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  1. Well this is awkward... I thought that a billion digits seemed slightly high to be under 1 gb... So I tried converting it... When I converted it was well over 1 gb... and then I realized... I forgot Kb in my conversions @.@ So everything in the original post was off by a factor of 2^10... My bad lol. Correcting the post now. Kinda just reinforces your point though, seeing as that means it'd be less than 1 GB a month from my estimates (though, again, reality should be considerably larger than my estimates). Thanks for updating the topic. I realized this morning something was off about the numbers but assumed they were right due to it being a very rough estimate, along with the effort you put in, and tired/lazy forgetting (until this morning) that this is with DD2's population. Yup, its quite insignificant so it really should be logged. Keep in mind that pulling the data out of the database isn't an issue with a proper query system and formatting/indexing. It is non-issue. The data is already logged... when it spawns, enters our inventory, swaps equip slots/inventory, gets sold, etc. This is already happening. If it was laggy due to databases it was due to inefficient queries or some bug, not because of the type of problem at play here. Hell, MMOs do this already. Imagine something like WoW/FFXIV's logs or League of Legends (heatmaps/statistics/purchase history for real money or in game items/runes/masteries/chat/etc) and their millions of players. Far more complex then this.
  2. Make it apply a DoT. This. Blaze Baloon seems like a tower that should apply decent damage to those within the flames but not comparable to other area defenses like flame aura, sacrificing some of its power for a DoT effect that results in a larger total damage dealt. It would be ideal for longer paths to wear down mobs or knock out stuff like Kobolds without needing 3-4 FA to accomplish the same effect. It would require mobs stay alive long enough to really see the damage toll out and it would require a long enough route (frosty/etc. could couple with this to help). If stuff is able to reach walls fast enough this is not the defense to use. If stuff can be delayed long enough it can really wear down targets. It would couple very well with a FA or PDT to weed out squishies and let core towers (especially more powerful single target towers and Geysers/CC) deal with the tougher enemies that do reach walls. The actual damage would be up for question and the effect of the Phoenix may have to change to better suit this nature. With proper tuning it wouldn't be a PDT scenario all over again (limited range, placement importance, how it spreads and bonus damage from explosions that PDT had, and other issues that separate the two).
  3. They have plenty of proof. They just need to look at logs. Even if there were 30 million players who played and had massive inventories full of loot text files are so tiny they could easily back it up weekly without issue. Even as time goes on it would be non-issue to manage with a half intelligent system in place. Any developer that tells you otherwise is either so early into development and haven't added this feature (extremely early closed alpha), need to get their priorities straight, or is lying. You clearly have no idea how programming works ... just logging every drop ive had and sold would take multiple gigabytes, now if you log everything from every player, that would be a terrible amount of data. Theres a reason games with buyback dont have infinite buyback. I am familiar with programming (in fact you can actually find my threads from 2 years ago during a fiasco in which I busted Trendy hard, after much of the community didn't believe me, about a BS stun regarding an unnecessary wipe because they "lacked" a feature and couldn't complete it in time... then they accidentally admitted to it on Stream less then 24 hours later...). It would not take multiple GB. A 1 billion digits of Pi text file is less than 1 GB... https://stuff.mit.edu/afs/sipb/contrib/pi/ This is before compression or any culling of unnecessary data and the data can be cheaply archived for virtually no cost on TB drives for years. The only issues are implementing efficient/fast search queries for data, detail of data presentation/available, and a few quality of life additions to such a system. None of this is difficult, either. Even a college student could accomplish this with basic programming skills and knowledge of data structures/Big O notation. Do tell me all about your programming knowledge though. Great post. I'm not sure of the format they use or what data they need to keep and how short it can be cut but as a rough estimate of 311 GB a month comes at under 4TB a year which is very doable. Thanks for the example.
  4. FA is as strong if not stronger than the WM when upgraded. If you compare a 3 node WM (120 DU cost) to 3-4 FA (90 or 120 DU cost) placing the FA in the same spots as the WM, the FA will outperform the WM. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813312 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813276 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813210 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813234 Not sure if the links to those work or not. They show that 3 FA by wave 4 when placed similarly to WM, will do more damage. The 3 FA did 199.9 Million damage. The 3 node WM did 188 Million. So, valid point, FA is as strong if not stronger than the WM, given upgrades during the run. In the current meta/chaos tier, WM is chosen because it is convenient, another valid point. Probably made other valid points, but don't feel like going back a page or two to review everything I wrote. And Xengre dude, all I was saying initially is the WM is NOT OP when compared to other towers, and it is not. If you take most other defenses and use the same DU cost, upgrade them to tier 3, they outperform the WM. WM is only used as much as it is now, because it is convenient and efficient. I do not want them to nerf it, because it is balanced the way they designed it. Other people have made the point that if they adjust the WM to be upgradeable instead of being at tier 2.5 from the start, should be cheaper at start in this case, it would and could fall right in line with every other defense. I am hoping Trendy reads most of this and does not nerf the defense, an adjustment to make it upgradeable would be fine. I just do not want to come back online and see the WM completely put out of commission. I do not normally use it, but it is still a decent defense, I tend to use defenses I can actively buff up by upgrading because part of the fun for me is running around upgrading stuff. The links do work and thanks for the test. It wasn't so hard. Glad someone managed it. I would like to point out a potential issue with the results though. The WM as far as I am aware are reknowned for their crits and the no gear WM from test heroes function even has crits ~4x their attack value. You seem to have a medallion, I am guessing, or abnormally low crits and thus, potentially, not utilizing WM anywhere near its real potential. This is purely speculation from me because I do not own the hero to have proper experience, myself. If you are up for it repeat your tests using a comparably powerful mark and proper shards for it and see how the results change (I expect WM performance to certainly improve but that is no guarantee). In addition, test in a much more populated lane. The kill count for that lane is seems kind of low and test until wave 5 completion. Reason is that the low mob count actually heavily favors FA biasing the results drastically towards FA if there isn't a target cap on WM since it allows FA to not suffer due to limited target cap with low mob density. Don't expect you to put further effort into testing, though would be great if you do. It is already far more effort then the brief attempt would take from anyone else who hasn't bothered here. Most definitely agreed. Makes me wonder if that is a core focus of the "change" that will occur to it soon.
