comments about the map on the forums ^^ so thanks for that. The Visuals of the map itself were made by theBambooBear (Including the awesome roman helmet and chest piece the monsters were sporting lol), I just helped with the kismet for the gameplay ^^ Considering the last few events with different gameplay we had, what would you like to see more in the next events?
  10. Awesome items, congratz to the winners ( I love that Face of the RNG, specially the eyes, so wacky, truly worthy of the RNG Gods XD )
  11. Well I seen the trailer before and saw the PVP video as well. That's pretty much all I know about DD2. (lol) Thank you for the link to the "Apprentice" page. +1 Thumbs Up for You! Gotrunks made a topic/compilation of what is known so far: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95944-SPOILERS-What-do-we-know-about-DD2
  12. Lol yeah, no swearing, I was impressed XD Oh yeah, almost forgot, the goblin mech asked me to give you this:
  13. -Hero Spells are unlocked when certain characters reach level 10, and can then be used as your Summoner Spell on certain other heroes (The apprentice's can be used by himself, the Summoner, and the Mystic). On http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?97402-Meet-the-Apprentice&p=857068[[3937,hashtags]] this topic: "Every hero has one spell to unlock. Once unlocked, they can be used with any hero." Any hero? The Apprentice page says: "Hero Spell - Mana Infusion Works with: Apprentice, Summoner, Mystic" Also, from this I guess we can gather that Summoner and Mystic ar
  14. May I use this for wallpaper? This is absolute cute ta boot! Sure thing, go for it :D You can find other nice pics for wallpaper in http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?90548-The-Adventures-of-the-Demon-Lord xD
  15. Lol I would love to watch that boxing match, I have a feeling the Djinn would win though xD And poor Two-eyed Ogre :( At least he can see better and have a good perception of depth!
  16. *ahem* Be able to choose your own custom color for background? I.e: Instead of this being orphan blue, we could change it to purple, green, pink, orange, etc... http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?97196-Forum-Customization-with-StyleBot-for-Google-Chrome&goto=newpost Do it! :D
  17. From idea on this contest: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?97182-Contest-Dnl-Snd-felt-left-out
  18. I like the colors on the first screenshot better D: looking good
  19. Thanks guys ^^ It's been a while since I posted something here, I love all the positive feedback ;3 Oh, if you haven't seen the Adventures of the Demon Lord, you can check them out here: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?90548-The-Adventures-of-the-Demon-Lord I know you hate me but I love you and your art :D <3 why does he hate you or are you just messing around He's making a reference to an afternoon of fun we spent on DD Events Mumble server, xD <3
  20. Is mewtwo breaking the forums again? D:
  21. Saw this post on twitter earlier: https://twitter.com/space_ice/status/321648382588358657 [QUOTE]For a chance at a [[3924,hashtags]] beta code: Take a [[3925,hashtags]] picture of a summoner looking over/talking to his minions preparing for defense. 1/2[/QUOTE] And that got me excited about doing something. So I put this together. Went a little offtopic/out of the theme but quite enjoyed the result xD Not posting on my old Demonlord adventure topic because well... Demon Lord isn't there xD it's a summoner adventure! I'll be posting other personal projects here in the future :)
  22. Ice stop breaking things D:
  23. I'm wondering if the dragon wants to eat the squire or his egg?! :p
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