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  1. Banned for not having text in your circle
  2. Star Wars: Knights of the OLD Republic - A star wars RPG game
  3. That's a solid run right there lol I can tell you've put some time into it! After the 90 patch for console I don't think I could ever run assault without a 200+ shai again
  4. I thought this might be an appropriate place to bring up this disappointment again.
  5. PS3 definitely gives you a little more respect for DPS lol. So many builds were completely dependent on someone with an OP app making sure things go smoothly haha
  6. I can't tell you for sure because I don't fully remember but I think that was the number of upgrades on the event armor that came out during the final round of events. They released a chest piece for each armor type that had max stats and it may have been 255^. I know you can't actually find that in the game though. You'd have a hard time finding anything above 125^ but I think there may be 126 and 127 out there. It's been so long I can't be 100% sure though.
  7. Sky city I know for sure is just random rewards that can be anything that would normally drop on the floor during a wave. Aquanos is definitely a challenge but it just takes a little bit more strategy. I agree the weapon drops aren't too good from it, but if you end up with a 180+ they can usually match the damage of a 200+ from any other map because the damage upgrades scale differently.
  8. It's definitely tricky, that's for sure. I always liked to have a second controller in the game as a back up on Aquanos. I never got through sky city without lagging out though. Gas traps were my best friend for Aquanos though!
  9. As far as I've heard PS3 has pretty much gone with the wind. I'm still friends with most of the people I met while playing though and we play the occasional game, but I think most of them have moved on to PS4 by now. Good luck with you insane+ playthrough! Are you planning on doing the DLCs as well?
  10. I like my pizza with insane amounts of cheese. There's really no such thing as too much :P
  11. I actually tried destiny for the first time at fan expo a couple days ago and loved it. I'm also gonna get a ps4 on the 9th. Mine not get Bf4 though since I have it for ps3 :P Maybe I'll see some of you on it sometime
  12. So I took an inventory again on ps3 side because my pc has been having issues with running maps so I'm giving it a break. It turns out I have some old 78 sets that I can use for towers and a single pvp weapon that I can use for dps. Gonna try and start with some weapons then move on to armor again. It gives me something to do at least :P
  13. LOL Maybe I'll have to start over again since the online isn't shutting down :P Anyone get any nice aquanos pulls lately?
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