  5. False. Gear score can definitely still be figured based off sell value. I am in C6 Ascension 106 but reached mid-end C5 at Ascension 39... only got so many because of the sheer amount of runs to farm Stun Fire shard and some other shards and I was not carried unless I was in an area I was purely farming a shard I could already build and solo myself reliably. I used sell value to get to this point very fast and it has not failed me at all. I can guarantee stats that are sometimes 200 lower on the primary are not IPW upgrades. Sometimes the items I equip with lowered stats result in substantially better gear dropping despite a reasonable drop of the main stat compared to a prior item after the swap. Compare main stat only if you want the lazy/dirty way that doesn't involve math, often if rushing in between waves and someone is carrying you that doesn't want to wait or you got a group of randoms/others in your game.
  6. Took me about 100 C1 Shards to get Stun Fire and 150 C5 to get Explosive Poison. Keep at it as it can just be that bad RNG cause Trendy wants to extend playtime. It isn't fair RNG tho, it is incredibly biased to favor certain shards over others. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. They have plenty of proof. They just need to look at logs. Even if there were 30 million players who played and had massive inventories full of loot text files are so tiny they could easily back it up weekly without issue. Even as time goes on it would be non-issue to manage with a half intelligent system in place. Any developer that tells you otherwise is either so early into development and haven't added this feature (extremely early closed alpha), need to get their priorities straight, or is lying.
  8. Nor am I. The points I have made are valid. I do not need the WM to do anything. It is not the best tower out there. It is a convenient defense, in the current system, which is why it is used. The PDT, imo, is much more OP comparatively, but it's hard counter is worse than the Cyborks and present in C7. I get through maps with ease with FA, PDT, Cannons (when geodes are not present), Ramsters and Skyguards. Change the meta, and the WM would go out of style, more than likely, if it is countered. PDTs would again be the meta, and people will be wanting the nerf there, which Trendy did say they were looking at the PDT as well as the WM for the 'adjustments to reduce dominance'. Just because it is a convenient and easy to use defense does not make the WM OP. Most other towers can perform just as well, if not better than the WM, given upgrades. In another discussion about using towers to complete C7 without the WM, someone used Blaze Balloons to great effect. Pretty sure it was also said that just about any combination of defenses could work in C7 without WM, as long as you cover each lane with appropriate defenses. You have not made a single valid point. Don't mean to come off harsh but it is the truth. You are giving an opinion without ANY supporting testimony whatsoever. Literally, none. Regarding the PDT, I like the tower but have yet to see my PDT pull off the kind of damage WM does and the poison doesn't stack nor does is it a crit oriented monster. I'm glad you get through content very easily with your end game gear. Kind of like the other thread you mentioned that discusses how any build works (including crazy setups such as 100% walls, also used for DPS not just blocking), etc. due to how overkill high end C7 gear is. Several posters even make this point in the thread. Not really supporting your stance. Nor is the ability to succeed with inferior options supporting your stance. Just because I can probably get from Normal to C7 using ONLY Squire tower options and heroes doesn't mean that something overpowered isn't. PDT is arguably to strong as well, though, and this isn't being denied. One potentially to powerful tower vs another OP one doesn't mean that the 2nd one can be called balance because it shares the status of being to strong atm. I know FA, PDT, Cannons work because they are what I used to get this far as I don't own EV2. Doesn't mean squat. The entire point of the topic was buffing other towers to be comparable (which would mean the game would be even easier than it already is) or nerfing WM (bringing it inline with other options that work just fine for most part so it isn't grossly outperforming). There is a reason the community sees WM to much and why it is being patched... Not just from users with C7 gear but even for progression (it is horribly over used). Anyways, not touching this thread any further. It will be interesting to see how both PDT and WM change without potentially breaking their identity (irony being one of the core uses of WM not even being factored in due to the sheer performance of the aura... the rest gets overlooked) or over nerfing.
  9. It should be noted that your claims about WM performance, the target cap, and FA/PDT/Ramsters/etc. being superior to WM have literally no evidence or logic (though evidence of the contrary certainly exists (figures I have provided, Trendy's own reaction and up coming patch concerning, player excessive usage... often near 100% usage rate at some chaos tears confirmed by other posters and Trendy) with only PDT potentially at a competing level) thus far. You can keep making claims but your posts are heresy until you stop playing the "I say so so it is true" game. Not really interested in continuing such a pointless discussion, myself.
