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  1. So wait a second... your solution to "this map is too easy" is to raise the difficulty by over 5 times? Late waves were spawning 5m hp ogres, and now they are in the 20s? This is the same trash as all of the other DLCs now - another map that nobody can play on NM except the top 100 players in the game, who already have everything there is to experience in the game. I love this game, but at some point I'd like to experience the end. I don't want to have to play for 4000 hours to reach end game. I've already spent all of the money on the game and DLCs, let me finish it please.
  2. And now the entire map has been nerfed and there is no longer a reason to play it. What was 15-20 good usable pieces of armor, is now 0 over the course of dozens of rounds. The fun has been sapped out again, and its the "I was miserable so you should be too - mommy, he has one more cookie than me" crowd that is responsible for it. Once again, the vocal minority has ruined it for the entire rest of the community, turning this game back into the boring, fruitless, end-game grindfest it has been for a long time. What was a potential bridge is now another long, boring map without loot which you'd have to play for several hundreds of hours to get a single minute upgrade. Not interested anymore.
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