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  1. 912 hours.. About 1-2 hours in an AFK shop.
  2. 1. Devil survivor Overclocked 2. Dungeon Defenders 3. World of Warcraft. (Put so many hours into this..) 4. Warcraft 3 5. Diablo 2
  3. Leoft Link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Leoft Saturday A
  4. SID : Leoft Link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Leoft/ Day: Saturday A
  5. You just want to throw your 3DS/DS/Controller/Mouse at a wall/out a window? Just had the feeling today.. I was playing Devil survivor Overclocked, Final boss and he pretty much just one shots all of my characters, Thus making me have to start over on that fight.. Also he makes you fight ALL of those bosses of that game at once.. Not fun and extremely annoying considering what happened.
  6. Sky city boss NMHC Lags so bad i cant jump on or off without falling to my death Heh, that would be my second most annoying.. I have the exact same problem with it too.
  7. I just thought I would ask this question to some of the Forum users. Mine personally I think would be Belberith in Devil Survivor Overclocked.
  8. I like this idea and would like to see it added.
  9. Oh wow.. That was awesome and Hilarious.
  10. Where did you get your gear if you don't even know how to build and what you can do with your stats? :( Having some high stats doesn't exactly mean you have to know how to build every map, there are shops to buy gear from and if people didn't get it that way they just don't know a build for the exact level. All my builders are around 3k Tdamage and I still need to find builds for levels.
  11. I found the secret without help and was excited cause I thought I was one of the first to find it.. And now I'm sure I'm probably the 100th or higher person to find it..
  12. Congrats! Take a picture to commemorate the moment! I did. :) Riemis2 Helped also
  13. Awesome map. I managed to somehow finish it before everyone else did on Insane. I will now enjoy my 5 miniutes as Number one on the leaderboard.
  14. If you ever need to know if your computer can run something use this http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri That website isn't always true. It says I wouldn't be able to run Portal 2 but I can. Also says I can't run World of Warcraft.. Which with about 2k hours+ into that mmo.. I think I can run it.
  15. I can't wait for it either. I'm not pre-ordering it just in case it doesn't turn out that good (Highly doubt it will turn out bad but.. ) Probably will get it a month after it releases.. If my toaster of a computer will even run it.
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