  10. Apologies, but I feel no obligation to search through the forums to find "proof" that the target cap exists when your only "proof" is the absence of proof. I simply attempted to list possible explanations why your test is showing such a drastically exaggerated result compared to most everyone else (including people that agree with the nerf), and give you a chance to provide any reasoning or logic as to why your decision to focus on Damage over DPS can be argued to be more valid when the reasoning I showed provides reasoning for it to be less valid. The closest thing to "proof" I'm afraid I can provide for you that flame auras are not performing at a tenth the power of a weapon man, is that the only thing I use flame auras for is running 4 mans in the rare chances I do them, as that usually removes the chip damage my walls start to take from the MP scaling after wave 2... Considering that's no more substantiated than yours, would seem stupid to use that as counter-evidence though... wouldn't it? Additionally... just to put into perspective your focus on this target cap... Say that you agree on the DPS comparison (since you don't seem to be arguing against that, and are simply saying it's due to target cap), a weapon man has roughly double the DPS of a T1 flame aura (emphasis on roughly). That means, that for it to do 10x the damage in the same time it'd have to hit 5x as many targets at once (can prove that algebraically if you're that desperate for proof). The cap is 8. That is 40 enemies. Please show me "proof" of any map in which there are 40 enemies at once on average (because it can't be a single tick to create this skew) and I will believe your claim that the target cap is the culprit. Otherwise, I will be forced to default to my original explanation of why the target cap is largely irrelevant. And without that argument, I still lack one for why damage is the more valid quantitative value. Lastly... while I agree we need proper testing... That doesn't mean I'm not going to be cynical and actually point out what I consider a non-proper test. You dislike it, or disagree with it, so be it. Ignore it if you wish. I simply put out the reasoning for those that do not see what I do, or to be otherwise proven wrong by those who see something that I do not. Then you are bowing out of the discussion until you wish to provide a worthwhile statement I assume? I searched a fair amount because I was curious about WM and other towers target caps and could find nothing. In addition, this is the only potential reason provided thus far for the massive gulf in damage dealt and general performance of the two defenses. Literally not one person has provided any explanation as to why and clearly WM wouldn't be used so much if they were that close as even T2 should provide comparable performance. To many people are looking at DPS as evidence of any equality between the two when this applies exclusively to single target damage... while the damage dealt between the two seems to be vastly different. No one else has had different results from mine. Not a single person in this entire thread, literally. I am the exclusive person here to look at damage dealt while every other entity has vouched for the DPS... the incorrect figure for the discussion. If defense 1 does 100k DPS while defense 2 does 98k DPS they are nearly identical right? This is the argument people are using here. However, during a wave defense 1 has a damage dealt figure of 34m while defense 2 has a damage dealt figure of 3.4m. Clearly they aren't equal, a magnitude difference in performance. Your example with 4 man... just do the same thing with WM that you do with FA. Even at T5 the damage advantage is not significant. You would be far better invested in putting that mana into upgrades on something else since you don't have to upgrade WM in normal runs unless you have the stats to basically afk with all auras for a given map/difficulty at which point it is kinda moot. It is possible that FA is wasting overkill damage/crits on small mobs beyond their HP threshold while far less damage from WM is wasted because it is hitting everything or more at the same time where FA only gets to hit 8 targets at a time. This becomes far more apparent when numerous mobs are making it through a given aura. Your assumption that it would take 5x the number of mobs is wrong because it assumes every mob has identical health which is such a disastrous assumption. Thus with a smaller number still reasonably larger than 8 but potentially way lower than 40... falls totally into realistic territory. My test is not improper. If the damage dealt gap is a magnitude different or even close to so then it can be found reliable. The damage dealt would have to be fairly close after testing in order for it to not be found reliable even considering potential variables. You know what margin of error and real world results are correct? I believe there is no real debate that WM is outperforming FA atm correct? This is kind of a universal belief by both the community and Trendy and can even be seen in c4+ runs as it is almost always what you will encounter, almost exclusively... as cited by several people. I would test it but I do not own the hero and I do not support Trendy after some very disagreeable behavior from them in the past on several occasions (check my DD2/Steam discussion history if you want to dig for some examples, including several self owns by Trendy accidentally outing themselves). Doesn't mean I can't enjoy this type of game and that is another discussion entirely. No one has argued against my point or provided any comparison (such as it only does 2x the damage, etc. in their experience). In fact, every poster in this thread has looked at DPS exclusively regarding the two towers... neglecting Damage Dealt entirely so it is obvious why no one is bringing it up. They haven't even noticed/looked. It isn't difficult for someone to actually test this and provide video of the test or even numbers for comparison. If they were so similar in performance then WM wouldn't be so lopsidedly popular. Getting to T3 is nothing on a defense where it supposedly begins to outperform.
  11. Lightning strikes aura will only cost 20DU in the patch and it's targeting will be improved so it is definitely getting some love. Targetting improvements is prioritization or is it related to it hitting air most of the time? If it is the latter then this might actually be a nice patch for it combined with DU decrease.
  12. So, just to say, you realize you get DPS by measuring the damage done per second? Damage done over XX amount of time can be turned into DPS numbers. So your suggestion to look at the damage done by the WM compared to the FA and not the DPS is kind of silly. The literal reason WM currently outperforms the FA is because we are limited to 5 waves. To get through a level you can not upgrade a bunch (3 or 4) of FA to tier 2 or 3 on each lane. You can however drop WM, because you do not need to upgrade it. If there were more waves of enemies say 10 or 15, it would be preferable at that point to use 4 FA (costs the same DU) along the lanes over the 3 node WM, because the FA would outperform as soon as you can get the upgrades across them. 1. WM doesn't take any setup time. 2. As xArcAngel stated all auras got the same 8 enemy limitation, so not a valid point either. Honestly, my test is not foolproof and probably can't be considered a 'valid' test, but as you say "getting a completely accurate one will be almost impossible with the tools we have". I still think though that the test remains valid for the point I was making. The Flame Aura performs as well or better, using the same DU cost, as the WM, if the green mana was readily available to upgrade the FA. DU is the limiting factor on most maps for how many defenses we can put down. Green mana is only limited by how many waves we are to go through. So with Onslaught coming out 'soon', we should see an increase in the usage of FA over WM. Granted with the 'adjustments' Trendy is making, we will probably see the FA spam start even sooner. As for my previous tests, I only included the setup time required because I have no way to drop 4 FA at whatever upgrade level in 0 seconds like the WM, which comes out at 2.5. That is also why I let the tests run a small amount longer on the FA runs. To be honest, the test is