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  1. I am also very disappointed, the linux client of the game is basically not playable at this stage.
  2. I have the problem that mana does not flow toward my character like it does on the steam version. It just sits there. For example, when I open a chest, I have to wait for the chest to dissappear before I can pick up the mana, because it sits inside the chest model. It also makes it much more difficult to pick up mana during the action. I also got this problem, I can't even pick up the mana from the crates after they've disappeared but maybe it's a bug in the offline mode, couldn't test it online since that doesn't work either.
  3. Did anyone try .mojo.run version? It was uploaded a day later, I've never seen that format.
  4. IceArrow, Can you tell when the linux version will be available on Steam? I can't connect to online games through gamespy so steam support would be great.
  5. Thanks, that solved the issue :) Any of you guys know if it's possible to integrate the game into Steam so I don't have to use a GameSpy account for online games. Also anyone got an issue when making the game full screen, I'm getting a black screen.
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