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  1. Hey guys, I finally got my tower squire to lvl 90 after a ton of King's Game runs. He's got a solid Trans set and now I'm trying to figure out what the next step should be. Better gear? How should I go about getting Ult/Sup? Is Ultimate worth farming for or is it too rare to find? Better to trade? I also have 1 of each character that is lvl 74 -80. One of the things I'm currently trying to do is lvl up my DPS monk so that I can contribute in DPS games. Any insight would be much appreciated - thanks!
  2. Hey all, I've got my first character (squire) currently at level 79 and I have a few questions for the vets on here: 1) I was all excited about Trans items at lvl 78....sure enough they don't seem THAT much better than mythical, especially for the cash. Is it typical to skip Trans items altogether and jump from a Mythic Set to Supreme set? 2) Where can you find Trans/Sup/Ult drops? I haven't seen one yet! 3) My squire is 100% focused on towers. I'm currently using a myth huntress guardian. Is there something that is hands down better for pet? 4) What are the most efficient exp/ma
  3. Hey guys, I've done some searching already and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for yet, so hopefully this isn't entirely redundant. I play primarily with 3 characters: Tower-focused Squire, Minion-focused Summoner, DPS-Focused Hunter. I start the game off using up all of my DU with my Squire, then switch to Summoner and use up all MU, then play out the remaining waves with my Hunter. I've always assumed that my Squire's tower specs applied to the towers he drops, regardless of whether or not I am actively playing as him - same with Summoner. But after reading through the
  4. Awesome - thanks to you both! I'll go grab a faster-firing weapon. Also, thanks for the tip on the casting rate - for some reason I thought that it increased rate of fire :P - I suppose I was getting confused with Towers. Thanks!!
  5. I have a lvl 62 Hunter that I've been working on the side with. I have sunk most of my stats into Hero damage and Hero attack rate. My gun is one of the fireball dragon thingy-majigs and right now I'm doing a whopping 460-500 DPS on the dummies in the tavern. That seems extremely low for a lvl 60 DPS-focused hunter. Am I missing something or is the DPS really that low on a hunter? Here are his stats: 84 Hero Health 135 Hero Dmg 43 Hero Speed 148 Hero Rate 0 Trap Health 30 Trap Dmg 29 Trap Speed 30 Trap Rate Weapon stats: 32 proj dmg 94 elec dmg 2 shots p
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