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  1. Well this is awkward... I thought that a billion digits seemed slightly high to be under 1 gb... So I tried converting it... When I converted it was well over 1 gb... and then I realized... I forgot Kb in my conversions @.@ So everything in the original post was off by a factor of 2^10... My bad lol. Correcting the post now. Kinda just reinforces your point though, seeing as that means it'd be less than 1 GB a month from my estimates (though, again, reality should be considerably larger than my estimates). Thanks for updating the topic. I realized this morning something was off about the numb
  2. Make it apply a DoT. This. Blaze Baloon seems like a tower that should apply decent damage to those within the flames but not comparable to other area defenses like flame aura, sacrificing some of its power for a DoT effect that results in a larger total damage dealt. It would be ideal for longer paths to wear down mobs or knock out stuff like Kobolds without needing 3-4 FA to accomplish the same effect. It would require mobs stay alive long enough to really see the damage toll out and it would require a long enough route (frosty/etc. could couple with this to help). If stuff is able to reach
  3. They have plenty of proof. They just need to look at logs. Even if there were 30 million players who played and had massive inventories full of loot text files are so tiny they could easily back it up weekly without issue. Even as time goes on it would be non-issue to manage with a half intelligent system in place. Any developer that tells you otherwise is either so early into development and haven't added this feature (extremely early closed alpha), need to get their priorities straight, or is lying. You clearly have no idea how programming works ... just logging every drop ive had and sold
  4. FA is as strong if not stronger than the WM when upgraded. If you compare a 3 node WM (120 DU cost) to 3-4 FA (90 or 120 DU cost) placing the FA in the same spots as the WM, the FA will outperform the WM. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813312 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813276 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813210 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813234 Not sure if the links to those work or not. They show that 3 FA by wave 4 when placed similarly to WM, will do more damage. The 3
  5. False. Gear score can definitely still be figured based off sell value. I am in C6 Ascension 106 but reached mid-end C5 at Ascension 39... only got so many because of the sheer amount of runs to farm Stun Fire shard and some other shards and I was not carried unless I was in an area I was purely farming a shard I could already build and solo myself reliably. I used sell value to get to this point very fast and it has not failed me at all. I can guarantee stats that are sometimes 200 lower on the primary are not IPW upgrades. Sometimes the items I equip with lowered stats result in substantiall
  6. Took me about 100 C1 Shards to get Stun Fire and 150 C5 to get Explosive Poison. Keep at it as it can just be that bad RNG cause Trendy wants to extend playtime. It isn't fair RNG tho, it is incredibly biased to favor certain shards over others. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. They have plenty of proof. They just need to look at logs. Even if there were 30 million players who played and had massive inventories full of loot text files are so tiny they could easily back it up weekly without issue. Even as time goes on it would be non-issue to manage with a half intelligent system in place. Any developer that tells you otherwise is either so early into development and haven't added this feature (extremely early closed alpha), need to get their priorities straight, or is lying.
  8. Nor am I. The points I have made are valid. I do not need the WM to do anything. It is not the best tower out there. It is a convenient defense, in the current system, which is why it is used. The PDT, imo, is much more OP comparatively, but it's hard counter is worse than the Cyborks and present in C7. I get through maps with ease with FA, PDT, Cannons (when geodes are not present), Ramsters and Skyguards. Change the meta, and the WM would go out of style, more than likely, if it is countered. PDTs would again be the meta, and people will be wanting the nerf there, which Trendy did sa
  9. It should be noted that your claims about WM performance, the target cap, and FA/PDT/Ramsters/etc. being superior to WM have literally no evidence or logic (though evidence of the contrary certainly exists (figures I have provided, Trendy's own reaction and up coming patch concerning, player excessive usage... often near 100% usage rate at some chaos tears confirmed by other posters and Trendy) with only PDT potentially at a competing level) thus far. You can keep making claims but your posts are heresy until you stop playing the "I say so so it is true" game. Not really interested in continui
  10. Apologies, but I feel no obligation to search through the forums to find "proof" that the target cap exists when your only "proof" is the absence of proof. I simply attempted to list possible explanations why your test is showing such a drastically exaggerated result compared to most everyone else (including people that agree with the nerf), and give you a chance to provide any reasoning or logic as to why your decision to focus on Damage over DPS can be argued to be more valid when the reasoning I showed provides reasoning for it to be less valid. The closest thing to "proof" I'm afraid I can
  11. Lightning strikes aura will only cost 20DU in the patch and it's targeting will be improved so it is definitely getting some love. Targetting improvements is prioritization or is it related to it hitting air most of the time? If it is the latter then this might actually be a nice patch for it combined with DU decrease.
  12. So, just to say, you realize you get DPS by measuring the damage done per second? Damage done over XX amount of time can be turned into DPS numbers. So your suggestion to look at the damage done by the WM compared to the FA and not the DPS is kind of silly. The literal reason WM currently outperforms the FA is because we are limited to 5 waves. To get through a level you can not upgrade a bunch (3 or 4) of FA to tier 2 or 3 on each lane. You can however drop WM, because you do not need to upgrade it. If there were more waves of enemies say 10 or 15, it would be preferable at that point t
  13. Looking at the age of your older posts OP it seems like you are in the same boat as me and others who came back from back then. Trendy chose to not reward us a campaign reward only new players. This isn't a bug but a poor decision from them towards those who financially supported their game and tested it helping them out during alpha just like some of their other "rewards" to veteran players (a certain pet without stats, etc.).
