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  1. Great thread with great ideas. Trendy NEEDS to rework so many things in order to get this game where it needs to be, and you have put forward so many good suggestions that they should listen to and hopefully implement. (Especially getting rid of passives on armor).
  2. Monthly missions are getting changed to weekly 'Bonus Missions' tomorrow.
  3. Agreed, they should just flatten the different nightmare difficulties back down into one mode. The challenge should come from incursions and onslaught/survival. The progression felt better in DD1. make the maps feel more unique and different from each other or put in a new option for normal maps that changes the types of enemies present on a map so that you would be challenged differently instead of having tons of diablo like difficulties that just confuse people.
  4. 1. Are we gonna get new music for these DD1 map remakes? The main menu and EV2 trailer music was awesome but i feel that the game could really benefit more from a wider selection of different music on different maps. (Also, the town social hub theme gets a bit old after a while, could we have the jukebox from DD1 back please?) 2. This midas bow sounds really cool, but (I'm assuming this is dropping gold for us to pick up and spend on things) end game players don't really have a gold sink at the moment. It feels like you are replacing gold with Defender Medals, especially if you are moving the
  5. It has been stated that the Harbinger + Carnival update will most likely come out next week, so that will probably bring back a few players... Also, PC player base has decreased drastically too: http://steamcharts.com/app/236110
  6. I doubt that they would, considering they will probably eventually make a full Hero out of the Jester one day...
  7. The Devstream has been delayed by a week, but the new patch will come out on PS4 and PC at the same time...
  8. I feel like we should be able to get more substantial amounts of gold in higher difficulties and game modes. At the moment it's just more mindless, boring farming on easier maps. Any plan to improve/change this? EDIT: Will melee heroes survivability be buffed? They have potential to be viable DPS in NM4, but they just can't stay alive long enough to do any damage as they will get killed in a few hits. (Monk in particular has this problem)EDIT: Lightning round - Are we going to have anymore weekend events? (Like the Madwick one, Hero Passive events, Legendary drop rate buff, etc...)
  9. While i do like the ideas that you have proposed to us and think they should be added, i still think that we should *occasionally* get some unique monthly rewards like Pets, Special Weapons, maybe Skins etc. I just think it's kind of boring just to have consumables in every monthly. (Don't get me wrong, i still think they are a great idea.)
  10. 1. Will we be seeing anymore Skill Spheres anytime soon? 2. I feel like we should be able to get more substantial amounts of gold in higher difficulties and game modes. At the moment it's just more mindless, boring farming on easier maps, and i also feel like getting XP and leveling ALTs works the same way too. Are there any plans to change/improve these aspects of the game?
  11. I get FPS drops too, mainly because of all the entities on the map at the time. The game is very CPU intensive and it isnt optimized terribly well yet, but they would probably want to optimize it more at a later stage of early access as they would probably want to get as many people as they can to play the game (because its F2P.) At the moment though it is not really on their priority list and stuff like optimization happens in beta i think. (don't quote me on that though) I average 60fps in tavern and when a map begins, but drops down to around 30 when in a round with lots of items dropping a
  12. Don't quote me on this, but i am fairly sure that it already existed. I think they gave away gems and "Veteran Defender" title a while back if you bought DD2 while owning DD1 on steam. I know you can't get the gems anymore but you may still be able to get the title.
  13. It wasn't a decision, it is just a bug that was introduced in the latest hot fix, and should be fixed soon.
  14. i think shellium shards are whats left from rotten eggs.
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