biased towards the WM, it comes out already going at full power, nothing extra needed, FA requires more time for the setup and so is not going at full or whatever level of power for the time it takes to get them setup. Also, the longer the defenses run, the more accurate the DPS # should be. So, if wanted I could let the WM run for 5-10 minutes and then the FA run for the same, the DPS # listed then should be pretty accurate as to how much DPS those towers will do. As I stated initially, all I did was just throw out a quick test. Uh... Wrong. DPS is damage per second for SINGLE target. Damage over time is total damage ever dealt and if calculated within a specific time frame total DPS something you are not getting in tavern/town (not enough targets to hit to compare much less compared to a massive wave) or from tooltip DPS stat. Actually, longer waves would benefit WM more as the damage of FA wouldn't even scale significantly for per target DPS but units will become tankier meaning AoE DPS would be most valuable and this seems to possibly be where WM is performing so strongly (due to possibly a lack of target cap, in addition to strong single target DPS). Unless there is another explanation for why WM is doing 10~14x the DPS of comparable stat FA even in wave 1 overlapping each other (and a T5 FA doesn't gain 10-14x the DPS). He didn't provide any tests/comparison to back up his statement it is not performing that much stronger but I have. My method is certainly not perfect as we do, indeed, lack the tools but if the gap is that significant it will provide a very reliable answer. If the damage dealt over the course of a map run is a particularly massive gap from spawn aura vs barricade aura then it can be reliably said that it hits more than 8 targets at once. If someone can somehow make WM aura large enough to hit more than 8 targets in tavern that would be another test (don't own it so can't test either, only test what I see from other players). If the target cap is, in fact, 8 as unlikely as that is... then whatever is causing the massive gap in damage would be a bug tho what kind remains to be seen. Problem Argonias, is again, you are testing DPS which is incorrect for the situation if they do not both share 8 target cap which, as far as I know after substantial Googling online (just searched again and no such reference to WM was to be found), is one of very few defenses to share such a cap and others can be readily found as well (Ballista, Cannon). It is also possible the DPS being shown is incorrect for some reason both from tooltip and dummies. - xArcAngel The entire reason they may not function so identically as it appears that I have been pointing out is the amount of targets both can hit... one may hit far more than 8 (you claimed against with literally zero evidence and nothing shows online). Yes, I am aware of those technicalities this is why I suggested testing on such a difficulty that stuff can actually reasonably survive getting to the barricade (feel free to place the FA ever so slightly ahead to further give it advantage for sake of testing). There is clearly something up when WM is doing such a massive difference in damage dealt. My test method is actually quite reliable if despite this setup WM does a very massive difference in damage (again, we aren't talking about some 30% increase... but from what I have seen a magnitude difference in performance). This allows us to reliably rule out variables beyond target count or some extremely obscure unknown bug involved. It wouldn't be so usable if the damage dealt was so close. You would want range to be roughly identical (my mention of range prior was based on it being larger and whether or not that is an advantage or disadvantage to the tower, itself, not a discussion of raw DPS limited by a target cap in a comparison to WM and FA... you do not want to count it here). Nope. Comparing DPS is totally inaccurate if the target difference is even 1-2 and even more so if it is much larger. DPS is single target damage purely in this game. This is probably one of the core reasons damaged dealt is a figure on the tooltip at all, and for the rare DoT tower. No, you seem to have not properly read my post... The test would need to be repeated several times on several map clears to help average out the variance in lanes. It would be comparing the performance of, primarily, the spawn defense but would also make a comparison of how well the wall defense held up. This would give us a rather rough comparison but if the performance gap is excessively large between FA and WM then we got an answer. If it is much closer as people are repeatedly suggesting with, literally, zero evidence here then the test will be inconclusive even if it appears to favor WM. Those passives and total lane HP will generally not come into play for spawn defenses as they will remain there far to briefly at standard aura size, especially when repeated over several runs 3-5 will probably be more than sufficient if the gap is particularly massive as I have seen... if not well that has been repeated as well. You provided literally zero evidence towards any of your claims... target limit, it not performing 10x-14x better in raw damage, etc. Honestly, not sure what to say about such a post. Didn't really benefit us. What we need is proper testing.
  13. Looking at the age of your older posts OP it seems like you are in the same boat as me and others who came back from back then. Trendy chose to not reward us a campaign reward only new players. This isn't a bug but a poor decision from them towards those who financially supported their game and tested it helping them out during alpha just like some of their other "rewards" to veteran players (a certain pet without stats, etc.).
  14. Looking at the damage dealt by a WM is going to be off when compared to a single FA. Depending on how many nodes the WM has, it totals all the damage dealt by all the nodes. So for a 3 Node WM, you would have to compare 3 FA at least. I haven't done that myself, so no idea how that comparison will look. As for the max targets, I have no idea. I, however, disagree, WM does not need even a slight nerf. They needed to bring the Node Increase shard bug back into line, but other than that the WM should be fine. Placing one 120 DU (3 damage node) WM should initially outperform 1-2 FA, when initially placed. Once the FA's get upgraded they are doing more damage, a lot of the time though that takes at least a wave or two to occur. So in the current 5 wave design that Trendy has, the WM is better. Once we get Onslaught or an Endless mode where there will be many more waves, the FA will outperform the WM. WM might be placed initially to do a bit of damage but you can have 4 FA, for the cost of a 3 node WM. Those 4 FA will completely outstrip the WM when you get some upgrades into them. WM is a 2.5 tier tower when placed, with 3-7 nodes. Each of those nodes is comparable to a FA being around 2.5 upgrades. So with the current 5 wave system, which limits the amount of green mana you can use, the WM will always outperform. With a endless/onslaught mode having a lot more waves the FA won't do as much initially when placed but will outperform the WM, as you will have the green mana necessary to upgrade them all to max tier. Doing some quick tests in a Private tavern. All with the same Medallion, with Defense Rate, Power Transfer and Destruction Shards. Using 120 DU as my baseline since that is what the 3 node WM takes. 3 Node WM over 62 seconds did 55,519,388 damage, which equals 895,474 DPS. 4 FA with no upgrades over 66 seconds with around 6 seconds setup time did 40,149,714 damage, which equals 608,329 DPS. 4 FA with 1 upgrade each over 70 seconds with around 9 seconds setup time did 61,696,320 damage, which equals 881,376 dps. 4 FA with 2 upgrades each over 69.5 seconds with around 11 seconds setup time did 77,095,238 damage, which equals 1,109,284 DPS. Didn't bother with the 3 upgrades since the 2 upgrades already outdid the WM, I did the full upgraded FA test first just to see the damage. 