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  1. Minecraft was in Alpha/Beta youre gonna have to pay for new content, Notch has stated this a few times. The only thing that will be free since Minecraft is gold, is Bug Patches. I think he stated if you bought in Alpha its free all the way. He did, and Trendy also stated the people who pre-ordered and had to wait over a year for this game to release after pre-ordering would get the starting DLC and new hero for free. I'd love to see them hold true to their word on the hero part.
  2. I can't go into intricate specifics about why it's bad like the original poster but I can share my personal experience in the matter. I was literally exiled from my group of friends because I didn't power level like them (I enjoy playing the game, not grinding levels), and the way the games scale with players. They being only 10-15 levels ahead of me shortly after the game came out wouldn't play with me because I made it too hard. As a pure tower monk, I have no real way or desire to solo. That pretty much ruined my mid game experience, but I got through it anyway. Anywho, my two cents, change the scaling. More people should be hard, that's how it works. I don't know how it should be changed, maybe it's less that 4 people is too hard than 1-2 people is too easy? Or maybe it's a mix of both. Who knows, but so far I've liked the balancing trendy has done, so I trust them to work it out well.
  3. It was safer to play local. I know they have the ranked pretty well sorted now. We're talking days worth of "releveling" Not an appealing thing :( While I'm not a fan of powerleveling at all, this is one practical use I can see for it. There are ways to leave your game running while afk for a day + to level characters. I do feel for you a bit Torgul, you seem like a nice level headed guy. It just doesn't seem practical to me for them to work it out for people to carry characters over at this point. Between balancing, bugs, events, and such I just don't see them doing it. If it helps any you're free to play with me whenever. Just shoot me a PM and I'll hit you up with my Steam ID if you're interested. ;)
  4. To be fair, upon looking at both modes right after launch. It took me all of half a minute to realize Ranked was the only mode worth heavily leveling in. If you lacked the foresight, you'll just have to relevel. <3 And yes, I played through the lag and disconnects too. It really wasn't that bad, you kept your exp and mana.
  5. Enrage is nothing more than a lesser huntress gas trap. Locks them in place, and, well, yeah, it locks them in place. It dies way too fast to have any use.
  6. Effect speed > Radius imo. Also, I think casing rate could take some of the points you have in speed. But I guess that just depends on what you need the most.
  7. Hmmm, I like lightning Aura. I think Enrage could be made to do the flat damage lightning lacks. If you have flat damage nothing should be able to get through an aura or two as long as the auras dont die. Blocks are really only needed for things that are resistant and don't die to the aruas. But hey, to be honest, I just don't like enrage. I find it to be mostly useless. Almost any change of it would be welcomed by me.
  8. He's a support character, meant to boost and support the other characters not solo. I see no reason why every hero shouldn't have the means to solo. It doesn't have to be as easy as other champions, but making it more viable would be nice.
  9. My only problem with monk is enrage. As a full tower monk I just think it could do more. It dies fast, and the enemies in it generally don't do that much damage to each other. Then it only works with two or more enemies inside so it's not the best clean up for electric as anything that runs by alone is completely immune. It's a fair lock down, but I think it could be better.
  10. This is painful to read... First off, no one here talking about what does what seems to have any clue how monks and their aura affinities work. Please stop trying to look like you know all about classes you've not even played past level 10-15. Second, Physical resistance doesn't have to mean immune to damage altogether. I'm quite fond of the idea of SOME monsters having armor that does a flat % of damage reduction (like the monks strength drain, but the other way around), or has an added health bar that physical damage has to break through to hurt it. This isn't game breaking, it's less than elements have to deal with, and I think it's perfectly fair. Third, the issue of no tower modes. Pure strategy removes elemental affinaties, there's no reason no towers can't do the same (assuming it doesn't already). That's a non issue imo.
  11. How exactly do you even justify that? Lets compare the "Apprentice" snce I think it has the "easy" difficulty or w.e The apprentice towers deal 1k less damage at the same level of tower dmg increase. (Comparing Ballis and Fireball which is fair) The fireball towers can do 0dmg from monsters being immune, Ballis cannot. Next we have the walls, mage walls 'remove immunity" and thats all they do, the knight walls deal massive damage and push enemies back. They can also push enemies into spike traps etc.. and auto kill them. Ok so Knights have, better attack towers and better defense towers, they also deal higher dps but that mage has............ um a hat. I laugh at your utter ignorance of how to play any class other than your own. Also, I echo everyone else, Squire is easier, not better. L2P other classes before crying in forums! Though I wouldn't mind seeing an enemy with some physical resist. But that's a mob issue, not a Squire issue.
  12. Let me start by quickly pointing out I've only played Monk to this point. But I consistantly play with friends of all classes. I've seen great huntress players, great apprentices, and great squires. It strikes me that a lot of times it's taken people a bit to find out how best to build, but in the end it all evens out. Now to my observation about (tower) monk. Anyone who think he's garbage obviously hasn't left one who knows what he's doing alone long enough to see him dominate. No, the monk isn't an easy mode. You have no hard blocks, but that's easily compensated for with enrage, slow, or a bit of knock back. The point is, if you play your cards right, no one is alive long enough to make it past these "soft" barriers. It's just like the Devs have said. It's harder yes, it took me 3 monk builds to find one I really liked. But I don't think that makes it worse. Just use your brain. Since I've found a build I like I've not felt under powered in the least. Sure squires are getting more kills, but generally they're camping at the monster spawns killing the lane before it even makes it to the rest of the team. I have no problem with this. It's what they do. If I put my towers at the spawn the same thing would happen, it's simply not efficient to do so when I can build at choke points killing multiple lanes. I would have to say, as a full tower build monk, I find enrage to be a bit lack luster. Maybe I've just not fully come to understand the strategy behind it, but when I hit my final tower I was expecting something like the other classes that utterly murders anything that touches it. Enrage is a great lock down but I feel like it could hurt more, as tower monks only have one real damage source. (Not that the lightning aura is bad, it completely dominates. I just like options.)
  13. The point is, you invested before you knew how it worked. And as it turns out, you made the wrong choice.
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