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  1. That's a good point, didin't think of it. Thanks for answering.
  2. Yeah, at this point there's hardly any animation, it looks like tower's twitching a bit. Believe they should raise that threshold.
  3. Hello. According to tower stats, my Missile Tower shoots every 0.1 seconds = 10 shots per second. Damage per shot is 2 148. So DPS would be 21 480. Training dummy shows DPS of 9 666, whis is 4.5 shots per second, instead of 10. Upgraded tower still has this cap. Fix it please. I'm pretty sure there are caps on other towers as well. Don't have the proof though. Also: "animations look screwed" and "projectiles flying in each other" aren't valid excuses. When one gets access to Myth gear, one does not care about convulsive towers or "ghostly projectiles". One cares about DPS.
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