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  1. Enjoy seeing an Mythical Poison Bloodshot with 200^ do the same DPS as your 62K Ultimate Standard when you step 3 feets away from your target. Oh, and my Moraggo NMHCMM wave 35 runs are going pretty ok using 2 weapons on my DPS, I mean... I got 5 fingers on my hand, I'm able to press an extra key when needed (which is not so often as you may think). And you missed the point. I never said you should change your weapon or that you didn't got an nice Staff. My point is: For people that are starting to farm Staffs now, there's much better choices than Standards. Period.
  2. So... following your logic, the Monkey Wrench is a better ranged weapon than STS? Haha. The ability of killing spread monsters will only be useful with small monsters in a very few situations. Even in those situations, there will be no relevant difference between the staffs. The fact is: You will lose at least 50% of your DPS on most situations when using an Standard due to it's spread. You will lose more HP to deal your full DPS on most situations. Less DPS + Less HP + Less Range = Poor Ranged DPS choice. And again, it isn't an opinion. You can run any tests you want, you will see
  3. Again, that's just your opinion. As I have stated many times, I prefer what I prefer. I would much rather a Standard with a stat stick to boost me even higher, or a melee weapon to clear mobs. That's not my opinion. That's a fact. Those 3 staffs are better than Standards on ANY situation. I would even ask you to name just one common situation that an Standard would be better than those Staffs. Stats to boost? Yeah, you will surely need em while doing at least 2x less dps from long range and being forced to kiss a monster to do your full dps, which means more HP to spend. 200 extra stats
  4. As I said, elemental weapons are just that. Situational and mediocre at best imo. I really like the the spread of the Bishop though, just wish it could match my standard. :/ I can't see why elemental weapons are situational if you can change between then by pressing one simple key. Maybe it's situational and mediocre for the Apprentice, who can carry only one weapon, but not for the Jester. Since this topic is about Jesters: Bloodshot > Bone Staff > Bishop > Standard > All There's nothing to discuss. They will do the same damage with the same number of upgrades, the only
  5. That's using elemental damage. I personally hate using elemental weapons. My Ultimate staff is getting upwards of 50mil DPS with a cat, and over 140mil with a cat+boost. Tavern DPS of course. Jesters can solve the elemental problems with 2 weapons of different elements, as said before. About the damage, you would do the same 140M with cat+boost using a poison/fire Bloodshot/BoneStaff/Bishop that has the same number of upgrades as your ultimate Standard and you could sustain this dps at an extremely large range. Bloodshots and Bone Staffs are harder to get compared to Standards, but ac
  6. ultimate pawn shot. Friend does 20mil dps. 20M? No way. I got an 347^ Ultimate Pawn Shot that does only 8 ~ 9M DPS with over 4K Hero Damage. Your friend was using HBoost/PCat or an hacked Pawn Shot.
  7. For Jesters, the best setup is: Bloodshoot Staff (poison) + Bone Staff (fire). http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Bloodshot_Staff http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Bone_Staff Those staffs got really nice projectile patterns and can gain around 150 elemental damage per upgrade. Since Jesters can carry 2 weapons, she can keep an Bloodshot as main weapon and swap to the Bone Staff when there's a poison resistant monster. And before someone comes saying that elemental damage does not scale with Hero Damage, please read that thread: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?66156-I-ve
  8. I remember reading a thread a while ago, and it seems that some apprentice weapons actually have elemental damage scaling with hero damage. The one that found out that could do 17 millions damage in tavern if I remember correctly! Interesting. So only some weapons can do that. Anyone can make that test with Bloodshot Staff or All-Seeing Staff? Those staffs and the Oculus of the Genie King has the best projectiles patterns out there.
  9. 1) Your charge time per attack is varying slightly, and you think that's an effect of your hero damage stat. Test with fully charged shots only. 2) You're using a weapon which converts all generic damage to another element - the stat that's being scaled is still the base damage, it's simply dealt as another element. This is very common in Huntress' flamethrower-type weapons, Van Wolf and Sicarius. Chances are one or two App weapons do this as well. The damage is still tied to the "Ranged Damage" stat; the elemental damage bonus doesn't scale at all. Screenshot of one full charged shot usin
  10. Hello there! I just did some tests and confirmed that Elemental Damage DOES SCALE with Hero Damage on Apps. Apps seems to be the unique class that can scale Elemental Damage with this stat. With that said, I bring here some questions. Any DPS App has ever tested upgrading Elemental Damage instead of Phys Damage? That scale is better, equal or worse than the Phys Damage? That scale does worth the disadvantages (resistant mobs) of an weapon focused on Elemental Damage? Remembering that the amount of Elemental Damage per Upgrade is like 4x higher than the Phys Damage. If the damage scal
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