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  1. Nope,sry I think you misunderstand me,my fault.I just heard smthing about 'damage scaling with pets' in the Jester stream video And I thought some 'balancing' happened(misunderstood?maybe.I can't 'hear english'),sry I didn't wanted to make an arguement....
  2. Well,just read that the part of the Trendyent was 'sold'. I wonder how this will affect us... Also the Jester is the last DLC hero? I wonder if there will be DD2.... If there will be,I think(IMHO)it will be about to defeat the old ones,so there will be no,or less Tower defense Or they release that content to DD as a DLC.... And what about the 'balancing'?Barbarian,Monk DPS,etc.? Well,these are my few questions and opinions. Let's wait the best with these annoying pests!!!:spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider:
  3. I see.Thank you for the quick reply!
  4. Hello!I started playing with an apprentice until lvl 74,then I realized,that I can't beat nightmare with a single apprentice.so I started a summoner,too lvled him to lvl 74 in Insane Hardcore glitterhelm and farmed gear from Endless Spires NMHC for him.(then,I got better gear for him from AL NMHC Survival)I did well until wave 15,then I failed at Wave 16,so I decided to make a 'nightmare team': Squire builder Summoner aura Monk DPS Monk Traptress Series EV wall Series EV buff So here are my few questions: Are there any better exp than Insane HC Glitterhelm? I looked around a bit and almost everyone said,that Monk is the best DPS,(boosts,etc.)in Combat phase,But noone told me that ranged or meele monk? So the squire is the 'ultimate builder' now?And my lvl79 apprentice is useless?:( Do I need any other classes?(so long to lvl them up+gear :S) and how should I spend my skill points in the 7 classes? Thank you for the answers :D.
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