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  1. I was talking about after the buff to mobs. Just learn to read, it's not hard. :)
  2. We want players who have had trouble clearing some of the previous maps (especially the shards maps) a chance to get that extra push in gear to put them over the hill. In the coming patch we will be increasing the enemy difficulty of the map, but for those having trouble on Nightmare as is, this should not be another brick wall. No offense, but you failed. Try again, please. Not enough DU provided on the map for lower geared players given the number of areas you need to defend (even with the tile bonus). The only people that this won't be a "brick wall" for are those who already doing more difficult maps that were not the intended audience for this map (given your previous comments). I completed it post-buff with some difficulty on NMHC survival, but I vastly outgear what you claim the intended target audience for the map was supposed to be. For those people struggling in Nightmare (those who you claim this map was supposed to be helping) I truly feel sorry. The only ones that will be regularly completing it are those who already outgear it and provoked this knee-jerk reaction in the first place. The rich get richer, as it were.
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