4 FA fully upgraded over 82 seconds with around 20 seconds setup time did 130,175,738 damage, which equals 1,587,509 DPS. That shows with more green mana the FA would completely outclass the WM in damage. In 5 waves the WM will do more, with more than 5 waves the FA will outperform. So, in my opinion, the WM should not be nerfed because it will not be a powerful contender in anything that lets you have more green mana for upgrades. It is only powerful right now because we are limited to only 5 wave missions. No, looking at the damage from a WM in a lower chaos game from someone with near/maxed C7 gear is going to be accurate because almost nothing will make it past the first node from WM (something that isn't true for Flame Aura even when able to 1-shot unless you have a massive range which has substantial disadvantages for FA and also can be totally ignored when comparing damage values here). You can further verify by the fact that all mana is dropped at the first node for any lane you aren't watching. The problem is T5 FA with identical stats are NOT doing more damage than a WM node it appears (even if the DPS may seem comparable, which it has not thus far in my experience, the actual damage dealt by its ability to hit more targets or higher DPS results in a absolutely massive gap in damage dealt node for node). Do not look at DPS this is incorrect. Look at damage dealt. Everyone in this thread is looking at DPS. Damage dealt a T5 flame aura appears to be getting obliterated from what I have seen on several cases. It should perform as you suggest but this is not happening at current and that is the problem. Instead, it drastically outperforms. You tried to claim in your personal tests FA was outperforming at X period but there are some problems... 1.) You didn't include WM setup time and the longer duration from FA just to equal to WM... Definitely can't say your tests were accurate for use in the discussion. 2.) The reason WM may be so massively outperforming FA might be due to the 8 target limit on FA that WM may not have. The actual damage dealt is what is relevant here, not DPS, which being shared by multiple nodes is giving no advantage to WM due to the fact nothing reached past node #1 in real world experience when I was comparing. Yes, the game is limited to 5 wave missions and the FA is still limited to 8 targets max which severely hurts its ability to deal with groups and weed out enemies like Kobolds/Geodes reliably well before walls unless your stats substantially outclass the difficulty level. A better test would probably be to do a couple of runs with 1 WM node at spawn and one at walls, then same with FA, and compare damage dealt and how effective it was (could it protect your walls without your help bar repairs? how healthy were your walls during the rounds, could you even beat the map with just this method, damage dealt at spawn and damage dealt at wall on average) on a difficulty that at least some stuff can get past the first defense and reach the one at the walls.
  15. Lightning Aura from my testing is bugged (unless this is some bizarre masochistic design choice) and this bug causes it to be one of the worst towers in the game. It fires at air missing potential targets within its range quite a lot. I would say maybe 60% of the time from some light testing against a single target and multiple targets when testing on dummies in tavern. There would be cases where it wouldn't hit any target despite having multiple in range for 10-20 second periods. This means even for a boss or lady orc it is an extremely bad tower to use atm, even before getting to its other flaws.
  16. While some are saying Flame Aura are comparable or better this seems to be, from my experience of what I have seen (note I do note own the EV2 but have seen people in my games when farming shards with max C7 gear) the WM do 10x to 14x the Damage Dealt of Flame Aura at T1 (not DPS, damage dealt is what you should be looking at and anyone looking elsewhere is going to be very wrong). In those games I always try to max an overlapping Flame Aura to T5 to see how it compares and it still doesn't even come close. I have seen some similar but not as severe results with Proton Beam as well. Perhaps a big part of the issue is that WM may not be limited to 8 targets max at a time (no idea but couldn't find any info suggesting such online) allowing it to totally outstrip Flame Aura and any other defense in the game by massive margins. WM doesn't need a slight nerf, it needs an oppressive nerf to bring it in line. Then they can focus on buffing towers. Buffing stuff to WM's level would only make the game far to easy then it already is. I don't believe these people are abusing the exploit because the times I checked the stats did not change from the moment they were placed and after in the tooltip (even if part of the stats are wrong it should have changed somewhat).
  17. So let's get this right you paid real money for a character purely because they were op but now you fear that character will no longer be easy mode you want a refund. I don't own her and only recently started playing some again since alpha so have not reached C7, yet. Is she actually OP? The way OP and other poster indicated (and you didn't deny it, either) she is mandatory for C7. If she is actually required for C7 then OP may have a viable point. The content shouldn't be hard locked behind a mandatory purchase and if that was their bait to get people to buy her then nerf her the company is in the wrong (shady stuff is not something new to Trendy sadly but may not apply to this situation so feel free to correct the claim she is mandatory for C7 if untrue).
  18. This is almost certainly an issue on Trendy's end. There have been a large volume of complaints in these, Steam, reddit, etc. forums pertaining to this issue. Occurs most notably within Tavern and can be less severe in map/private tavern... tho fluctuates to being severe in maps or hyper severe in Tavern occasionally. I have this issue as described with warping in public Tavern sometimes, and rarely in map warping (leading so dying jumping over holes sometimes tho far less common except when the lag is very nasty in public Tavern). Sometimes not all assets load only showing weapons or making every player totally invisible, or towers being unable to be summoned in public tavern. My specs: i7-4770k 4.6GHz 16GB RAM SSD GTX 1070 ~12 ping ~115Mbps down ~12Mbps up Wifi is generally not ideal for gaming but quite doable (as a techy I only use ethernet for my desktop) but have tested my own wifi getting 25~32 ping on average with nearly same bandwidth. Unfortunately, various conditions can severely hamper wifi's performance and I don't like that.
  19. Here's what Blacksmith said in reply to someone on his blog: "Thanks for the reply! Similar to our process with Nightmare, we are currently actively working on the economy. Before if you remember gold was really plentiful and we had a lot of comments of it feeling useless. Now we tried a more aggressive approach and eventually we'd get it in a good enough place! TrendyJayT is actively working on that stuff!" Why completely gut the entire economy in terms of how you can actually make gold without any compensation/buff balancing? You had it set up before so that the only method to generate cash was to sell Shellium Shards for 2k each and even than 100-200k was quite a bit as it took a couple of days and a LOT of onslaught rounds just to produce this (basically wayyyy to much time for one skill sphere at current price). Now this is what, 250?, along with egg prices and you still CAN NOT make money from selling loot (because 400-2k gold from loot sells regardless of quality, ipw, etc. per 20-30 minute map runs is totally ideal, right?). There is no way to actually make a reasonable profit. It is now significantly easier to make 60 tokens for an uber than it is to buy a single large skill sphere. If this is the way balancing is handled, hardcore trial and error without any pre-emptive thought, than you guys at Trendy may want to reconsider your approach. Based on what I just stated, there really is no excuse for it to be THIS bad. In addition DD2 suffers from the severe consequence that these spheres are virtually impossible for newer players who didn't already have them to get thus reducing feedback regarding balance/bugs related to these spheres. Some type of gap-stop measure needs to be taken to resolve the issue for the time being, its pretty silly. Please, for future reference do not mix up aggressive approach with reckless abandon. :/ Know I use such blunt words for the bettering of DD2, because turning a blind eye solves nothing.
