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  1. 3 days Alright, thanks!
  2. I know that you can send an email to [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] to get it back, but is that service still available/generally how long does it take to get a response?
  3. My first myths. Seeing that huge leap in stats was so damn satisfying.
  4. Thanks so much for that guide MadeInLondon, finally managed to tank him even though he got that north east corner buff + minions when i wasn't paying attention.
  5. Alright thanks guys. MadeInLondon, I'll try your guide first as I like to progress on my own and not get carried by someone. Appreciate the offers though, Rarman and Lipsofashes =)
  6. I need a guide on how to beat him. I unfortunately messed up my NM resists, so it's around 50/70/70/50 or 60 on my DPS monk. I do fine until and during the boss fight. I read through the existing campaign guides, and either they want me to run around like a maniac and justavoid everything while inside a buffed healing aura. I tried that, but that water ball thing seems to have limitless range and just gets me. And while I'm down kraken goes to town on my minions, taking down the buff beam and ultimately makes me lose. I also read that you should give your DPS gear to a Squire/Countess along with a 100% block wep and a Seahorse, but since that gear has those crappy resists the water ball's insane splash, I still die. Stats are as follows: DPS Monk: 725/1705/513/1002 Tower Squire: 961/1976/1016/1640 Tower Initiate: 1275/821/403/1030 All-purpose SEV: 1592/1258/779/992 Summoner: 993/2001/1018/1032 Trapper: 1000/922/620/771 tl:dr; Need guide for kraken boss kill, rant
  7. Thank you so much for this build. It got me all the way to wave 24-25 if I recall correctly, with low low stats :summoner:
  8. Congratulations! Now you can try the cinnamon challenge :)
  9. Tang, no joke, I want a link to that skin =O http://www.minecraftskins.info/ogre.html
  10. You create Tokens in the "Services' section in the Tavern shop.
  11. This new map doesn't seem that good. I'm on vacation so I can't try it out but it seems to be too easy and gives WAY too good loot.
  12. I run @ 1440x900 w/ highest settings and it's the same. I dunno if its intentional.
  13. Get a good Seahorse pet from Insane Aquanos Survival first. Start using Minion walls instead of traditional setups. That means put an aura stack down (Electric+Ensnare+Drain), drop a buff beam across it, and then use a wall of archer minions and a mage to heal them. They can't be pushed by sharken and the wall is self-healing. That should let you get far into Survival on maps like Endless Spires and Glitterhelm, which are sure to provide good items and lots of mana to spend on upgrades. Make sure you are using pets and weapons with lots of +tower stats and you can easily get into the 1200s. Thanks for the answer, it really felt like I had hit a wall here =)
  14. I have a tower squire/apprentice, a tower series ev and a summoner and an aura monk and I am leveling a traptess. All builders expect traptress have tower stats in the range of 500-800 i think, i do not have access to my computer for 2 weeks since im on vacation. All have mythical sets. I also have a dps countess and huntress. Countess does about 250k dps with frostblade, dont know about the huntress. My builder app has a pretty good staff which does about 600-700k dps if i "mini-charge" it but he has ****ty res and hp. My question now is, how do i get into the 1000 stats range? :confused: I tried misty on nightmare but im not finding any upgrades on the first wave and on the 2nd i get absolutely molested by copters on western crystal. Sorry if this gets a little hard to read, im wriring this from my mobile.
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