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  1. I just finished survival NMHC and got a griffen. Nothing special about it that I have noticed. Just a heads up.
  2. Just a heads up. Im currently downloading the jester pack! So its live!!
  3. Thank you all! All the advice is great. @TheSource I will take you up on that offer since I know that even if i somehow managed to make it to the boss, which is a big if, I am confident I have no character capable of killing the boss. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I can do Magus up to wave 13. Then I tend to die from the goblin coptors. But the loot doesnt help me. I have a couple trans gear and the rest is myth already so I have been looking to upgrade to all trans. il try your new strategy though and see how it goes. Thank you as well. I really appreciate the help the defender community. It's been the best community of any game I have ever played :)
  5. Ok thank you for the help. I am going to start working on that then.
  6. Your English is much better than a lot of others so no need to apologize. I appreciate the advice. Do I need to make high level traptress, monk, and EV or will level 74 with myth gear be good enough to back up my tower squire in your opinion?
  7. Hello, I have been trying to start doing nightmare with my 79 squire tower build. I know my towers need to be stronger to handle nightmare so I have been trying to collect good trans gear. The problem is I dont have a ton of money, which is required to buy, and earning trans required I nightmare the shards, which my towers are not strong enough to do. So is there another way of powering up my towers that I am missing. I have looked at the builds suggested on the forums but I my towers on other characters arent good enough to even come close to supporting my squires. The problem is the Coptors
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