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  1. Was a little disheartened to see that it's almost impossible to find a public game that isn't created for levelling purposes. After getting my characters levelled, I now want to play some nightmare and start gearing, however doing it alone is pretty boring. So I'm looking for some like-minded players who would like to do this with me, and regularly too. I am currently able to build and solo some NM2 maps, so people with similar experience are preferred. I should point out that I have no interest in playing with someone who's elitist and would get angry after losing a game or two. So if you're
  2. trust me, there IS a difference bteween 4,5k tower and 7,3k+ towers ;) so, FALSE. Not for the EV. I don't know if you were just trying to show off or what, but that comment really did not help anyone here. If anything you made yourself look like an arrogant fool (you did to me). Don't take this the wrong way; use it as constructive criticism.
  3. Definitely not. Not in Dungeon Defenders.
  4. Please don't go down the same route you did with DD1 where in all end game maps there are just thousands of pointless enemies that die in 1 hit and are taken care of by a single aura. These enemies are what make end game content less enjoyable for me, because: 1. They make some people lag more than necessary Latency and FPS 2. Killing them with a DPS character really is just a bore 3. The ONLY real enemy we had to worry about was ogres About 50% of the time I am playing DD now, I am playing on a low level character. Simply because I enjoy the low level content a lot more. In that c
  5. Separate loot in a game like this is unnecessary.
  6. I'll join. I'm an active player with 1300 hours on PC. Builders are 5k+ stats and got some good dps. I've completed all maps and have 104/104 achievements etc so have good experience. P.S, TS is Teamspeak.
  7. Never really had issues with them to be honest. Saying they do 100k damage to your minions is just a plain lie. I think they'd be lucky to even hit a 5k on your minions. Their damage is fairly high, but it certainly isn't too high. I think you just need to try a new build that works for you because that one clearly isn't by the sounds of things, since I do that map starting at wave 23NMHC and with 3 afks and don't encounter a single problem.
  8. I never bother with that tile; it's too hit and miss. The chances of getting it are too low considering I can get everything upgraded in 2 waves using a genie on my Jester. You could be sitting there all game trying to get the tile upgrade.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/id/wolfsbane Add me and make an offer. Did you guys make a deal? I'm also curious of the price, since I got mine about a year ago for 240m haha :D
  10. look here: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95879 That thread has a 3 emulated controller set up file for afk characters with support for the "g" button (defaults to numpad 9 ) That one doesn't activate the crystal unless you're looking at it, which can't be done because you can't even move with that emulator; it just uses the abilities instead. Does anyone else have a suggestion, or even the text I can place into my current emulator config file? EDIT: After restoring my keybinds back to default, the emulator now moves characters instead of using abilities, so I can ac
  11. Is there anyone that can help me out with this? It's getting pretty tedious now where I have to wait for the timer to go down every time I am using multiple characters because I can't G with my emulator... Thanks in advance.
  12. I like to mix things up a bit, but I'd say I do it the old school method more often and more intentionally to get armour. Simply because in survival runs you get A LOT of trans armour drops which can make a lot of nice sets to experiment with or even sell if you're into trading. On top of that, I sometimes get 2 or 3 ult armour pieces per survival run, although it's rare. A couple of days ago I did a KGNMHCMM survival run and got 2 ult armours within 2 waves, 26 and 27. Overall, I think you get more useful armour drops on survival than you do as rewards from lab assault and it requires m
  13. I was just playing around with this again today and I should have mentioned - I was doing the first tests that I wrote about in the first post using the Super Legendary skin and what I said about timing the attacks is quite different from how they should be times using the normal skin. Using the Super Legendary, and I assume the normal Legendary skin, you must use your ability as soon as you deal damage with your 3rd hit, or just before dealing damage with the 3rd hit. If you're using the default skin, or any other young version of the Squire, you should use your ability after you have dea
  14. There is only one problem with Campaign for me, I must have a DPS character at all times or I will lose, and I can't use a controller on Campaign NMHC because I would have more monsters to focus on, and with a split-screener I would get more lag. On Pure Strategy I can just relax and don't worry about 1000 Ogres, Choppers, Djins and Sharken. On Pure Strategy I can just level up 2 of my Builders at the same time. That is what I think of this map. Oh, well in that case run campaign once you have the gear appropriate for it if you're looking for quick exp - it really makes a difference. In PS,
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