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  1. I love how three people took my post seriously. Sarcasm is hard, huh?
  2. Anyone that doesn't have 3.5k stats or higher CLEARLY shouldn't be allowed to farm King's Game. Honestly if you haven't put the work into it you don't deserve such an easy way out. Why should someone else get an easy way than anyone else? You aren't special etc etc
  3. That's kind of why some people wanted it buffed in the first place because the "reward was too good for little to no effort" which I personally though was fine at this point in the game, since there is no more planned DLC, progression is broken, and they do not plan to fix it (they would of done so already if this was the case) so this was a decent way to do a lazy fix. Also the loot is pretty good considering the effort that has to be put into it now, but it's too much effort as it does not bridge any kind of gap like they said they wanted it to.
  4. Yeah, I did and Ikept track. Averaged over all the runs, I got abou 1.25 - 1.5 supremes per run and 0.5 ultimates per run.I got about 1-2 sup pieces per run and I only saw 1 Ult piece in 9 runs.
  5. What they said is Jester is the last planned DLC.
  6. I agree it's best for people who can't do it to just forget about it for now as it is, even with the 15% reduction it's supposed to get. I also doubt it'll make much of an impact for the people it's "intended" for. I don't know which Trendy rep stated that this map was meant to be a transition, but I think it was simple case of misinformation.It's from this The King's Game is meant to be difficult, but not as difficult as the previous maps. In the coming patch we will be increasing the enemy difficulty of the map, but for those having trouble on Nightmare as is, this should not be another brick wall. The quality of the rewards, although good as is, are being very slightly increased as a response to this mistake. Also this map is ridiculous on campaign as well, only giving you 60~40 seconds to build in between waves is way too little. The map is doable with end game stats but one would have to go over the brick wall to even do it efficiently. They said King's game isn't intended to be as hard as Shard maps on Nightmare, so they buffed the mobs to the level of Sky City mobs. I can't even begin to fathom why but it's whatever at this point.
  7. I have yet to get kicked from a random game on my Jester, even with it being named 'A Sharken'. I've also never been asked to change to another class. Maybe I'm just lucky?
  8. I can't even fathom what the boss would be if there was one.King and Queen chess pieces, or a white and black King or queen duo. I think it would be interesting, but it isn't really necessary.
  9. also lol @ the developers not responding to anyone saying the map is hard now. That should tell you who they care about.Yeah I'm sure they love working past midnight. The map is still possible if you have the right stats and the right build.
  10. then again will stop items beaing over farmed and worthlessBut that's a good thing. Have you seen how inflated the current market is?
  11. I wonder why end gamers were thinking this map was intended for them. My impression was that the map was intended to be a bridge to the harder maps and as such should be easy for those end gamers. Now someone from Trendy can correct me if I'm incorrect in this, or a moderator can. Either way, based on the posts by Trendy and moderators - I took the new map to be the bridge to close the gap in progression as their final farewell in maps. I'm seeing a lot of end gamers take this 'easy' map as their final map and should be the ultimate challenge for them. But that conflicts with my impression. Curious.That's also the impression I got from reading the posts by trendy, and people who are already end game keep ****ing *****ing about this **** when it really doesn't even pertain to them at this ****ing point considering they're already where they need to be. I think I need to take a break from reading the forums... Oh I also would LOVE to point out how this isn't supposed to be ANOTHER brick wall. It's sad that they admit that there is already currently a brick wall(s) in the game. What do they do? Make another one. Ever hear the saying "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." Well that would apply to this, though I know some people would LOVE to aruge that it's broken because of "progression" which is, lets be honest here, a joke as is.
  12. It has something to do with failure to sync properly. How to prevent it is beyond me. I get rolled back at least once a day.
  13. I love how everyone thinks gear should be obtained with no effort or work. This mythical "wall" people are speaking of. It's when the game starts to take more than 30 minutes to get something worth keeping. Just because you don't want to work past this, doesn't mean you speak for everyone. Those of us who have spent the time to get past this wall deserve to be challenged, if you aren't hardcore into the game, there's always easy-insane difficultiesWell, you could always just not take advantage of the map. You want to play the map? Just don't pick up the loot. Guess what, I solved your problem.
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