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  1. As others had said. Your cable is bad, and since its attached to your headset, you either have either have to know how to splice wire or buy a new one. I got the x12's as someone else had mentioned. They are 50 bucks now, and have been going strong now for over a year. http://www.amazon.com/Force-Gaming-Headset-Amplified-Stereo-Pc/dp/B005DQG0BO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365631650&sr=8-1&keywords=turtle+beach+x12
  2. "And you thought The Old One was terrifying..." "You were supposed to follow the white rabbit..." "This is one rabbit hole you will regret following..." "Carrots!? Where we're going, we won't need any carrots" "We're gonna have roast rabbit!" "You're gonna tell us where those eggs are hidden" "You better hope your family has 80 clean cubes to pay for your ransom..." "How it feels to not get into DD2 Beta..." "Just in time for the main course..." "This is no longer child's play"
  3. If you didn't receive an email the first time you signed up, please re-register. Let me know if you're still not receiving a reply email. Still not receiving an email even after re-registering :/
  4. Yup still waiting on mine. I took quite a break from the game. But the 500 hours of fun this game provided, makes me eager to want to test and provide constructive feedback! Old school video of Me, Commish and Mischief farming The Old One. The Old One
  5. After running into the same glitch multiple times last night, which cause me to lose NMHC CD 4 times in a roll, I am calling it quits. I will never again be "super orc'd" or get my crystal phantom killed on Boss Gauntlet again. Just wanted to give a shout out to GOKUPP for helping me a long early on, and for being generous with equipment. Thanks man! Also another shout out to Commish and Mischief for forming a great CD NMHC destroying team. Final shout out to the community of this game, which has been great. Keep it up. For me, I am going to go back to Firefall, Tribes: Ascend, an
  6. Can someone upload a video of the Super Legendary Squire at 0 speed? I really gotta see how terrible that must be. On topic, I see no reason that at the very least the Super Legendary costumes are at least 100% equal to their legendary costumes speed. Hell of a tease with trendy saying they were gonna increase it, but still have it not even equal to that. We did a race with Commish using his Super Leg Squire with a rock. It's hilarious, I might post it.
  7. I did it duo. My defenses were just auras and traps. While me and my friend ran around killing things looking for the shiny enemies. The only enemies that might have walked through auras were ogres. So I just stood in the center where they spawned killing everything there, and my friend ran around the back killing there. It's not hard just takes a little bit of time waiting for the gold enemies to spawn.
  8. Treasure hunt is easy. No wveryns, djinn, or sharken. Kill ogres and you are solid.
  9. I want a fairy like that :) So do I lol. Palantir lucky drop >_
  10. I hate melee monks TBH. But some people love it. I figure if I am going melee, might as well go Barb. So if it were up to me, I would trade spear for a dps set or something.
  11. PC finished the race a long time ago didn't you hear?
  12. Congrats Gok! You deserve it, you helped me a lot including giving me my bunny costume!
  13. Thanks for the kind words guys. I might release record one with all of us talking through the fight so you can see the strategy and teamwork we use. That recording was silent, but when we play CD we have constant communication. (though a lot of it is just joking around)
  14. so the patch is out? Yes it is out. And I agree, this costume is still too slow for soloing NMHC CD. I am forced to use ninja costume in order to cover enough ground. How can a reward not be good enough to beat the thing you had to beat in order to get it?
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