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  1. They must either be using the search function or going reallllllly far back. lol
  2. Dude.... you just necro-bumped a thread that hasn't had any activity in it for 5 months....
  3. It means that they might adjust certain stats on items if they feel that it is overtuned and should be changed.
  4. Yeah, also trendy in the past usually doesn't include too many numbers in there patch notes. Sometimes a few things like percentage changes but thats about it. We may see some more in depth patch notes whenever the loot patch roles around.
  5. They didn't need to put these notes up at all, but they decided to anyway. These changes would have happened either way way with or without the notes. It's not a big deal but it's not a bad thing to record even minor changes.
  6. This seems like it is a Bug, probably would be better in said section rather than feedback. :3
  7. I don't think that Players should be forced to do this. However, the option would be nice.
  8. I myself do a lot of Item trading on steam, I use the cards to get badges so that I can level my steam account. It makes you more trustworthy as you've invested into the account itself. But that's just my opinion of the system.
  9. If I remember right each Grenade deals the damage separately. If you have 1,000 AP * 1,400% (equates to 14) = 14,000 damage. The reasoning behind this is because 100% would be 1,000 damage. 100% *14 = 1,400%. edit: responding on a phone is too slow. Lol
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