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  1. You don't talk about dufdef2 beta... except on the beta forums. Has this posisition ever worked for anyone, ever? pretty much everything gets leaked as soon as someone can access it. The whole setup jsut seems draconian to me
  2. I definately like the option of MOBA PvP but i think the core game should be like the origional
  3. Widespread problem tonight or is it just me who's having issues? Open works fine but ranked timesout while connecting to trendy
  4. I really hope this helps with the random disconnect issue. Steam Client Beta Update - May 28 Improved reliability of Steamworks P2P networking Personally I'm hoping this means they're working towards solving the problem DD has when the conenction to steam is lost
  5. I just think that it's a good idea to have, not so much as a save file, but some sort of file to download when you're on trendynet servers as an optional way to save and remember your characters incase you lose your heroes. unfortunatley my heroes were lost, but i cannot seem to message lostheroes@trendynet. so i thought that this would be a way that could help people who just need the help remembering their heroes after a couple of days I agee it wouldn't take much server space to do so plus the server probally already stores alot of this info for anticheat detection so shouldn't be too h
  6. I will join the uprising (for some of the stuff) The army grows! :D
  7. 1. Reduce flame trap visual effects 2. Introduce a map with a slightly better armour drop rate 3. Implement a system in which we can hide upgrades/towers on the map (so we can actually see the drops) 4. Rather than a "total random" drop system go for a "pseudo-random" system that factors all drops and makes the loot quality try and equalize it ie if you have had all bad drop's it's slightly ups your drop quality 5. Give me all Ult+++ gear... just to show up the community 6. Implement if( enemyNotMoved > 10s ) then ChooseDifferentPath(); // to fix enemys getting stuck on maps
  8. Temple of love is a big challenge. The low du. The dual bosses that HAVE to be fought from the safety of reflect.The anti hero blitz. The ease of wiping to sneaky pairs. This is all a great challenge which I enjoy. The one quarrel I have is the 0 pair allowance. It is very difficult finding people to play this map (who have already played it a few times) because even the slightest odd jump from a female over a wall (or magical mating spiders) can be terribly frustrating. The only build that has consistently worked for me will only work with two people and even then a slight loss of aggro c
  9. it's idea probally could work with a well thought out pseudo-random system as it has already been said unequal drops would probally cause more problems than it's worth bu if the drops were initially random (well as random as you can get) then more weighted towards giving players who've had the worst drops better ones ie (simplified to low value drops) player 1 gets 4,6,4,8,6 drop -28 total player 2 gets 5,3,6,4,3 drop -21 total so in this case you'd want the loot quality ratio to be around 4:3 so at this moment in time player 2 would get a 33.33% modifier to the RNG stats to try an
  10. Anyone else having issues connecting to servers tonight? Can host / see the server list fine but always timeout on connections.
  11. bensrob

    Item Check Thread

    can i get an IC on this please.
  12. Was just wondering which weapon lands first with hawk stance, left or right. I just wonder for things like the genie boss rush where it'll only take one strike so should land the highest one first. Ty in advance.
  13. it seems like it's fixed now It's certainly starting to look that way... however think i might jsut sit in my tav for 10min just to be sure Would still be nice if we could get some word on what happened though
  14. Well I'm sitting here bored trying to diagnose their issue which has absolutely nothing to do with me... How's everyone else spending their forced free time?
  15. I'd be fine with something as simple as 'We're having server issues, please bear with us' so that we have some confirmation that it's something that will eventually be resolved. Yeah that would be nice. My guess is they've ran a botched update on their server as looking at the packets being sent back and forth it appears that it's actually our games that is requesting the disconnect, hence why it's not throwing "lost connection" error messages. Everything seems to be going fine until the game sends a disconnect request to ddcloudfs.cloudapp.net, which responds with an ok I'd guess some
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