  20. It definitely has potential, particularly with regards to a better gaming community than DD1, but at the current rate the game may not stand a chance of comparing or even surviving to release. It will have better social community interaction due to lack of grossly hacked items since everything is server side, item wise, as far as I know now. It will have a uber tavern town/social interaction plaza kind of set up and it has match making (though it should also have a choose from the list option as well...). The pet systems, UI, spheres, and many other aspects bring a lot of potential. Now, to the bad part... Level design is far worse than DD1 and largely uncreative (except perhaps 1 level, Little-Horn Valley). Even simple maps in DD1 felt like they had a lot more diversity and creativity. They were interesting where DD2 maps feel almost different by aesthetics alone. You certainly don't have some of the more interesting maps from DD1 to compare with here. Complicated topic so I won't get into it too much but it feels like they developed a handful of maps for development purposes that they ended up keeping and didn't replace what should have likely been placeholders, mostly. Visuals look great in DD2 but largely uninspired. Nothing comparable to Glitterhelm, Summit, Talay, Aquanos, etc. Content, a MAJOR point, is that the game is extremely lacking as they are far more focused on pushing out features/systems over balance (a joke atm, they literally aren't even trying here even post wipe despite NEEDING a wipe for this without ANY preparation) and content. It makes sense, bar the balance fiasco, why they would do this. They will need comparable content to the first game to stand a chance and the first game did a truly superb job with additional content after the initial game's content, far better than most games released to date by quite the margin. Since the first game did such a great job at it and this is arguably one of the most important aspects to compete with and why the first one did so well it is hard to say it has any chance of comparing. If they can manage some great content down the line, mandatory before release if they want to do well due to current weak content as indicated above, than DD2 definitely is in place to succeed. Variety of content is important such as challenges, additional levels, bosses, scope (4-8 players?, much larger maps? etc.) in addition to better level design and visual inspiration all must be met and this creates a very steep challenge. Equipment system falls flat atm: Exact stats, only two real stats per item, heavily reliant on passives that drop with item, even aiming for ANY passive and two specific stats combined has extremely poor success rate due to a proven busted beyond belief loot system that only gets worse with patch releases and no signs from Trendy on a willingness to resolve the problem other than "looking into it". Crit is so incredibly poorly balanced as are build choices that the end result is EVERY SINGLE PLAYER aims for the exact same stats/builds. DD1 offered tons of options, DD2 does not and what it does offer is a disaster. Pets: Great idea, terrible execution. They were expensive to level in DD1 but they were incredibly valuable and diverse. The abilities, despite how grand Trendy constantly hails, them are genuinely terrible and boring. I mean they are BAD, not just in terms of actual use but there is no real creativity or magic here like the first game had. This isn't necessarily the guy who designed the abilities' fault but a fault of how pets are currently setup. Projectile count vs DMG/piercing/etc. was a HUGE deal and this game doesn't do crap with it, it doesn't even desire to acknowledge that it exists. Pet DPS is garbage to the core, there is never a point where it is good in the game and never has been since the inception of pets. Trendy has gone all out to make sure pets are not capable DPS pets. Then again, our special prize for Wipeaggedon is still the worst pet in the game because, Trendy cares... who needs stats on your pet anyways? or abilities? or the ability to visually evolve? Pet abilities in DD1 consisted of things like raw stats at function cost, healing players for pretty strong amounts or repairing specific types of defenses, weaker AoE healing + Dmg, mass AoE damage, mana generation, knock back effect, boosting, etc. They also scaled based off hero stats which current pets SHOULD do in addition to pet levels possibly acting as a multiplier rather than additive so more powerful pets would scale way better. It may all sound like stuff we have now, but its actually very different between the two games. Enemy variety/design: Currently the mob diversity is extremely bad. You have a wizard who summons skeletons and heals, a wither beast who burrows near defenses and heals (by the way they should not stack, especially considering TrollBlood exists as it would make them more defined and better balanced), and that is it. After this you have ranged and melee damage soakers. You have Spear Throwers which are acceptable if not a bit too tanky and then you have Drakens which are basically better than any unit in the game even bosses because they come in masses have some of the highest hp in the game, high ranged attack, piercing, high damage, and AoE. Whoever designed Draken was clearly on an illegal substance at the time and possibly the lead designer because they haven't changed since. They are actually complained about more than bosses by far! 20k HP boss cheese? lol if you can get to him he is easy, get a mass of Drakens and it could be GG tho. The rest of the mobs like the bomb throwers are uninspired and offer no real design value as do the remaining melee units short of being a dmg sponge and dmg dealer. This leaves us with very little tactical design other than brute force, which works, because there are very few build options at the moment anyways due to a number of issues. Throw in Troll Blood + heal stacking from Mage/Burrorwers and themselves and DoT choices can be thrown out the window as a desirable build route. Many towers suffer from range issues dealing with ranged units while being outside Ogre/Kobold/PIERCE RANGE (WTH) dmg and Traps/Auras can be a chore, sometimes, since enemies can be immune to push/knock up and might stop just before one of them for whatever unintended reason (currently reasonable to some extent with better gear and higher level players cause of range increase passives/spheres though leaves issues like only one mine hitting or a specific tower thus whittling away a group of ranged HP vs 3-4 being effective against them, but definitely a design issue). This creates very large concerns for build diversity with traps/auras/Dots/and ranged all not just struggling but struggling across the board without substantial hero support or abuse of Frosty (buff beam worked in DD1, but the implementation here is so bad its laughable). Bosses... I'm not going there. They don't add difficulty, and there is some serious design issues when they are trying to force stat balls down our throat of a merely larger normal unit. Lets compare some tower concerns: Only 4 towers per character. Sigh... add a 5th one Trendy and the number of build potentials would drastically open up and the hero deck MIGHT actually be doable unlike currently where it is an immense limitation. Auras were creative and the dome effect was superior due to proper placement hitting air/lower units across multiple lanes and if you placed it right in some maps/areas you could put it on a higher area to make it hit a larger space because the greatest size of the aura was below the