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  1. Lol this thread is awesome, if I tree falls on the forest and no one is around does it make a sound!?:)
  2. I am thinking about getting hero of Sparta but don't know which one is better 1 or 2. also are there any other games that are a must buy, or of you have any recemendations.
  3. I am not going to buy one just was interested in the discussion of teg2
  4. I was thinking about buying a tablet but was wondering whatwas the best tab to get
  5. Was ranked #1 for gears of war 2 for headshots,kills, and wingman( 2v2v2v2v2 )
  6. Look at technical support for your i.d. Problem
  7. Forge is in your tavern. (1) click on the item u want to upgrade( If it's on your hero hit item info) (2) then click item info (3) in the bottom right corner it will say invest then u just hold down the invest button. Hope this helps
  8. What is the best lvl 1 res stats that armor can have? Have u gotten a piece how?
  9. I was wondering when the next update for the iOS is going to happen. Also why isn't there a ddsw for iOS only droid. Also what will the new content consist of....., more weapons ,playable characters, maps, challenges and pets.
  10. I will join the street team. Maybe put a mascot in times square!! Make shirts!
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