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  1. I used to think an RNG fix for dd1 would be a good thing. After seeing how DDE has played out I am very much satisfied with DD1 RNG. The really nice rewards are few and far between. So I have plenty to farm for still and can continue to enjoy the game. whats the point in the rng anymore when the majority of people just hack gear now?? yup...i havent replied to threads quoting post
  2. Pick up a copy of DD with all the DLC except Tinkers Lab at https://www.humblebundle.com/store. Only 7.49 for the next 24 hrs. In case you need more DLC or just an extra copy, it is a great time to buy it. :) How much % do you get? Lol
  3. Bump because: - DD1 is still an awesome game - Trendy could still make plenty of money from it (with little effort) - I am really hopeful to hear an answer soon. - I am extremely hopeful that answer will be positive. I just cant help to continue to want and hope for this. :) and also because if u cant get dd or dde up to par...why would i ever consider playing dd2??
  4. dont take it personal thenameisme. ive gotten kicked for helping, trying to help, giving advice, and just going along with the build. expect it more often since console users are coming to pc now.
  5. Another ddace/rc bidding war...cant wait to see what you guys agree on this time. Lol
  6. whats the second number for the tower damage on the ult++ sparus?
  7. dont know if u myth guys use myth weps or not but here it is accepting mana, coal, and cubes. ends in 48 hours.
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