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  1. I believe this is relevant. Gosh, this video is old.
  2. Nope, because whenever I click on the NIGHTMARE difficulty setting, it tells me I need the Shards DLC's.
  3. I got the game during the Steam 2012 Summer Sale. Now then, I am not a big fan of tower defense games, mostly because they get pretty boring and repetitive after a short amount of time, but I didn't expect to like this game allot. To me, it's tower defense DONE RIGHT, the fact that the game is pretty much an action RPG with elements from Diablo is pretty cool. Yeah, sure, I've only clocked 69 (lol) hours in the game while everyone else here has already clocked like 300+ hours (that's because I'm not a lowlife hardcore gamer that spends literally 16 hours a day playing video games,) but whateve
  4. I've only had this game for like almost a month now, so I probably won't stop playing for while.
  5. I created a Jester, did the first mission on Medium. Go into multiplayer, join a server, got kicked from it not even five seconds later, I'm afraid this trend is insanely huge. And yet, I like this class! Does everyone hate it, because Ogres will occasionally come out of the present boxes?
  6. I see there's a huge influence of Baconism going on in this forum.
  7. Oh wow, free for a limited time? That means I GOTTA GO FAST.
  8. Basically, in Open, you'll find more people with massively powerful/hacked equipment, and there's no point in spending hours getting mana, since you can download one of those maps that give you infinite amounts of it. I believe more people play in Ranked, I don't know, because I only started playing in Ranked this morning.
  9. Model: Dell Inspiron 570 (yes, I know, Dell PC's are bad. There's a possibility I may upgrade to a much better PC later this year, but knowing my luck, I don't think it's gonna happen) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630 (Quad-core 2.8 GHz) RAM: 6GB GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4200 IGP HDD: 1TB (don't know what brand/model) PSU: Dynex 400W (the computer originally came with something like a 280W PSU) DD Settings Graphics: Low Resolution: 800x600 Postprocessing: Off The game normally runs at around 40 - 60 FPS, will drop to like 25 FPS if I'm on a wave with all
  10. I doubt the console versions of the game will get any more content updates, because of how much money Microsoft and Sony charge for game updates. Same exact reason why the console versions of TF2 never get any updates, so they are extremely barebones compared to the PC version. Not to sound like a selfish PC elitist, but I suppose all I can say is if you think your PC is good enough, and if you have any extra money to spend, go buy the PC version, because it has ALLOT more content (unfortunately, you have to pay for most of it.)
  11. From the far reaches of the internet, comes a visitor unlike some others. Greetings, defenders. It is I, Lan Sukasa, and I wont always be speaking like an extra terrestrial warrior from Planet X kindly visiting Earth just to announce that it is going to die in a few thousand years or so. Anyhow, I bought DD during the Steam Summer Sale, and I don't regret it, it's pretty much the best Tower Defense game I've played, and I don't even like Tower Defense games that much, mostly because they're pretty repetitive, and they get boring after a little while. Thankfully, that isn't the case with
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