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  1. First time I've been on here in a minute and I didn't really see any answers that made me want to start playing again. It just seems like every answer is a 'maybe' or a dodge of the actual problem at hand. Question: Will the RNG be addressed? Answer: Maybe, but we want to be careful because people might actually get good gear without putting in 100+ hours. If the changes were made to NM exclusively, I don't think an ultimate dropping on Deeper Well is the end of the world. I also think it was stated before that the above issue doesn't even need to be addressed right away. People wou
  2. I don't think the map was fine the way it was, although it made me want to play the game compulsively. It was too easy; plain and simple. However, what it did do was reward people for investing their time. It offered players a glimpse into what it would be like to gain upgrades more frequently than every 10+ hours played. Nobody wants to play for an entire work shift equivalent in order to find even one slight upgrade. Now it's just as difficult (if not more so) than some of the shards maps. You might as well perform the fool's errand of grinding gear on Aquanos.
  3. I understand that it takes time, I do. The lack of action is quite blatant, though. This game is not as perfect as it could be, and I believe that they are truly capable of accomplishing this if they were willing to go above and beyond the what is a 'passable' game. I'm not sure what they are doing, but it definitely isn't trying to provide the best possible finished product, and that doesn't sit right with a lot of people.
  4. This is the only one I really feel Trendy needs to look at, except I'd go even further and force them not to use EV or summoner. Trendy needs to realize how bad the balance situation really is. I'd also add do it solo. A lot of people prefer playing alone, or like me, freeze when there's too much going on (i.e. 3 other people moving and shooting projectiles that must be rendered).
  5. That's more like what I was used to seeing. Wait...no...I've never seen an ultimate piece of armor.
  6. The things that players are asking for are not unreasonable. I can't tell if people truly think that the game is balanced or if they are playing devil's advocate. Finding ways to circumvent lack of balance instead of fixing it is pretty ludicrous. People should be able to beat all DLC with what they've paid for and/or haven't paid for. The worst part is it's still not too late. People (me, myself, this guy) would come back if there was an attempt to smooth the game out. The fact that players are willing to fix the game themselves just shows how little effort it would take from the devs to
  7. People keep saying this, but nightmare itself must be purchased, so I see nothing wrong with the purchased characters being valuable for it. Unless you don't like the game before any DLC, odds are pretty good you're going to purchase it. I switched from Xbox to PC, so I didn't actually know that NM had to be purchased. Point taken.
  8. I hated that achievement. Took me so long to figure out that I was missing a water ring and had to downgrade something. And those evil turtles 1-shotting you if you take too long.... I actually used a spreadsheet to keep track of every item (I'm that OCD when it comes to games). It's one of the worst 30GP (I think it was around that value) achievements out there. Love that SirLatency. Just love it as a quote to use. Thanks. I really miss this game, but there's only so many hours I can beat my head against a wall. I hope the code is either accepted or available on open (although I wou
  9. I think we are all pretty close to in agreement. And why shouldn't we be; we are gamers. I don't think anybody is looking for instant omnipotence. And as someone who definitely doesn't mind grinding (i.e. treasure hunter achievement FFXIII), there is no reason to remove grinding completely. The only time I actually quit a game from a grinding aspect is when a certain hours without reward is reached and I say to myself 'wow, this is pointless'. Let's aim for a grind that is not quite as pointless.
  10. I don't understand. There was no reason you couldn't develop your own unique builds on NM as well. That's what I did- I never used other people's builds, I've never bought a single item from an AFK shop, and I still made it through NM (except CD at this point =\ ) I'll bet that your unique builds ended up being pretty similar to everyone else's. Not because you aren't creative, but because theres only so many effective builds in the delicate world of NM. All the ridiculous tweaks to NM (and the general difficulty) really cut the size of this game down to like 1/3 the size from Insane. E
  11. The last post post made me realize what DD was for me before I quit. Look up a build (or a few, but they were all pretty much the same), build the level, switch to my monk (seahorse chauffeur) and stand wherever the most ogres were on the map, sift through the massive amounts of garbage gear, rinse and repeat for 3 hours. Until NM I'd never felt that much monotony; not after I started from scratch after switching to PC from Xbox; not after I started from scratch after switching from open to ranked. Before NM I developed my own unique builds, I hacked people with my hero, I saw upgrades, I
  12. Actually, you know what? I'm going to assert that it's inherently fallacious to imply that the reason people have given this game as much time as they have is entirely a function of how much grinding it takes. I think a reason a lot of people have stayed around is because of the relationship the Devs have had with the community, and the constant updates breathing life into the game. With updates tapering off, people are going to lose interest whether or not they have to work this game like a full-time job for decent drops. Maybe this game has reached a point in it's lifecycle where grabbing pe
  13. I actually just now read this thread because I wasn't a big fan of going back to open, but it sounds absolutely amazing. If a handful of DD players carry the torch once Trendy passes it, I can see myself playing for years. What stage is this project currently in? Haven't been on the forums regularly for a bit.
  14. I just hope that the code (if used) gets integrated into ranked. I prefer all players have access to the same content. As many stated before, if I could progress playing 4 hours a day instead of 8, I would likely come back.
  15. If you like the game but just don't like the endgame bugs/rng; you can always go play the mod that CrzyRndm has started. Not a bad idea. I'll look into it.
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