  14. Looking at the damage dealt by a WM is going to be off when compared to a single FA. Depending on how many nodes the WM has, it totals all the damage dealt by all the nodes. So for a 3 Node WM, you would have to compare 3 FA at least. I haven't done that myself, so no idea how that comparison will look. As for the max targets, I have no idea. I, however, disagree, WM does not need even a slight nerf. They needed to bring the Node Increase shard bug back into line, but other than that the WM should be fine. Placing one 120 DU (3 damage node) WM should initially outperform 1-2 FA, when in
  15. Lightning Aura from my testing is bugged (unless this is some bizarre masochistic design choice) and this bug causes it to be one of the worst towers in the game. It fires at air missing potential targets within its range quite a lot. I would say maybe 60% of the time from some light testing against a single target and multiple targets when testing on dummies in tavern. There would be cases where it wouldn't hit any target despite having multiple in range for 10-20 second periods. This means even for a boss or lady orc it is an extremely bad tower to use atm, even before getting to its other f
  16. While some are saying Flame Aura are comparable or better this seems to be, from my experience of what I have seen (note I do note own the EV2 but have seen people in my games when farming shards with max C7 gear) the WM do 10x to 14x the Damage Dealt of Flame Aura at T1 (not DPS, damage dealt is what you should be looking at and anyone looking elsewhere is going to be very wrong). In those games I always try to max an overlapping Flame Aura to T5 to see how it compares and it still doesn't even come close. I have seen some similar but not as severe results with Proton Beam as well. Perhaps a
  17. So let's get this right you paid real money for a character purely because they were op but now you fear that character will no longer be easy mode you want a refund. I don't own her and only recently started playing some again since alpha so have not reached C7, yet. Is she actually OP? The way OP and other poster indicated (and you didn't deny it, either) she is mandatory for C7. If she is actually required for C7 then OP may have a viable point. The content shouldn't be hard locked behind a mandatory purchase and if that was their bait to get people to buy her then nerf her the company is
  18. This is almost certainly an issue on Trendy's end. There have been a large volume of complaints in these, Steam, reddit, etc. forums pertaining to this issue. Occurs most notably within Tavern and can be less severe in map/private tavern... tho fluctuates to being severe in maps or hyper severe in Tavern occasionally. I have this issue as described with warping in public Tavern sometimes, and rarely in map warping (leading so dying jumping over holes sometimes tho far less common except when the lag is very nasty in public Tavern). Sometimes not all assets load only showing weapons or making e
  19. Here's what Blacksmith said in reply to someone on his blog: "Thanks for the reply! Similar to our process with Nightmare, we are currently actively working on the economy. Before if you remember gold was really plentiful and we had a lot of comments of it feeling useless. Now we tried a more aggressive approach and eventually we'd get it in a good enough place! TrendyJayT is actively working on that stuff!" Why completely gut the entire economy in terms of how you can actually make gold without any compensation/buff balancing? You had it set up before so that the only method to generate cash
  20. It definitely has potential, particularly with regards to a better gaming community than DD1, but at the current rate the game may not stand a chance of comparing or even surviving to release. It will have better social community interaction due to lack of grossly hacked items since everything is server side, item wise, as far as I know now. It will have a uber tavern town/social interaction plaza kind of set up and it has match making (though it should also have a choose from the list option as well...). The pet systems, UI, spheres, and many other aspects bring a lot of potential. Now, to th
  21. Knee jerk reaction without any thought. They did not even bother to consider that at these prices any new players can not test these spheres for balance/bug/feedback concerns. Honestly, I advise others to put the game on hold until they fix their stuff because, atm, Trendy is one hell of a mess and trying to shove as many features out the door as they can to garner sells due to financial concerns and you will not be able to properly play the game for the time being. If you want to try to continue playing save up for the mine double activation large sphere, and ignore the others as that is the
  22. Not really sure what the deal with this unit is supposed to be. They hit multiple targets, have huge range, do high damage, AND are one of the tankiest units in the entire game. Why? Just... why? What is the point? It is the one unit where I truly feel like no balance/design effort was given. What is their niche or downside? I would take a boss over a ton of these things no problem. Not to say they make the game unplayable, just that they are the embodiment of terrible design. Would like to see them adjusted to be more interesting rather than a wall of stats and traits.
  23. Indeed, I would rather see rarer passives on specific items instead of the same passive being available on 5 different items so that when you get one really nice item you REALLY feel the difference the way you do in Diablo 3/Torchlight 2. It would take some effort from Trendy to do this in a manner that enforces build variety and you don't end up with perfect gear sets housing each passive at really high stats, but it is certainly doable and would be FAR better than currently. A good example is the Amp Up passive on Gloves for electric aura attack rate. It is known that the passive is very str
  24. Sadly, he makes it distinctly clear that the issue is the CPU overheating, not the program merely crashing. I wouldn't trust Trendy too much about such things. It has been made very clear that the community is not their priority. I'm doing a Temperature Check while playing DD and after 20 min running, the temperature variation from IDLE is 6 Celcius. Very low impact tbh. My system is water cooled, try it yourself and share the results. I'm using RealTemp 3.7 for the measures. Mine is also closed loop liquid cooling but I am not willing to test it as it is not worth the risk. You may not be e
  25. Wait... The game has a critical bug that could result in permanent damage and hardware failure of computers and you haven't put the game in emergency maintenance until resolved? That is... nice. I keep seeing more and more disappointment from you guys which is sad considering there is a clear passion and the game, itself, has a lot of potential for fun. Not like you can always rely on BSOD to save your PC before serious damage is done.
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