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  1. thanks for offers any further interest?
  2. yeah lets make it WTA thread then. thanks for first offer of 3 cubes. will end thread 48hrs.
  3. ish. just dropped w29 kings nmhcmm http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/469810156426134028/0D4F9CB938EA3FA9D2B6D3B028E59A17B4E5E6FE/
  4. just got this as a w35 reward from tinkerers.
  5. well i beat my PB by almost 2 minutes there :D (me + 3 alts)
  6. ah :D that would add another 6-7 mins ontop. then put me down as 32:25 total, it was 6min 08 build. i'll get there - dps creeps up over time :)
  7. Got 24:21 with 2 other heros all the way through (shout out to fructis and roboticfish) http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/578980607041923474/85CD1CCD34C774A2BAD7CAECB04E78B6149DFEE8/ best solo time 32:25 bringing 4 heros for wave 14.
  8. i use main as monk with 5.5k str + seahorse, alt summoner with cat + any old dps pet alt monk with seahorse and high STR stat alt monk with player and towerbuff and djinnlet 32min 30sec was my time yesterday including boss. 6 min of that was build, 26min combat. in my build, all AFK and main players start south, 7 of the bosses come south leaving just the snowie at east. build stats auras 5k str, minions 5k hp 3k str. inferno/gas 3k. no harps. easier to kill app if you drag him to east as he gets stuck easier.
  9. the map is REALLY bad for items. i run it a few times for fun, i quite like the map so i run w20-w30, maybe see one or two trans, and not good ones at that. Thats on NMHCMM of course. very disappointing loot :(
  10. someone linked me to this thread, cheers for info.
  11. Most likely due to version mismatch or a corrupt file somewhere - both should be fixed by verifying steam cache for that game.
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