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  1. My major concern regarding any DD sequel or remake is grind. I put over 1000 hours into DD1 (which is insane for me) and nearly 800 into DD2 (also insane). In the end, I felt much happier with the results of my grinding in DD2, but both game have examples of good and bad grinding that Chromatic needs to keep in mind going forward. Good Grinding: DD2: When you need to upgrade the power of your gear, you WILL be able to accomplish your goals simply by putting in a few hours when you can, farming motes, ampoules, and materials. This is a highly positive and encouraging way to manage stats because NONE of the player's time is wasted. Every map you play will edge you closer to an upgrade, which will allow you to progress through the difficulty curve smoothly. People who want/like to hunt for unicorn drops can still do so under this system, but it's not mandatory. DD1: When you're searching for a specific piece of loot, you know where to look for it and can grind that map until it drops. Likewise, unlocking cosmetics is a simple matter of doing activity X to earn cosmetic Y. Bad Grinding: DD1: The loot system was an absolute chore in the original game. AFK farming with multiple controllers plugged in for dozens or hundreds of hours just for an RNG CHANCE at getting a meager, suboptimal, or caveat-riddled upgrade is the epitome of wasting the player's time. Actual upgrades were incredibly rare due to the preponderance of different stats that could roll in a variety of useless combinations, even on the highest tiers of so-called "quality." DD2: Shards. These are a pure RNG gachapon machine, where there are dozens of possible drops, but only a handful are desirable. Getting a shard should be a reward, not a groan-inducing exercise in gambling and frustration.
  2. I was never fond of the Builder/DPS dichotomy in DD1. I like that in DD2, armor boosts hero stats and relics boost defense stats. There's no reason to revert to a worse system. As an anecdote, in 1000 hours of DD1, I only ever got ONE Ultimate item to drop, and it was a Pawn Shot gun with such a huge movement speed penalty, the equipped character could barely walk. That kind of thing SHOULD NOT happen.
  3. Want: +Item Permanency System. The ability to mod, upgrade, and evolve gear in DD2 is SOOOOO much better than the OG system that I'll never be able to go back. This is a deal breaker if it isn't in. +Full offline mode with P2P coop. I don't care about ranks, or leaderboards, or cheating. I just want to be able to play alone or with friends online or offline. +Hero Deck, with hot swapping. +QoL features like iPWR/Champion Score, lane wisps, no build timers, and auto-distributed build mana. +Smooth difficulty curve through all content (i.e., post Protean Shift). None of the typical, "You need the gear from this content in order to do this content" nonsense the old Trendy was known for. +Steam Workshop support. Do Not Want: -DD1-style gear stats, where an item could (read: always would) roll with a humongous negative penalty that ruined/negated the positives. The DD2 stat system actually makes sense and works in a rational way. -Overwhelming RNG dependency and interminable grind. -PvP. -Compulsory coop or online features. -"Live Service" trappings (loot boxes, microtransactions, seasons, prestiging, etc).
  4. Solution: Don't use Trees as blockades. They suck. I always use a real blockade of some sort, then hide my Trees out of sight and treat them as a liability rather than an asset.
  5. I agree that they should sell stuff based on your Champion Score. It's ridiculous that they're still sitting there selling Campaign grade trash that's Green rarity.
  6. I have been using Oil+Fire on my EV2 for as long as I've had Bots of Oil and a Fire Chip (so as long as Protean Shift has been out). I was not happy to find that I couldn't get close enough to Drachenlord to oil him with my bots before freezing to death. And good luck to the poor folks who don't have all these fancy chips and shards (I didn't see a single Oil Chip today). They're pretty much screwed unless they can get a carry. Very typical Trendy balance bungle.
  7. I had a long, well-written post, but the damned forum ate it and said I wasn't logged in, so here's the abbreviated version. Thanks for continuing to tweak DU costs for defenses. The latest patch is a good start, but there's much more work to do. Huntress: -Explosive Trap: It's terrible and should only cost 10DU to act as filler. -Geyser Trap: It costs more than comparable defenses like Oil Geyser, Lightning Aura, and Snaking Sands. Drop it to 20DU. -Blaze Balloon: It costs DOUBLE what comparable defenses like Fissure of Embermount and Flame Aura do. Drop it to 30DU. Monk: -Boost Aura: I don't think it's quite worth its cost. 30DU would be better. Squire: -Harpoon Turret: It costs double what a Cannon Turret costs and isn't better than 2 Cannon Turrets. Drop it to 40DU. -Training Dummy: Why reduce the cost? Instead, increase the cost to 40DU and buff the heck out of it to make it more like the Bumper Blockades in DD1. Apprentice: -Arcane Blockade: Why does the smallest, crappiest blockade cost the same as all the good ones? Drop it back to 20DU. Abyss Lord: -Skeletal Ramster: A mono-directional Flamethrower Turret should cost about the same as a regular Flamethrower Turret: 40DU. -Skeletal Archers: All-around unimpressive performance that is worth the basic tower cost of 30DU AT BEST. -Colossus: Worth as much as 2 Skeletal Orcs. They got a discount, he didn't. Drop him to 60DU. Lavamancer: -Volcano: Cut it in half to 50DU. The current cost is a joke. Series EV2: Across the board, get rid of the mechanic where the first node costs double what subsequent nodes do. -Proton Beam: 10DU/node. -Reflect Beam: 10DU/node. -Buff Beam: 20DU/node. -Weapon Manufacturer: 30DU/node. Mystic: No complaints! Dryad: -Harpy Perch: The worst defense costs more than the best one (and the same as the second-best one). Drop her to 20DU. -Angry Nimbus: The high cost was justified before he got Nerfed to death. Drop him to at least 50DU to be on-par with the Skyguard for AA costs.
  8. It's called McDooger's Rapid Shooter.
  9. I think it's about time for C8 to be added as a standard game mode instead of what basically amounts to an Easter Egg in high Onslaught.
  10. Agreed. We could always just buy the Spheres we wanted in Early Access instead of gambling for them.
  11. Agreed. The current way it's done is dumb.
  12. I made a thread on Steam Community. Reposting here since Iamisom doesn't seem to have noticed it there. http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/135512931350655408/
  13. My problem is leveling up is not as intuitive as it used to be. completing harder maps should ALWAYS drop better gear. I don't care about leeching or the impact that has because honestly how long would those players stay anyway? Too much focus is on micromanagement and not on the actual gameplay. We already have to spend way too much time sorting through everything after every map and now we can't get better gear without already having the best equipped? Just give us gear/shards/relics and let us play our way. Dungeon Defenders was the game that brought me and my fiance together but she doesn't stay on the forums or watch every Youtube video to help her play. It used to be she could play her way and I could pick up the slack but now she forced her to play heroes in a way she doesn't even care about. This amount of work is uncalled for even in a strategy game. We should be able to just play and have all the necessary tools IN GAME. Relying on forums and Youtube just to figure out what the heck is going on is ridiculous. +1 to bolded. It blows my mind how much effort people will spend attempting to prevent others from being carried or "leeching." It's like obsessively worrying about people using cheats in a single player game. Let people do what they want, it's not hurting anything!
  14. Until a patch includes the following bullet points, everything else is meaningless: -Fixed RNG -Reduced copter ogre HP 50%
  15. It seems kind of silly to be worrying about breaking "lower level" balance and applying the loot tweak ONLY to maxed-out characters. Pre-level-74 is low level. Wouldn't applying the loot tweak to level 74+ make more sense?
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