placement point in DD1 allowing for clever placement. Aura not stacking worked out well with the design in DD1. I don't understand why they have strayed from this and they likely feel they can't go back since they already have put effort for current auras in place but this is not true. They can certainly change it back but I doubt we will see that level of dedication to improving their game. Feel free to prove me wrong Trendy. Except Rage Aura, which had some uses in some maps like Uber Monster Fest as a temporary guard if you didn't have insane stats, all the other auras had pretty solid uses and functioned well. Boost, currently, is a joke of a tower even with +25% boost (since it doesn't scale wall current hp up too, and the amount of DP it grants scales VERY poorly. It gives 500 bonus DP out of 4k? That is barely an increase compared to Frosty, what a joke and doesn't give attack rate. Oh, it gives 100 DP at 1.5k stats? Yup, no one cares. You see a consistent issue of it barely adds anything for the DU being thrown at it? We haven't even gotten to upgrading, yet. Lighting aura is borderline worthless against flying units in almost all cases bar a few unlike DD1 where they were one of the two main towers for dealing with Wyrven/Djinn along with Inferno (harpoons, if your stats weren't good enough, to help). Their placement was important for covering air, multiple locations, getting the best bang for your DU out of them in size, etc. They are extremely binary here. Serenity is probably the best designed one of the bunch and the vertical element isn't a big deal here as most of the time though I would love to see it cross lanes better. It offers some interesting modifications such as exploding enemies, hero boosting, etc. I think the balance works appropriately with resistances, as well. Oh, that is it. Monk only has three auras. The 4th tower is anti-air and not an aura at all. It is single target high burst slow rate of fire with a potential slowing effect that I'm not even sure works appropriately. It suffers from a serious flaw in that Trendy scales flying units two ways at once. It gives them absurd HP to counter the naturally very high attack power of Sky Guard while making flyers almost unkillable by other tower types (except mines, special case) while also having them spawn in increasingly ridiculous numbers to the point even 4-5 Sky Guards with their poor targeting would get completely overwhelmed due to their single target nature. Frost tower has to be used to compensate the lack of a proper slow, as well. They have elevation target issues and they are designed to hit knocked up targets but this has become something of an ignorable trait since you only ever have 1-2 usually and not many geysers/knock up or elevation concerns. They have massive range to compensate for a lot of issues but it is clearly not enough. This is how messed up Sky Guard is, atm. Traps: I miss uber sized trap ranges in DD1 but I can live without it. Currently the biggest issue is scaling. In the case of Blaze Baloon the passives are jacked, a focus on Crit is made but crit is currently hyper worthless, and with reduced mana vs DD1 it is hard to focus crit when you want tower HP due to their super low HP and how often you would have to repair, otherwise with your very limited mana in harder maps. Geyser exists but is largely questionable in value, atm, because using them puts SERIOUS risk of mobs going OVER WALLS or being knocked around them as they come back down. Most tower types can not hit a geyser airborne unit, either, which entirely defeats the purpose of Geyser in the first place (lighting aura, traps, etc.). The other two traps are not very creative, which would be fine except this forces her entire kit into an extremely binary brute force method even with the lower DU cost, particularly due to the nature of Frosty now for placement of trash mob killing. Blaze also doesn't really keep up with Chaos mine due to Frosty, and likely wouldn't be worth anything even IF crit and passives were fixed due to Frosty and attack rate. App/Squire towers both have substantial issues... I wont even explain this one. Post already way to long. Walls... App walls = utterly worthless and the feature they offer is actually a detriment as far as any sane player is concerned. Walls are heavily balanced around what can max be achieved with a wall at a given IPW value for a given map difficulty so unless you have pretty strong walls (needless grinding compared to other characters to keep par with maps). Expect to need to upgrade walls more than anything else on a regular basis. Mobs tend to often go over/around and even directly through walls due to a number of problems/bugs and Trendy has been as silent as possible on the issue. Most wipes, if you are readily geared are due to this very issue of mobs glitching some way past your walls. Don't dare use knock up/geysers at your wall or stand near a wall to heal it when a Ogre is near as it may jump and go right over the wall as will other units. Serious issues in DD2 that Trendy has put on the back burner and may not get to fixing for the next decade: -Ubers, finally some progress but still to slow to be remotely acceptable -Defense Inspect (lol, I wont even go there) -Pet leveling -Money, currently everyone is a pleb unless you were born into nobility prior to the most recent big patch -Wall jumping -Loot drop rates/number of passives/etc. There are definitely a lot more I just can't think of them atm. Other concerns that could severely harm the game: Trendy's integrity/honesty with the player base (shown to lie, not once, but multiple times and plenty of proof on the forums). Trendy's actions with regards to balance/shoving content/financials and communication with players shows a very clear indication of community is absolutely not their immediate priority, and considering some circumstances I can see why but this does not make it acceptable. QA employees... just... look for posts on it on the forums. I won't go into this one. I forgot the rest here, gtg for now. tl;dr Game is a mess but has potential, with a huge burden that may keep it from succeeding. I will not format/fix this up as I don't care that much just consider this rough notes on the issue. Post might get deleted and thread locked because Trendy doesn't exactly like my posts and this doesn't put it in a good light. Game still early in development though, tons of room for a turn around, but not a lot of money to do this on Trendy's end so don't get your hopes up on such a change. EDIT: Additional note: DD1 had quite a number of serious bugs, particularly targeting for harpoons/etc. and mob overflowing barriers/terrain, in its own right. It also got a huge amount of its content post release. These two things are worth considering compared to current in development DD2. Also worth considering is budget/personnel manpower DD2 has over DD1, the equally bad condition it is currently in, if not worse, despite this and the drastically worse content and build options than DD1 during development (particularly level design and tower design). The only particular aspect that really hurt DD1 compared to DD2 was it was partially limited, build wise, during development because some towers were so jacked up due to bugs that there were enforced build routes, as well, though far superior to DD2 still. Basically, DD2 is losing on all fronts except the technical side, when it is in a place that would, ideally, have it standing above DD1 by this point. Don't underestimate the technical side's value, though, as that contributes to dealing with some very serious issues DD1 had.
