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  1. Solution: Don't use Trees as blockades. They suck. I always use a real blockade of some sort, then hide my Trees out of sight and treat them as a liability rather than an asset.
  2. I agree that they should sell stuff based on your Champion Score. It's ridiculous that they're still sitting there selling Campaign grade trash that's Green rarity.
  3. I have been using Oil+Fire on my EV2 for as long as I've had Bots of Oil and a Fire Chip (so as long as Protean Shift has been out). I was not happy to find that I couldn't get close enough to Drachenlord to oil him with my bots before freezing to death. And good luck to the poor folks who don't have all these fancy chips and shards (I didn't see a single Oil Chip today). They're pretty much screwed unless they can get a carry. Very typical Trendy balance bungle.
  4. I had a long, well-written post, but the damned forum ate it and said I wasn't logged in, so here's the abbreviated version. Thanks for continuing to tweak DU costs for defenses. The latest patch is a good start, but there's much more work to do. Huntress: -Explosive Trap: It's terrible and should only cost 10DU to act as filler. -Geyser Trap: It costs more than comparable defenses like Oil Geyser, Lightning Aura, and Snaking Sands. Drop it to 20DU. -Blaze Balloon: It costs DOUBLE what comparable defenses like Fissure of Embermount and Flame Aura do. Drop it to 30DU. Monk: -Boost Aura: I don't think it's quite worth its cost. 30DU would be better. Squire: -Harpoon Turret: It costs double what a Cannon Turret costs and isn't better than 2 Cannon Turrets. Drop it to 40DU. -Training Dummy: Why reduce the cost? Instead, increase the cost to 40DU and buff the heck out of it to make it more like the Bumper Blockades in DD1. Apprentice: -Arcane Blockade: Why does the smallest, crappiest blockade cost the same as all the good ones? Drop it back to 20DU. Abyss Lord: -Skeletal Ramster: A mono-directional Flamethrower Turret should cost about the same as a regular Flamethrower Turret: 40DU. -Skeletal Archers: All-around unimpressive performance that is worth the basic tower cost of 30DU AT BEST. -Colossus: Worth as much as 2 Skeletal Orcs. They got a discount, he didn't. Drop him to 60DU. Lavamancer: -Volcano: Cut it in half to 50DU. The current cost is a joke. Series EV2: Across the board, get rid of the mechanic where the first node costs double what subsequent nodes do. -Proton Beam: 10DU/node. -Reflect Beam: 10DU/node. -Buff Beam: 20DU/node. -Weapon Manufacturer: 30DU/node. Mystic: No complaints! Dryad: -Harpy Perch: The worst defense costs more than the best one (and the same as the second-best one). Drop her to 20DU. -Angry Nimbus: The high cost was justified before he got Nerfed to death. Drop him to at least 50DU to be on-par with the Skyguard for AA costs.
  5. It's called McDooger's Rapid Shooter.
  6. I think it's about time for C8 to be added as a standard game mode instead of what basically amounts to an Easter Egg in high Onslaught.
  7. Agreed. We could always just buy the Spheres we wanted in Early Access instead of gambling for them.
  8. Agreed. The current way it's done is dumb.
  9. I made a thread on Steam Community. Reposting here since Iamisom doesn't seem to have noticed it there. http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/135512931350655408/
  10. My problem is leveling up is not as intuitive as it used to be. completing harder maps should ALWAYS drop better gear. I don't care about leeching or the impact that has because honestly how long would those players stay anyway? Too much focus is on micromanagement and not on the actual gameplay. We already have to spend way too much time sorting through everything after every map and now we can't get better gear without already having the best equipped? Just give us gear/shards/relics and let us play our way. Dungeon Defenders was the game that brought me and my fiance together but she doesn't stay on the forums or watch every Youtube video to help her play. It used to be she could play her way and I could pick up the slack but now she forced her to play heroes in a way she doesn't even care about. This amount of work is uncalled for even in a strategy game. We should be able to just play and have all the necessary tools IN GAME. Relying on forums and Youtube just to figure out what the heck is going on is ridiculous. +1 to bolded. It blows my mind how much effort people will spend attempting to prevent others from being carried or "leeching." It's like obsessively worrying about people using cheats in a single player game. Let people do what they want, it's not hurting anything!
