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  1. What should I do for gear after throne room survival NMHC? Getting bored of it and I need to know the next step in progression? Is it Endless Spires or Mistymire nmhc? Build advice for both would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Clocked maybe 300 hours at this point and am extremely enjoying the game though I do feel that the difficulty spike from insane to nightmare is just ridiculous sometimes. Regardless I still need to clear the shards map solo on insane so i guess i still have time to go.
  3. So i've been having this issue with dungeon defenders and I think restoring game versions would be a fix for it. The only restore point i have is 7/17/2012. would this erase my progress on DD so far such as character levels and such?
  4. Ok so out of the blue my Dun Def Audio is now refusing to go through my headset and instead goes through my laptop speakers. It's only for Dun Def, I tried with other games and they work fine. Currently, I'm reinstalling Dun Def to see if it works. In case it doesn't can any of you post some possible solutions for me please. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. I thought it was the jesters only one tbh
  6. I already have a summoner with myth gear. I pretty much have every class at lvl 74 except barbarian. Majority of them have 1-2 stats above 1k with my highest stat being 1.2k tdamage on my countess builder.
  7. Never actually did Aquanos so I have no clue how to go about it. I actually did it on medium but that's about it ;-; Kept telling myself to do the shards maps on insane but kept postponing e.e
  8. Was under the impression the only actually usuable ones (as in good enough to be worth it) would drop from NMHC. I'll try insane HC aquanos when I get my monk to 74. As i do glitter survival~ Question: for armor upgrades should i upgrade the hp/damage stats or resistances first? or do resistances generally come from the gear's base stats?
  9. ahhhh alright. Didn't know about the whole pet thing until now. Which pet would you recommend? A genie, fairy, or an actual dps pet such as a seahorse (if i can ever get one x.x)
  10. So, in my journey to break into NMHC, I feel it is time for me to level a DPS class. I did a bit of "homework" persay and noticed apprentice and monk being the two better classes as a ranged DPS. My question is which one would be a better decision in the long run. I'm more so leaning towards monk but the fact that I have a lvl 82 apprentice already is making me want to just level that due to me being lazy as hell ;-; Opinions please.
  11. Hi again, another question for you guys that i hope you can help with. (Thanks btw to those who suggested using eletric and strength drains on wyverns. Solo'ing survival insane on glitter is too easy now lol.) This is kind of why I'm asking... I want to start making the transition into NM but I'm confused on what stats to prioritize for an aura monk and trap huntress. Atm my aura monk is prioritized like so: Tower hp > tower damage > tower radius > tower effect speed. I don't even know WHERE to start for a huntress. Any and all suggestions will be taken into account. Thanks in advance. (Would have posted this in class specific but I'm not sure if it makes much sense to make 2 seperate threads so yea...)
  12. Oh wow I said a week ago. I mean two weeks ago. Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll br sure to try some of these things out.
  13. Yea i already tried the snare+mm combo and it works wonders up until theres about 90 or so wyverns spawning. I may try the whole drain+lightning aura or fireball tower. I dont really want a squire because then my apprentice would seem useless to me.
  14. Yea I have the summoner DLC so i guess that's my next 74. I'll make a trap huntress if my friend decides to not log in this weekend i guess. For glitter survival my setup primarily consists of 1 fireball, a 3-4 DU ev wall, and a snare/SD/ele aura stack at each choke point. I then usually do 3 magic missles and a snare at each crystal except the one to the bottom right of the minimap. The one to the bottom left of the minimap usually uses about 6MM towers. I'll considering editing it out for another tristack though seeing as how that proves to be the problem crystal.
  15. Well, I'd like to start by saying hello. I'm pretty new to dungeon defenders, started a week ago. (already have nearly 200 hours though) Extremely fun and addicting game but I'm having a few doubts/questions. For starters, when i originally started playing I picked the apprentice, which I really enjoy using as my tower builder. My problem is that the towers seem somewhat limited. Not really complaining here, was wonderig(added that in because from all my lurking I can see this is an issue for more than just me haha) but I was wondering if there are any tower building apprentices out there that can teach me good ways to get the most out of my towers. My main issue seem to be wyverns on survival. (wave freaking 23 of insane glitter... Every damn time). Are there any characters you recommend me making to go with my apprentice? I currently have a tower spec'd apprentice at lvl 77 (can't remember all the stats aside from 960 tower damage and 560 attack rate) An aura spec'd monk(all i remember here is like 1k+ aura hp and 600+ aura damage) A wall EV( 1k+ beam hp and about 900 beam damage mostly for the effects from tower buff beam) And a dps ranger( about 700+ hero damage and a blasticus with 2.8k damage on it.) I kinda don't want to make a tower squire or trap huntress because that's what my friends use (although they level extremely slow due to them playing LoL more) my other friends use dps classes so they aren't much help on the building front either. But anyway, leave any tips on getting the most out of apprentice towers for me please and I'm looking forward to becoming a welcome part of this foruming community.
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