  21. Knee jerk reaction without any thought. They did not even bother to consider that at these prices any new players can not test these spheres for balance/bug/feedback concerns. Honestly, I advise others to put the game on hold until they fix their stuff because, atm, Trendy is one hell of a mess and trying to shove as many features out the door as they can to garner sells due to financial concerns and you will not be able to properly play the game for the time being. If you want to try to continue playing save up for the mine double activation large sphere, and ignore the others as that is the only truly relevant one in the group, atm if you had to pick one. The way they monetize the game vs DLC/base cost doesn't work unless they have significantly more players and they have a larger development team as well as a history of hardcore development issues. It is legitimately possible, unless they drastically increase their pace which they have been in the last 3 months, Trendy could run out of money before it even sees release. I can tell you, however, if it manages to pass hurdles and reach release it has a lot of potential for a gaming community. Their social city-like tavern concept as well as current/peak player base vs DD1 is fairly impressive. We also should not be running into the severe hacking issues like in DD1 which heavily fractured the community interaction. DD2 gives a very mixed and sour hope for its future.
  22. Not really sure what the deal with this unit is supposed to be. They hit multiple targets, have huge range, do high damage, AND are one of the tankiest units in the entire game. Why? Just... why? What is the point? It is the one unit where I truly feel like no balance/design effort was given. What is their niche or downside? I would take a boss over a ton of these things no problem. Not to say they make the game unplayable, just that they are the embodiment of terrible design. Would like to see them adjusted to be more interesting rather than a wall of stats and traits.
  23. Indeed, I would rather see rarer passives on specific items instead of the same passive being available on 5 different items so that when you get one really nice item you REALLY feel the difference the way you do in Diablo 3/Torchlight 2. It would take some effort from Trendy to do this in a manner that enforces build variety and you don't end up with perfect gear sets housing each passive at really high stats, but it is certainly doable and would be FAR better than currently. A good example is the Amp Up passive on Gloves for electric aura attack rate. It is known that the passive is very strong that even drastically inferior gloves/some with no Def Power may still provide superior DPS with this stat and performance, despite. If you got a great tower glove with this passive you would really see the difference, though. I would like to see similar instances with Hearty Blockade, Phoenix passives, etc.
  24. Sadly, he makes it distinctly clear that the issue is the CPU overheating, not the program merely crashing. I wouldn't trust Trendy too much about such things. It has been made very clear that the community is not their priority. I'm doing a Temperature Check while playing DD and after 20 min running, the temperature variation from IDLE is 6 Celcius. Very low impact tbh. My system is water cooled, try it yourself and share the results. I'm using RealTemp 3.7 for the measures. Mine is also closed loop liquid cooling but I am not willing to test it as it is not worth the risk. You may not be encountering the bug. His post wasn't particularly descriptive regarding it so it might only occur in some circumstances or your ambient room temp may just be pretty low. If it is, indeed, relatively low impact for you and a consistent bug than odds are laptops are the only real concern here. It may also not be an instant bug but take some time to really impact your rig depending on the exact cause. Probably more like the game goes into a busyloop and consumes 100% of one CPU core while loading the tavern, and if the CPU is not cooled adequately it may overheat and crash. If that's the case, any other CPU-heavy task would trigger it as well. If the PC can't handle 100% CPU load without crashing, it has a hardware problem that should be fixed (insufficient cooling, bad overclocking, etc.). Modern CPUs are actually really good at managing their temperature. As long as the heatsink is properly installed, it's impossible to cause permanent damage to a CPU with software. In many cases the CPU is able to prevent damage even with no heatsink installed, This is generally true and that is why I mentioned BSOD saving your system before it has time to continiously run and overheat but there are a few concerns. Sometimes issues occur and it will not trip the proper fail safes. If it gets to hot before BSOD/shut down/reboot most motherboards have nothing in place to continue cooling the CPU after shut down so you are left with a very hot CPU, possibly far too hot. Laptops are very prone to this concern while desktops not nearly as much. Despite crashing the hardware may sustain some damage to the CPU cutting its lifespan. If it is a constant problem it could reasonably quickly fry the CPU after enough attempts, especially if done multiple sessions in a brief period resulting in the issue repeatedly as many may attempt with a game they are playing once their PC crashes. If any software/bios is used to auto overclock a CPU it may adjust voltage meaning it could fry the CPU so fast that a crash wont be able to save it and this level of stability may not have been detected using Prime95 (though such software does help give a pretty good idea usually). Certainly not impossible, but the fail safes do heavily mitigate the odds of this occurring on desktops for CPUs. Luckily, most desktop CPUs tend to handle heat pretty well now days and don't run as great a risk at frying unlike their mobile counterparts and the thermal range is higher than most people will ever hit before it shuts down. ^As indicated if your entire operating system did not fail and restart the PC or shut it down then you did not likely encounter an issue with overheating. It isn't entirely impossible, however, as you could have encountered overheating that was high enough to cause CPU throttling and the application could no longer perform (depending on how it was programmed) resulting in an error) but I doubt this is the case. A memory related issue would be more likely.
  25. Wait... The game has a critical bug that could result in permanent damage and hardware failure of computers and you haven't put the game in emergency maintenance until resolved? That is... nice. I keep seeing more and more disappointment from you guys which is sad considering there is a clear passion and the game, itself, has a lot of potential for fun. Not like you can always rely on BSOD to save your PC before serious damage is done.
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