  11. Until a patch includes the following bullet points, everything else is meaningless: -Fixed RNG -Reduced copter ogre HP 50%
  12. It seems kind of silly to be worrying about breaking "lower level" balance and applying the loot tweak ONLY to maxed-out characters. Pre-level-74 is low level. Wouldn't applying the loot tweak to level 74+ make more sense?
  13. So, piecing together the hints dropped by Alhanalem, it looks like the next Trendy game won't be coming for a LOOOONG time, it will be called "Afterlife," and it will be a 180 degree change from the DunDef art style. I'm not sure what that means... but I'm guessing afterlife will either be a super-realistic, brown-and-gray, uncanny valley game, or something so stylized you need to be under the influence to "get" it (like some of the PixelJunk games for PS3). So, if Afterlife isn't coming out for a while, how will the Trendy team afford to feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads without a revenue stream? Maybe continuing sales of Dungeon Defenders? Maybe they should polish up the last few problems with the game so people will actually continue buying and playing it. Having a stellar game with a broken endgame is guaranteed to leave a bad lingering aftertaste.
  14. WTF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=96958108
  15. Wonder how many people actually believe they would dare make DD2 their next project at this point. I don't even think Trendy is dumb enough to make that mistake so soon. I do think that they eventually will if they remain as the same team for a couple years and enjoy some success, but if they treat their next game like this one, then I will not be getting my hopes up for a high quality game as their third release. What game do you think they'll work on next? Chicken Coup II? Ha!
  16. I agree completely. This NEEDs to happen in order to save this game.
  17. Here's a point I've always told myself, If there was a new difficulty between Insane and Nightmare. People would Complain about "xxxxxx" and Nightmare. So anyway it goes, there will be that gap no matter what. I don't think so. People complain about NM because there is that humongous jump in difficulty over Insane. If there was a difficulty that was tougher than Insane AND dropped starter/mid-grade mythic stuff (this is key), but not at terrible as NM, people wouldn't feel like they hit a progress wall and have to grind boring survival maps for 500 hours just to progress.
  18. I voted 'no', mostly because this makes the game way too easy. With a 2000+ tinkerer, would it even matter what your other characters' stats are? Also, the game also has alot of classes as it is. Do we really need another one? I think this would be cool in open, where players can create their own challenges, but in ranked, everyone will have Ultimate Defender within a week of this being added. I fail to see the problem.
  19. I support this suggestion. There are way too many cool, fun maps that are relegated to a one-off challenge. I've been looking into the possibility of doing this manually with the DDDK and Steam Workshop, but the amount of Kismet is overwhelming for me.
  20. I would love to see this idea implemented. Though I'm not sure how much fun it would be watching people grind for 1000 hours.
  21. Have you guys noticed that pretty much all topics regarding loot quality and progression never get answered by dev's, but as soon as something needs to get nerfed or made even more difficult dev's are all over it. Yes, I noticed this immediately with King's Game and it disgusted me.
  22. if you are putting an aura directly on a crystal, you have layout/build issues. Although there would be no issue in allowing this, as it gives no real benefit. Oh really? So you're saying that your harpoons/archers/apprentice towers are able to effectively take care of wyverns and kobolds without being distracted by copter flares or webbed by spiders? You must have some crazy stats, there!
  23. I think many of us are of the opinion that poor playtesting is not worthy of respect.
  24. Well, I just spent 3 hours in the fruitless effort of clearing King's Game Insane HC Survival. I didn't need the mana and I didn't need the experience. I need better equipment. So why did I waste time playing on Insane if it won't provide me improved equipment? Well, for one thing, I can't even get past the first wave of NM, so obviously I haven't unlocked Survival for that difficulty! For another thing, I figured I could give it a try, because the Elite 1% has told me enough times that I should grind Insane if I can't do NM. Obviously this is another case of the Elite 1% being out of touch and not knowing what they are talking about. Why is the game "balanced" in such a way that someone who can solo the entirely of Survival on Insane can't even clear the map to unlock Survival on NM? BROKEN, BROKEN, BROKEN!
  25. I can get all the chests with 70 secs to spare. Sadly, 70 secs isn't enough time for me to create a 700 mana build that can deal with wave 1. So how do you collect boxes that fast? I use a summoner, grab the 3 on the top floor, jump down and grab the 2 on the middle floor, jump down and grab 1 on the bottom floor, then fly across the gap to grab the last one.
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